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PewDiePie: It's a beautiful day because it's another day in Minecraft!
Never stopping. "How long is he going to keep playing?
He'll never stop"
What's up, IKEA Birds, how you doing?
IKEA Bird 1, IKEA bird 2, what's poppin?
First of all, shame on you.
Shame on everyone for speaking ill of my beautiful building.
Everyone's saying oh it looks like (a) kangaroo, you know, I read the comments and I was like wait, there's kangaroos in Minecraft
That's awesome. And I realize you were
pointing to my tribute statue to my dead horse. Joergen. I try (Tried) to fix it
As Best as I could to make it look like a horse
If anyone comments that it looks like a kangaroo, you're gonna be instantly banned. Okay, this is for Joergen
This is a beautiful memorial and it needs to be respected. Thank you
Now that we have that out of the way today, we have a lot of stuff funny stuff to do do
Oh God there's just like I've been playing already today for like four hours
Listen I had to get diamonds! I was poor. Okay. I've also been breeding the army of pigs
That's right
Politicians worldwide are shaking. They know that we have an army
Ready to strike at any moment. Oh god, they're pushing me. Stop pushing me. I'm getting sucked in.
They're getting violent
Please, one at a time. Please.
Ahhh, Ahhh
God once you get going it just it gets a bit crazy where we're not ready. We're not ready yet
One thing actually there's one thing I wanted to do really quick.
Didn't do it because I know you guys would get
Salty and be like he's playing so much without us. Hey, where's Sven by the way?
(I started to freak out here)
Dinnerbone, have you seen Sven?
Llama Llamas, have you seen Sven?
Hello have you seen
Have you *giggles* heh they're looking at me.
Have you guys seen Sven? Have you seen Sven? back off back off
360 back off no don't blow up
There we go. I
Swear, I heard him, Sven?
It's you they are barking so they they must been here
Sven Oh, God is he trapped again?
Sven Sv? - *Giggles* oh look at him. He looks like it's crying. Sven, I'm sorry
He's crying tears I told you stay away from sheeps
How do you even get there? How do you even?
Even Stephens Sveny plebian Sven go
*Breathes on mic*
What is happening there, it is your free Sven. No, he goes back in
Sven you will never be Water sheep stop it.
Come here. Come here. Stop. He's like no
Wait, where is this going?
Sven please.
Hey eat eat
It's all right. Don't worry IKEA Birds. It's fine. He's safe. I
Also made it so it's a pressure plate now, so when's the Enter
It's pretty cool. I love it. I I haven't done anything with the war yet, but I wanted to
Not be sidetracked for two seconds my gosh. All right Llamas, uhhh
No, he doesn't want to oh, he's already on a leash. No. No. No you stay
We're building the tower of llama it's very popular this time of year
What you never visited Tower of llama
Now get up get up, oh my god, they're gonna die our thing. This is your new home. Welcome to your new home
There you go. Here you go, buddy
Enjoy, enjoy. You're here. You're here forever
You're part of something greater. Now this works so well before what is he doing stop!
I'm like
This is not what I wanted
Water sheep do something? All right, I'm gonna need you guys to did he die
You are going
To the Tower of sheep
Yeah Tower sheep. That's nice. This is your home. Enjoy
Dummy, you're a dumb dumb. Oh
Ohh yeah Tower of Water sheep if you guys ever come visit my server
You gotta come see the tower of of what their sheep
It's great this time of year. I got I got a sake. All right, so now bing bang
Bong, there you go
You want health care we got them. All right. Let's join power of Water sheep and you will get all special privileges
You're against
You're against the tower of Watership
Animal abuse Sven swen don't make me put you on water sheep tower I will if I have to
No one will stand between me and my love for water sheep. Come here
I don't care you're going on power you are going on tower of water. I
Have actual stuff to do this episode by the way, don't I?
Just need to do this before you are coming I don't care about your relatives being lost
What is wrong with me what is this fiction come honestly, why is he fighting me so much you should be grateful
This is an honor and a privilege and you know it what school
Where is he going? He just ran back
Do you love him that much
Are you in love with him?
That's so romantic ISM they belong to each other
That is so cute. Oh my god. What am I looking at?
What is that
Is that a chicken? Oh
sorry, I
Don't feel so judged listen
Don't judge me. This has to be done. I
don't care about your feeling I
really don't
Llamas don't have feelings. Oh my god
What am I doing, I know you guys belong together so you'll be next to each other
No, okay, we're gonna have to do it like this we got to cut off that ah
I'm a dummy. Dum. I keep looking over and I think the pigs are like sakura trees and i'm like what?
