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Andrew Yang is a New York entrepreneur who's never held political office. Tonight he spoke one-on-one with King 5's
Natalie Swavy. She joins us now with what he had to say. It was right here at Gasworks Park tonight that Andrew
Yang said if elected his first priority as president would be to implement $1,000/month for every American adult.
Nobody knows who Andrew Yang is. You know he's not a politician. Complete underdog and
surprisingly actually, he's doing really well
He's a serious person. He's smart and he cares. The Tesla CEO tweeted his support for the venture capitalist on Saturday.
Yang, I'm Yang Gang.
Andrew Yang is polling above two senators and one governor. He's actually higher in the polls. He's like this outlier.
He's 44.
You know the guy with the cap that said MATH. You're raising issues that nobody else is talking about and you're looking at it from
a perspective that nobody else is really looking at him. He's gone viral in a whole range of different communities.
He's not saying the same kind of stuff that all the other candidates are saying and when he talks, it lands in part because he's saying things that are unique.
I think America is ready for a different kind of president who's more about substance than form. I'm not a politician.
I'm not someone who's been rattling around Washington for years or decades.
Most Americans don't think that career politicians are going to solve our problems and I think those problems are accelerating, getting more and more serious.
I'm also a parent and when you have kids, you also have a different perspective where you think,
Ok, how am I going to leave the country or the world in a condition that I'd be proud to leave to my kids,
and right now I'm not excited about the world we're leaving to our kids.
Our life expectancy has declined for the last three years due to a surge in drug overdoses and suicides. 78% of Americans
are living paycheck to paycheck.
57% say they can't afford an unexpected $500 bill.
So, people are looking around and saying wait a minute. If GDP is at a record high, why do things feel so lousy?
How can you say an economy is healthy when our people are dying and you say,
Oh, someone else will take care of this. That almost never works.
So, I decided I could make a contribution.
So, I came to Washington, DC and I said, what are we gonna do? This official said to me, Andrew,
you're in the wrong town.
No one in this town is going to do anything about
the problems that you described because this town is a town of followers not leaders,
and the only way for us to do something about it is if we bring a wave crashing down on our heads.
I looked at that I thought these words: Challenge Fucking Accepted.
We talked about it like Donald Trump is the cause of all of our problems. He is not.
He is a symptom. He's a manifestation. We are going through the greatest economic transformation in our country's history.
I'm the son of immigrants myself, and if you go to a factory here in Michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants.
You will find wall-to-wall robots and machines. Immigrants are being scapegoated for issues
they have nothing to do with in our economy. What we did to the manufacturing jobs
we will now do
to the retail jobs, the call center jobs,
the fast food jobs, the truck driving jobs and on and on through the economy. Raise your hands in the crowd if you've seen stores closing
where you live?
It is not just you. Amazon is closing 30% of America's stores and malls and paying zero in taxes in a country
that is tearing itself apart with people turning on each other.
This is the mindset of scarcity that is sweeping our country.
We have to make big choices right now as a country. We have to start evolving and advancing in terms of the way
we see our economy and our role within it. What we have to do is focus on fixing the system
that is
distorting and
dehumanizing. I'm running for president, because I'm an American and I'm a parent and I can see the country
we will leave to our children and it is not something that I'm willing to accept.
The only thing that I'm worried about is that some total unknown that nobody ever heard of comes along.
So, he would be someone to watch, because there's still time for an outlier to kind of rise up. The guy just has
solution after solution after solution. There is something compelling about a guy that
just seems to have played by the rules and done everything right and believes in math and believes in science. You make sense to me and
you can fix stuff that's happening in the towns that I see every day
I'm going to listen to what you have to say. Pay attention to this kid's plan. I've done the math. It's not left.
It's not right. It's forward! That is how we're going to beat Donald Trump in 2020!
[crowd cheering]
The third big thing is how many of you all woke up this morning ... oh, what have we got?
Bald eagle! Eagle, it's a sign!
Andrew Yang [crowd chants repeatedly]
Almighty eagle! [crowd cheers]


楊安澤崛起 (Andrew Yang Rising)

396 分類 收藏
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