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Hello! Welcome on my channel
I'm Charlotte, I'm from Belgium and I just recently moved to Taiwan
I'm super excited about this
and in this video, I would like to share with you things that I first noticed when coming to Taipei
The first thing on my list might sound really obvious but it's just the climate and temperature
I was just shocked when I got out of the airplane and I felt how hot it was here
Cause I expected it to be warmer, a lot warmer than Belgium
but the humidity just makes it feel so much warmer to me
and because of this temperature here
I feel like there's very different kind of vegetation than I'm used to
Here, I can feel it's kind of a “jungle vegetation” I really like it
As soon as I got into the MRT (the train from the airport to the city)
I could see such amazing views Just amazing mountains full of jungle
So yeah, that's something I really like about Taipei
When walking around in Taipei for the first time
I noticed something about the architecture of the buildings that is so smart
The buildings are kind of built in a way where, on the ground floor
a part is left out and covers the sidewalk
So that way, when you walk around, you're protected from the burning sun
Or when it's heavy raining, you're also protected from the rain
So I think that's something super smart the city did
Someone told me that Taiwan is the country that invented bubble milk tea
and that's really obvious when you walk around here
There're bubble milk tea shops everywhere you go here in Taipei
So it's amazing. If you're a bubble milk tea lover and you live in Taiwan
It's basically paradise
Taipei is built very differently than many Belgian cities
in a way that Belgian cities are almost always built around one clear city centre
where everything is happening, you have all the restaurants and everything to do there
and then you have the more residential areas around that
But Taipei is built into many areas, many neighbourhoods
with each their different vibe
To me as a Belgian, it's a very different city than our capital city, Brussels
Taipei has a very good MRT, subway system
I really like taking the subway here
It's easy, people line up like decent human beings
Not like in Belgium, where many people just push and try to get in the bus or subway first
Here people stand in line really neatly
And I also like taking the bus here. That way I can see more of the city
and I think it's pretty easy while using an app like google maps
to find the right place and the right bus
So, the next thing is by far my favourite on this list
and it is that sometimes, you can hear some kind of really cute music playing on the streets
and it reminds me to when I was small I could hear the ice-cream truck play this kind of music
Children would run outside and buy some ice-cream
But here, that music is actually the garbage truck coming
So people, when they hear it, they go outside with their garbage
and they throw it away then
That's something I never saw in my life, anywhere before
and it really surprized me. But I love it!
These were my first impressions when arriving here in Taipei
I hope you enjoyed watching this video, cause I really enjoyed making it
I'm planning to make more videos in the future
so if you have any suggestions about places I should visit
or things I should really try in Taiwan
please let me know in the comments
Don't forget to like and subscribe if you liked this video
Bye-bye! See you next time!


台灣的第一印象 (My first impressions as a foreigner in Taiwan)

953 分類 收藏
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