There's Sakura blossom and in Minecraft, so it turns out they're kind of an
Well, that's a weird. He just disappeared. That's so lame that he just left you all alone
If you just left it like I thought you guys were friends
How that's so sad. That's so sad that your own friend left you I really feel for you
Gosh 10 million views baby. This series gets 10 million viewers
It's beautiful
The thing is like they keep spawning and I never know what to do with them now
This is like eco-friendly because I'm I'm using them for a good purpose
Right what they're sheep. This man is so shocked. He can't even look at me
He's never seen anything like this in his life
Okay, so as you can see here, I'm clearly having a problem with
Having to constantly growing more potatoes. I think it's time we fixed that
Because I'm gonna need this army to become stronger
Okay, so and look away just for one second puppy needs to do taxes
Feel awful is the worst. Oh boy. Accounting sure is hard. Am I right Sven?
Okay, there's one thing actually I will do before we do all this stuff at base because everyone will get bored if I'd to stay
Here all the time
Last episode, I spent a lot of money and a lot of time to try and get a conduit to work
It didn't work. All right, let's try and place the conduit
Wow, that is so cool
Wow guys right and then I got all the comments telling me how to use it
so conduit I still don't really get any like prismarine rocks a
Peepee poo-poo. Oh
God, how am I gonna find him? Has anyone seen peepee poo-poo?
No, you're not peeing you're not people if we I can tell I
Can tell the difference between fake peepee poopoo and real peepee poopoo, okay?
Can the real peepee poo-poo please stand up? Maybe there you are. People book Oh
Perfect perfect. Stay here. I need Peepee Poopoo. Oh and no one else. Oh
my gosh
Stop pushing.
I need Peepee-
When we're gonna kill so you can summon the wither in Minecraft which it's like this boss
That's what we're using the army for
All right Peepee Poopoo you're free. Oh
My gosh, look at his health pp, are you okay?
How do you heal his health?
Peepee PooPoo's gonna die
how to
Heal Pig minecraft. Don't fall down there people boo
He's just very loyal oh, I have the potato in my hand I was like he's actually loves me
oh, I still have some night vision and
I still have some water breathing
Okay, sure, I think we are just the melon okay Sven, I'm heading out look after
Tower Of Llama you're low on health people poopoo. You think it's unsafe to go and unwise
You know who's unsafe and unwise peepee poopoo you are okay get in the boat don't ever speak to me like that again
You know, you're not even a real pig
That's right. You're a Minecraft Pig. So we're heading back to the water monument because I want to try and activate the conduit
You'd be quiet' All right. I want none of your typical PP. Oh my gosh, let me speak. Oh
I forgot that food. Are you kidding me?
So I
Don't know if this is correct
But if I add gunpowder no, does this work it's working
Okay now it's splash healing all right peepee poo-poo
I'm only doing this because I know the nine year olds, I'm gonna be like, eh he died, oh how do I splash you?
Wow, that's so cool. How do I activate it?
I was trying to heal him
I'm in pain.
Pee-Pee Poo-Poo :'(
Those that baby people was uh, you like that
Let me ride oh
Oh yeah, your name is peepee poo-poo
We're gonna beat the ender dragon together Pee-Pee Poo-Poo is gonna live forever
Peepee poo-poo
Will never die put this on what's your name IT'S PEE-PEE POO-POO
Everyone knows pee pee poo poo has two lives. Everyone knows that it's the second rule of Minecraft who created it Notch
How many lives does Pee-Pee Poo-Poo have two everyone knows that?
Pee-Pee Poo-Poo was your dad?
I lost my dad Wow grow up Pee-Pee Poo-Poo
Two pee pee two poo. Yeah
How you like them apples? Oh it lits up. That's perfect. Okay, so we'll find it easily there it is.
Second of all, we got to get a bunch of prismarine which we can get in the water monument
Which I dread going back to because I freakin died.
Oh my god Pee-Pee Poo-Poo no oh.
Oh that was close Pee-Pee Poo-Poo
There it is. Damn it. It's far away dude. Wait, there's two right next to each other
See you... sayonara Pee-Pee Poo-Poo son
So I should be able to just like oh god, I hate I hate this I hate that. I hate it
It's the night vision as well. So apparently you can use sponges to like
Damn there's so many. Oh, this is nice
Oh, Perfect you can use sponges to Pee-Pee Poo-Poo
Dude there's another island over there
Another MooMoo Island another MooMoo island. Let's go Pee-Pee Poo... another city. Oh my god. I'm finding all this stuff
We're gonna we make a new friend Pee-Pee Poo-Poo
Can I steal you guys? Cuz I need you for like a certain thing. Trust me. You're gonna like it (dont trust him he is evil)
Is that a freaking roller coaster what is that?
