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  • Welcome to The Daily Show, sir.


  • Thank you very much for having me.


  • Uh, I am a big fan of your work.


  • You have been making some of the funniest films that we have had the pleasure of enjoying in the cinema.


  • -Thank God. -But "Jojo Rabbit" is truly one of the strangest films people will go and watch, in an amazing way.

    - 感謝。 - 但是《兔嘲男孩》真的將會是人們觀賞到最古怪的電影之一,好得很怪。

  • - Yeah. - How do you even begin to pitch to a studio, "Hey, guys, I'm gonna make a movie about a young boy who's growing up in Nazi Germany, and his imaginary friend is Hitler."


  • You say, "Hey, guys," and then you stop there.


  • That's pretty much it.


  • It was a very hard film to pitch.


  • "Oh, uh, so, it's a film about a young boy in the Hitler Youth."


  • Most people are, "Mm, that's enough for me."


  • "Not interested."


  • - I ended up having to write the script and let that do all the talking for me with this. - Right.

    - 我最後得寫好劇本然後讓人們讀了之後見真章。 - 是這樣啊。

  • It is a very hard thing to pitch 'cause tonally, it shifts around quite a lot.


  • There's a lot of comedy, and drama, and tragedy, and it is a real mix.


  • -You can't kind of pick one. -Right, yeah. It really...

    - 你不太能只選一個來講。 - 沒錯,其實...

  • It really is sharp in a satirical voice, as well because, you know, you're commenting on something that we all know happened.


  • But what's really interesting is you're commenting on something that I think a lot of people don't talk enough about today in the world, and that is how we are conditioned from the time we're children.


  • -Yeah. -You see this little child who is born in Nazi Germany, and he is only taught to be a Nazi.

    - 是的。- 電影中看到一個出生於納粹德國的小孩,而他只被教導要成為一名納粹份子。

  • And we like him because we sort of understand that he had no other choice.


  • And we see the conflict that he has with being a Nazi and then, like, his mother going like, "No, you can be a good person."


  • Yeah, that's right, and when children were indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, um, the first lesson they were taught was to rebel against your parents.


  • "Don't listen to your parents and what they try and tell you."


  • "Listen to us. You know, we... "Hitler is now your father, and listen to us, and listen to, you know, your teachers."


  • Um, and, so, if a parent in those times...


  • - If you, you know, if you wanted to try and convince your child, "Don't be a Nazi," uh, it was a very, it was a very dangerous thing to do. -Right.

    - 如果想嘗試說服小孩:「不要變成納粹份子。」,是件非常危險的事。 - 沒錯。

  • You know, 'cause they would say, "If your parents, uh, you know, if they, if they judge us or if they criticize the party, tell us, and we'll take care of that."


  • -"We'll take care of your parents." -Yeah.

    - 「我們會處理掉你父母。」 - 對。

  • - Right. - And you see that in the story.


  • And I really wish I could explain to people.


  • I don't want to give anything away, but it's, like... It really is, It is a weird movie in that, like, you're laughing, and then you're sad, and then you're angry.


  • And then there's moments where you're like, "This feels like what's happening today."


  • -Yeah. -You know? You feel people who are radicalized, and you go, "Why do you have this hate, or "Why do you feel the way you do?"

    - 對。 - 你懂嗎?你感覺到人們非常激進,便問他們說:「你們為什麼心懷怨恨?」或是「你們為什麼感受如此?」

  • And they're like, "Well, that's all I've known."


  • Isn't it weird that in 2019, someone still has to make a movie trying to explain to people not to be a Nazi?

    到了 2019 年還需要有人拍一部電影試著告訴大家不要成為納粹份子,這不是很奇怪嗎?

  • Was it ever awkward for you, like, looking in the mirror?


  • I mean, like, did your family say anything?


  • Because, I mean, you know, you...


  • Well, my mother came to visit set, and we were shooting in Prague...


  • - 'Cause a lot of people don't know this about you, but you're Jewish. -Yeah.

