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We didn't want to make this video,
but there's just too many bad violin playing.
That's alright.
Please, come - Come at us. More content for us.
Yes, we can educate the...
Everyone that doesn't learn an instrument.
And if you're musician, I hope you agree with us.
Here we go.
So, the first one is Sherlock plays the violin for Eurus.
That's totally how you tune a violin, guys.
Check one string, two strings, maybe?
Leave the D and G string.
But don't get me wrong, I love the actor.
- I do love him. - I love the actor Benedict...
Yeah, I love Iron Man.
Here's how you tune a violin normally.
You play the A.
You check the D.
Play it together. Check if the interval, fifth, is in tune.
So when it's a fifth,
the frequencies, I think move together.
They're not going against each other
because every pitch has a certain frequency.
Physics, it's not even music. It's physics.
When it's in tune...
It should ring quite well
and you check the D and G string.
Whatever. And A and E string.
He didn't even pluck the strings together.
He just plucked one and the other.
Maybe he wasn't tuning.
He was just checking that his violin made a sound.
Is this a violin?
Very clever how the camera...
Focus on the face almost instantly
after he started playing.
Just blur... Blur him out.
- Cover... It's a good thing. Yeah. - Yeah. Nice save. Nice save.
What's with his bow hold?
It looks kind of strange.
Benedict, if you want violin lessons, come to us.
- Yeah, for your next movie. - Please. We'll -
We'll give you free violin lessons.
Take as long as you want.
Nothing against Benedict. I love him very much. Just...
Just for your next time you have to film violin playing...
It ends like that, right?
- The sound of the music - - Yes, the bow needs to lift off.
Whereas right now, what's happening visually is...
It's like a handbrake at the end of the - Krrsh!
- Type of thing. - Yeah, like Paw!
Once again...
The actor is not doing vibrato, but you hear vibrato.
You guys know already but...
That bow was so off.
Guys, perpendicular to the strings, parallel to the bridge.
Girl, rather than looking at Benedict,
you should be looking at your bow contact.
I've seen - I'm starting to see a common thing with like..
Movie portraying instruments is always...
Battling or like a conversation.
- Yeah... - Have you notice?
Music's a dialogue, guys.
It's never like, you just play a phrase.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah... Yeah. - It's like you're playing with someone else.
- Or against someone else. - Yeah.
Dude, it looks like - This looks like a stock image.
The music is nice though.
So... Good stuff.
At least they kept it to the minimum.
On to the next one!
I don't think we need to explain much but please...
Some love stories do live forever.
Man, that videos gonna traumatize me forever.
Dude, I think he likes the technique of...
The long notes are right.
But why does he have to da da da?
But then he just adds a bunch of cha ka cha ka.
It's like, you can just change the bow, you know?
Just down and up bow.
Guys, you don't angle this way,
- you angle this way. Yeah. - Just at least move it that way, please.
Anyway, the next one.
What's up why movies making every character look up?
It was bouncing the wrong time.
You know, at this point, I am not even surprised.
I don't even care.
It's just like, alright, guys. I've lost - Almost lost hope.
I thought the Russians if any country
would nail violin playing.
Oistrakh? What would Shostakovich think if he saw this?
Now, the next video we have...
Tops it all. This is by far the most...
Epically realistic portrayal of...
Classical music I've ever seen.
- I'm way too excited roasting these people. - I know.
I should not be this happy.
You're late, Tom. You've to skip the hotel
and go straight to the auditorium, okay?
They've already got that part accurate.
I know, yeah.
Spot on, guys.
Sounds like us.
Tom Selznick, the new Rachmaninoff.
If only he didn't choke.
Hey, hey!
Very funny.
I'm gonna scrap Norman. I know it.
Still pretty accurate.
Very accurate.
Before the concert, damn it.
I'm gonna screw up, I know it.
All of us could be the new Ling Ling...
- If we didn't choke. - Yeah.
Okay, why is the piano at the back?
I thought it was his concert?
Proper concert etiquette.
The piano is always in the front.
And the orchestra is at the back.
Even just acoustically.
If I just picture an orchestra with 80 musicians.
- Yeah. 80... 80... - And one instrument at the back.
You're gonna have no chance being heard
if your placed behind.
Brett and Eddy.
You don't know what - How hard it is to make a film?
You don't know what goes into
making a film these days.
Stop talking like you know.
You're right. We don't know. But!
- We are classical musicians. - Mhm. Physics!
Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second.
There's too many things going on.
First of all, why is he flipping through the music
as if he's reading it for the first time on a concert?
Technically, he shouldn't even need the music
most of the time we play by memory.
And even if it's a new premiere concerto,
you should know the music well enough to not be...
- Kind of flipping through it like that. - Turning the page. Yeah.
Play one wrong note and you...
Right way to make - Make you really nervous on stage.
That's a bit dramatic.
Oh, you write it in capital letters and
red marking on the music.
Sacrilegious move.
At the rest, go to your dressing room.
What do you mean at the rest?
Wow, he took it literally.
Did he just sprint to his dressing room
during the orchestra tutti?
That is the most intense premise for a
classical music concert I've ever seen.
It is so epic.
I wanna watch this movie now.
It's - Thr - Three bars!
Alright, if you ever feel stage fright,
next time you're getting shaky bow on stage...
Just be grateful you don't have a sniper on your face.
Whoever the sniper is must be really like...
Serious about music.
Yeah. That was what I was thinking.
I'm still struggling to get my head around this plot.
- I know. Why is it this plot? - Why is this a thing?
This is a classical musician's nightmare.
Dude, it's like a horror movie.
Why, why, why is this a thing?
Out of all the things you can do...
Fantasy, fiction, action.
You had to pick horror and the grand piano.
And classical music set in concert.
I haven't seen this but I already rate this
the best movie of all time.
Yes, guys.
Alright, guys. Thank you so much for watching.
If you guys like our videos, please subscribe
and watch our videos.
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雙琴俠Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Violin (Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Violin)

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