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Let's just get down to business.
Five ways to make him wanna kiss you.
Number one: Touch Him.
No, I don't mean his groinal region.
I just mean touch him somewhere, even innocently on the arm.
That actually looks good, what that guy has over there.
Because on a date when two people haven't even touched - made physical contact for the entire date - and then all of a sudden, one of them has got to think about leaning in and kissing the other one...
That feels like going from zero to sixty miles an hour, but if you've been introducing light, and carefree touch through-out the date... kissing is a much more natural progression.
Number two: Take a Sip.
When you take a sip of your drink, it engages your lips so it draws attention to them, but at the same time, if you look away it has the added benefit of giving him a moment to look at you, and take you in without you staring right back at him.
That is too funny, Monkey.
That is something that we actually don't get to do that frequently on a date, and when someone is looking at us, that's when they get a chance to really get attracted.
Number three: Glance At His Lips.
Now, the more slowly you do this the more seductive it's gonna be, but if you take a moment to look into his eyes, and then look down at his lips, and then back up at his eyes...
That moment becomes a very seductive moment even if it's unconscious, even if he doesn't know that you're actually looking at his lips.
He registers that you're taking him in, in a different way.
So like, what part of the jungle were you in when that happened?
Number four: when he looks at you in a certain sexy way, maybe he smiles with it, I want you to say to him, "You Can't Look At Me Like That."
The words, 'You can't' followed by looking away creates this real tension in the moment.
You're telling him something he can't do.
Always very sexy when done playfully, and in that moment when you look away, there's that vulnerability to it too.
It's like he's doing something to you that he shouldn't be.
Ah, Monkey... you can't look at me like that.
Number five: Do The Cute Act.
Choose a moment when he's teasing you to give him a serious face when he thinks you should be laughing, and say, "don't be mean to me."
Don't be mean to me.
And when someone's being cute and adorable, you just wanna grab them and kiss them.
That's the effect we're going for.
Look these five things I've just given you are essentially just practical ways to flirt.
I have a program called, "How To Talk To Men," and one of the chapters in that program is specifically about giving you lines, and things you can do to flirt.
Well I am gifting you that chapter absolutely free today.
All you need to get that is go to GetTheFreeChapter dot com, I will link it up here, click that link, download the free chapter, and you can be using these techniques today.



還在被撩嗎?五大技巧教你如何反撩男生! (5 Irresistible Ways to Flirt With Men (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy))

3310 分類 收藏
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