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  • Most hardware companies have a hard time making money on devices, but not Apple.

    大部分的硬體公司很難用電子產品賺錢,但 Apple 不在此限。

  • Reports in 2018 indicated that 80% of the profits in the global smartphone industry were earned by Apple.

    2018 年的報告顯示,全球智慧型手機產業有 80% 的利潤是 Apple 賺走的。

  • But that's not the only way Cupertino's finest makes money.

    但賣手機並不是庫比蒂諾地區的龍頭(也就是 Apple)唯一賺錢的方式。

  • In this video, we're gonna break down how Apple can turn a profit on hardware, and how it makes more money from users once they have an Apple product in their hands.

    在這個影片中,我們將會分析 Apple 如何在硬體方面獲利,以及它如何從擁有 Apple 產品的使用者那裡賺到更多錢。

  • There are two popular smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android.

    目前市場上有兩個最受歡迎的智慧型手機作業系統,也就是 iOS 和 Android。

  • The second is open-source and is effectively the default for all non-Apple devices.

    Android 是開源的作業系統,實際上就是非蘋果產品所預設使用的。

  • Worldwide, Android owns about 80% of the market, and in the US, it commands about 55% of the market.

    Android 大概佔據了全球 80% 的市場,在美國掌握了約 55% 。

  • The operating system is all you'll find on devices from major players like Samsung, HTC, and Huawei.

    這個作業系統是你在像 Samsung、HTC 和華為這些主要競爭公司的產品上唯有的選擇。

  • That ubiquity is great for Google's parent company, Alphabet, but it means that it's harder for Android phone manufacturers to differentiate themselves.

    這樣的普及性對 Google 的母公司 Alphabet 而言是有利的,但這也代表對於 Android 手機的製造商來說,要製造出差異是更加困難的。

  • Because they're all running similar operating systems, the companies need to compete on features and price.


  • Apple, on the other hand, has always kept its operating system to itself.

    但是 Apple 卻不然,一直都有屬於它自己的作業系統。

  • If you want to use it and enjoy having your smartphone integrated with your MacBook, you need to buy an iPhone.

    如果你想要使用此系統,並享受手機和你的 MacBook 整合使用的感覺,就得買一支 iPhone。

  • That exclusivity, coupled with Apple's focus on simple, intuitive design and the company's strong brand, has helped Apple established luxury status in an industry where most other companies are just trying to keep costs low.

    這種專屬和排他性,再加上 Apple 注重簡潔、直覺式的設計和強烈的品牌風格,讓 Apple 在這個大多數公司只想試著降低成本的產業中,建立了奢侈品般的地位。

  • In fiscal 2018, Apple had hardware sales of over $220 billion, and over 70% of that revenue came from the company's iPhone segment.

    在 2018 年的財務報告中,Apple 在硬體方面銷售額超過 2200 億美元,而超過百分之七十以上的營收是來自於公司裡的 iPhone 部門。

  • All told, the company's hardware business, which includes iPhone, Mac, and iPad, among other lines, earns over 30% margins, which is virtually unheard of for a consumer hardware company.

    總的來說,這間公司的硬體銷售,包含 iPhone、Mac 和 iPad,比起其他生產線賺了超過百分之三十的利潤,這樣的數字實際上對於一個消費性硬體的公司而言是前所未聞的。

  • But the money doesn't stop there for Apple.

    但是 Apple 賺的不只有這點錢。

  • Once someone owns an iDevice, they enter Apple's ecosystem of apps and services.

    只要你擁有一個 Apple 的產品,就會進入 Apple 的應用程式及服務的生態系統。

  • Want to download a productivity app?


  • Check out the App Store on your iPhone.

    去 iPhone 上的 App Store 看看吧!

  • Want to expand your storage and put some of your photos on the cloud?


  • Just pay for an iCloud storage plan.

    只要付費購買 iCloud 的儲存方案就好。

  • Individually, these seem like minor transactions, but they add up to big money for Apple.

    如果一項一項獨立分開來看,這些服務似乎都只是小額的交易,但加總起來後對 Apple 而言其實是很大的一筆收入。

  • In the company's 2018 results, they noted that their services segment had generated $37 billion in revenue with 60% margins.

    在公司 2018 年的財務成績報告中,他們注意到軟體服務部門創造了三百七十億美元的營收,帶來了百分之六十的利潤。

  • The services segment is twice as profitable as Apple's core hardware business, and increasingly, it is gonna become the focus for Apple.

    軟體服務部門的獲利能力是 Apple 原本的硬體銷售的兩倍,將漸漸轉變成 Apple 專注經營的核心。

  • Recently, iPhone sales have struggled as Apple battles longer upgrade cycles, but services growth has kept chugging along.

    近年來,iPhone 的銷售因為 Apple 更長的更新周期而備受挑戰,但軟體服務的部分仍然一路順暢前進。

  • In the company's fiscal 2018, services revenue grew 24% year over year.

    在公司 2018 年的財報中,軟體服務的營收每年都會增長百分之二十四。

  • The beauty of it for Apple is that even if one part of the business is struggling, the company is still cashing in.

    這對於 Apple 而言最棒的地方是,就算某一部分的銷售停滯不前,整間公司仍是營利狀態。

  • Service is strength in Apple's device offering.

    附帶的軟體服務是 Apple 電子產品的一項優勢。

  • And the more people that own one of the company's devices, the larger the market is for its high-margin services business.


  • In early 2019, the company announced that it had an installed base of 1.4 billion users, showing the incredible scale of Apple's hardware business and the massive opportunity for its services business.

    在 2019 年初,這間公司宣布他有十億四千萬的用戶基數,展現了 Apple 令人驚豔的硬體銷售規模與後續軟體服務銷售的巨大市場機會。

  • Devices, servicesno matter how you slice it, Apple is making money.

    電子產品、軟體服務,無論你怎麼區分,Apple 都還在繼續賺錢。

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Most hardware companies have a hard time making money on devices, but not Apple.

大部分的硬體公司很難用電子產品賺錢,但 Apple 不在此限。

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