Stop complaining isn't this like uh..
Damn it's so cool. When you have a night vision, I need you to not follow me down. Okay, is that all right, cool
What do we got mending
That's really good curse of vanishing that's what your dad has no one's ever made that joke.
Just get up
Just get up in you'll live
Okay, cool. Why does everyone I love die. What is this curse Pee-Pee Poo-Poo
Oh there's another fort over that damn. I'm finding so much stuff. I can't I'm what's this supposed to be a quick in-and-out?
There's another underwater monument there. Are you kidding me?
What is this seed man wait there people poo poo. Okay. Clearly you guys are
You guys are friends. That's fine. Oh
You're against me you're standing up against me. Okay. We'll see about that. So apparently
Enemies can't spawn on these islands. Oh
But the moo moo cows can and apparently you can
Be quiet you can use their soup or something like that and then make soupy doopy
I'm bringing one of you back home because you're super rare look, so there's a little bit of green there and that means
Now I said you're coming with me, did you not hear me
I love that mushroom island just like one island one mushroom. So sorry it's like it because I set their
Distance a lot higher, but that's why I kept finding stuff. I'm like, whoa, I can see so far
Damn, I love Minecraft
I'm totally wasting my underwater breathing right now, but I just realize I'm not gonna have space to bring back everyone
Look at that another underwater monitor, man
Dude look how cool that is
That is so doe
If only peepee poo-poo came with me on this what is on top of that Tower? I'm finding so many awesome stuff
Look, they built little pumpkin things
Don't think so. Don't shoot me. I have baby in my hand. Oh, no, he fell for the old baby in hand trick
What is this what the Frick is this
Low-key kind of cute don't shoot I have baby
Carrots and potatoes I take the arrows the rest can go slick itself. So what do I do with this do i just throw?
Oh my gosh. Did you not see I have baby
All right, you guys are coming with me
Okay, we'll definitely come back to explore the ice mountains
Maybe there's Eskimos in Minecraft. There's Eskimo. Is there an arrow in my frickin head?
It's fine peepee. Poo-poo wouldn't complain so neither shall I
Okay, so apparently I'm finding every single water monument in the whole world. Oh
My gosh I got so distracted. I
Forgot why we're even here
The conduit that's right. Thank you
for reminding me
Sure brought doors for this because I need to place I just need to place them around it
Could that be it?
Just like a circle around it. Oh
My gosh
You enjoying the weather? Yeah
Bit hot, isn't it
Think this should do it
Zimzalbim it worked everyone it worked. Wow. So cool. Thanks Felix
Why aren't you looking at me?
okay, so
There there there there and then there there nope
Oh I think I did it. Whoa
Okay, we gotta be careful I know if you go whoa I guess underwater vision were they oh my god, that's so awesome
Gosh if I knew I would have placed an extern water heart in the head
Is it sucking me
So I think it makes it becomes more be quiet dolphin. I don't need you. I have conduit. So top layer just goes across
the bottom one same thing
Man, if Joergen could see this he'd be so amazed
Jörgen, loved conduits. What's his favorite thing? I assume the same pattern
So now it should be maxed out we can swim around here
Without any problem? No potions required, baby
You guys got so angry? Oh my god you were actually right I'm so sorry
Coal enchanted fishing rod man, I guess I can't move the conduit. Can I ah god, that sucks
It'd be so good to have that next to
All right. Well, that's cool. Anyway now we know how it works and I won't make the same dumb mistakes again
There's literally a one ocean monument next to my spawn.