    - 因為很多人不知道,你是猶太人。- 對。

  • And, like, like, like, you have Jewish family, and that makes it okay.


  • Well, what I'm saying, like, that makes it more awkward, I think, is that, like..


  • It makes it more... Oh, for sure.

    變得更... 噢當然。

  • - And it... - So, like, your family is just like, "Wait, so you're gonna... you're gonna be Hitler?"

    - 而且... - 所以你的家人就說:「等等,你要演希特勒?」

  • There's double the guilt going on.


  • There's double...


  • So, I, uh...


  • No, I put the costume on for the first time.


  • On paper, it's simply, "This is gonna be a great idea."


  • Uh, then you put it all on.


  • You put the ridiculous mustache on, and you look in the mirror, and, I mean, really, the main word to describe it all is "embarrassed."


  • -Oh, that's right. I was embarrassed. -Right.

    - 噢,原來如此,我當時是感到尷尬。 - 原來如此。

  • And... but imagine trying to, uh, to direct people dressed like that.

    然後... 但想像一下穿那樣當導演。

  • You know, 'cause, you know, like, you go through, you go through most of your day, you know, you don't really remember what you look like.


  • And I was like, I'll be directing people, "Hey, that's really good. Um, that was really good, Scarlett."


  • "So, look, why don't we just try to do another one where you go over there."


  • And you can see, like, she's there going...


  • And I would catch a little glimpse of myself in a reflection and realize, "Oh, my God. That's right. I'm dressed like this guy."


  • - Yes, you are... - And, so, then I said, "So, you don't have to do what I say. I'm not..."

    - 對,沒錯... - 然後我就會說:「你不用一定要照我說得做,我不是在...」

  • "That's not an order. I'm not tell..."


  • "I'm not... I'm not forcing you to do that."


  • "This is... It's your choice."


  • "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're a free person."


  • "You know, 2019. You do what you want. -"

    「你知道的,都 2019 年了,做你想做的事。」

  • "Hey, I'm not directing. I'm suggesting."


  • "I'm not directing, I'm suggesting."


  • -"You do it." -"A suggestion. It's the power of suggestion."

    - 「你來做。」 - 「一個建議,這是建議的力量。」

  • Um, you have a really stellar cast.


  • I mean, the young man who we see there playing Jojo the Rabbit, he's phenomenal.


  • And, I mean, yoike, all these young kids in the movie are so amazing in playing the story.


  • And then you have Scarlett Johansson, who's also phenomenal as the mom in the story.


  • Why did you choose to center the story around the kids?


  • Because it's not a story told through the lens of the adults.


  • -The adults are in the story, but it is really through the lens of children. -Yeah. -Why?

    - 大人們的確出現在故事中,但其實是透過孩子的視角呈現。 - 對。 - 為什麼?

  • Well, I've never really seen films set, uh, with, uh, with a backdrop of conflict or wars really from a child's point of view.


  • And I really wanted to explore that, uh, that world.


  • And I've worked with a lot of kids in my films.


  • Like, a lot of my films, uh, you know, they deal with, you know, young boys with dad issues.


  • Yeah, but, so, I've always worked with these kids.


  • And the boy plays Jojo, Roman Griffin Davis, incredibly beautiful, sensitive young guy who, um, who really carries the film and really saved me from embarrassment.

    飾演喬喬的 Roman Griffin Davis 是個非常動人、感性的年輕人,他真的扛起了整部電影並讓我不要那麼尷尬。

  • I think there's nothing to be embarrassed about.


  • It's truly one of the most original, funny, fantastic films I've watched in a very long time.


  • -Thank you very much for being on the show. -Thank you.

    - 非常謝謝你來上我們的節目。 - 謝謝。

  • Thank you for making the movie, for real.


  • "Jojo Rabbit" opens in select cities October 18 and will be in theaters nationwide very soon.


  • Taika Waititi, everybody.

    掌聲謝謝導演 Taika Waititi。

Welcome to The Daily Show, sir.


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