Hey look peepeepoopoo I made it back as well. That's awesome
So apparently mending pants is really good
because once you get XP you heal the pants you can heal your pants just like I healed the
peepee poo-poo with a splash potion
Just like I did that thing that I did
If you remember I am I
All right, we have the guardians of the peepee poo-poo
Yeah, they're so cute
Okay, so since I know this is kind of boring I know but I love it so I don't care
Redstone time it's time for me to finally finalize my farm, which I actually I actually worked a lot on it, and I'm really
Quite happy with it. The plan was that I was gonna have a farm that
Is automated just by one click of a button and that's that has been the real challenge I think
To make it all work seaminglessly. Yes, that's a word
So I'll show you
Actually, you know what? I haven't finished it yet
So the problem right now is that water runs down here and it ruins all my stuff. So there's pumpkins growing here
So I was gonna put melon growing here. Hopefully there's
Enough space can I just do this? It's gonna have to go like that
Three okay, this might be a little tight, but if it works
It will be very very smacking smacking. It's a Swedish word smacking you never heard. All right, it's big brain time
So I need how many Pistons yeah eight. I need eight Pistons. I can never seem to have enough Pistons. I
Made a I made eight. Okay, perfect. Okay. I really hope this works. It's gonna be truly truly epic and I'll explain
Oh, excuse me. The geniusness of my contraptions, you know those things your mom has I need dirt
Apparently I can think more than one step ahead Oh
All right, so we're just gonna copy this side basically. So look, I made a little window. It's kind of cool
It is more complicated you think because the water has to touch it on the under underneath but here on the pumpkins and melons it
Doesn't have to so it's it is kind of cool. I you can look at okay, it's cool. I thought it was cool
It was hard and then there will go this over
What you are for I don't know. I hope you're not important
And then we'll put this here the water will run here I think yes
Fortunately, I can't oh wait maybe if I can axe it on this side, that'd be nice ok, cool
i'm Just laughing looking at them looking at them. Ok, so I need what do I need melons?
Do I have it? Because I need just a few seeds
Ok, so now we're here. We are gonna plant plant the plant plant the plant plant the plant plant plant I
Have water on me. Perfect. The water will run here
That's so good Felix. No, no, no, no ( i felt his pain)
Coal's I need to do that eight times epic. Just drop it from here. Okay, cool
Can just grab it from here my gosh
I'm so big brain that sometimes I make small brain decisions
That's a true testimony of big brain, there we go
Now we plant melon melon
Xiang Xiang need edlin
almost raises celery
stop rhyming
Felix you are not making anything better n okay. So cool out
So they should just work. So I'll just
I'll this assume they'll work
So what's happening down here Felix? Let me explain Oh
God let's see if I remember how I have to I have to pay some like this
When I press the button it sends out a pulse, but I need that pulse to be a little stronger. Let me test this
Do I not have any sticks? I'll test it with this
So you see here when I remove it it holds it a little longer
It's fades. And there you go, because I need the water to run through. I'll show you later
I need the water to properly run through so it puts all this stuff in there in the box
It will all make sense for small brains. Don't worry. Damn. The space could not have been any more. Perfect
Did I already put the wiring?
thanks Pierce from the past and
then the hopper needs to
Be connect and you can tell it's going in the chest because the little knob is pointing towards it just like real life
With girls. That was a sexy joke. Okay. Now the only thing remaining ahh man, I'm so excited. It's to put the water
In all the holes and just pray to God
That this works so now we have fully automated farm
Watch it run through it
You don't know how good that feels I probably spend look it all went in here all the melons all of them
But let me show you how it works. It's pretty awesome. No one cares Felix. Okay. We're cool
I'm gonna tell it anyway, so when you press a button, it only says it sends like a signal right? That's all it does
But you can tell them to Pistons in the back. Please go up right away
But the Pistons in the back water flows through longer so that all the taters properly go in
Some Mis, it's fine. It doesn't really matter and I did that here. So this is another this this extends to signal and
Make sure the water throne runs through longer and they'd does the exact same thing on
the pumpkins but not for the water, but for
but for the Pistons lifting it up because as you can tell if
Now the Pistons are staying up waiting for the water to run through then the water goes down
Because otherwise the water would just run away everywhere and ruin my beautiful contraption
Piston stays up what is done it goes down. So basically very big brain
So now I can farm all the taters to feed my army
Great. It looks like my camera stopped working for some reason
Look at that beautiful and now
Look at all those taters
My army keep feeding my children (the glorious bacon army) , that's right
I need you bigger. I need you stronger next episode we're gonna take on
One of the bosses of minecraft the wither
But I'm not afraid because I have the army of pee pee poopoo
Together we are strong feed my children
Anyway guys hope you enjoyed this episode Sven. Did you have fun?
Okay, cool, okay DJ moo moo cow hit it oh
Yeah, thanks for watching another episode of hope you guys enjoyed. Oh, he goes on top. He's crazy
Smash like check out the Merch and I see you epic gamers next time
Also, I edited this video. I hope you enjoyed the editing


PewDiePie 創世神 #22 哪來的 9600萬隻豬? (Why Are 96,000,000 Pigs in my Minecraft? - Part 22)

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