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In this video I want to show you guys at the japan-only Wendy's menu
All right full disclosure
I am a McDonald's fan
But I had to do this video for you guys because any of you guys are coming to Japan you might want to check out
A Wendy's what you'll find when coming in Japan is that Wendy's is so much different than in the States
The reason being is that it recently done a collaboration with first kitchen. This is a Japanese fast food restaurant
But before we do that
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video every Saturday morning once a week
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so Wendy's closed down all of their 71 shops in Japan in 2009, but later reopened in 2011, but it wasn't until
2015 when Wendy's purchased the fast food brand first Kitchen, merging all of their Japan stores and what we see today
The Wendy's first kitchen hybrid stores. We just got to so much food. So excited to try all this stuff
I have five different burgers to show you guys today. Wendy's has done a partnership or collaboration with first kitchen
This is a Japanese fast-food chain. That's why now
You see like pasta down here, and that's why you see a soup bowl
Like they don't have this at a regular Wendy's and because of this collaboration. So let's just like try the first burger
Alright so this is the Wendy's cheese and bacon and egg burger. It's very similar to your regular Baconator I think.
Where you have the cheese, meat and then you have the bun but what sets it apart is you have a
full-on egg in there. That is an egg filling that strain is
It's almost like a tartar sauce almost like you can see I think that green piece is like a piece of relish
That's quite good I like that
I like the egg in there and like the
Meat itself is always I can see you're very wendy's burgers
If you don't like wendy's burgers and like the actual meat itself can't really help you there
One of the things I love about when is the most is that it has different sauces like check this out. There is Mentaiko sauce
They have a garlic mayonnaise, cheese sauce, and there was also like an avocado sauce, but that's not one my favorites
I didn't get it, but it's cool that they have all the sauces
They even have hot sauces but I'm like a sauce guy if you don't like this and it's like a little too dry for you
Then you just add like the garlic mayonnaise
Mmm, you've got a whole new burger
Definitely recommend this garlic mayonnaise sauce it like makes any burger taste good
That's probably like 100 million calories there, but it's just so good
All right, so this is that barbecue pulled pork burger. It has your regular bun, but on the inside you have tomatoes
you have the lettuce, pulled-pork right there, bacon now like the traditional Wendy's burger and then you have like the cheese at the bottom
It looks actually like pretty cool like I've numbers
I've never had a pulled pork burger before like this and you can see that there's even some like sauce
It's like a tangy sauce. All right, let's taste this.
Hmm I'm definitely good it's like my lettuce is still crisp. There's like the pulled pork piece
It has like a sweeter seasoning to it it's a little on the drier side
I would like you rather have it kind of like a little bit moist
but it's not kind of dry and it's like a little bit sour it's I think it's it's almost like a
Like a beef jerky, like you had like a truck beef jerky like you do would expect that
It was like a little bit more moist
like I was thinking like the bacon would be like a little thicker, but it looks pretty thin and
The mania is coming through on the back
The mayonnaise and the backlight gives it like the much-needed moisture you want from the burger. Well, that's pretty good
Another nice thing about Wendy's in their pen is that they have pasta we actually have seven different types of pasta
I chose this one like one of the ones I really liked is a carbonara but like the egg on top
But this one is that kind of interesting. I wanted to share with you guys. It is like a beef cheek meat
It's like a more like a Bolognese that's supposed to be also creamy it's harder to tell because it's kind of like been sitting here
While I've been doing this video
But so let's try this
I Said oh he didn't like a regular proper human being
That's nice it does have that creaminess to it it's a little bit sweet but it has like a tomato base
You can definitely taste the onions
I don't know if you can see that little chopped up onions, which are nice
So like definitely like the best part about this is the meat. The meat is actually pretty good and the pasta itself
I don't think you can see it, but like see it but it's like it's quite thick but soft and
filled with moisture and when kids would love this like this the flavors are kind of sweet and like
I wouldn't say bland it, but it's I can just mellow flavor. No
No, I feel like there's a conducting that special about this pasta Rivlin to like combini pasta
I think I don't know if I'd order this again, I guess is what I'm trying to say. Oh
If there's another menu item that you don't get an irregular n Easy with a soup bread bowl and we got the lobster bisque
They have I have been soups
Like beef stew clam chowder and like a regular time to stew but this is a lobster bisque, which is nice
Looking back but you can see like the oil that's like still there. I don't know if you guys see that
Oh and you can definitely smell like the crab
lobster this real lobster
Can't be real lobster, right? It smells like Lobster though
Hmm and that's a strong lobster taste Oh, actually this is like surprisingly good I like it
You can see it's quite chunky and the texture is really thick it has some tomatoes in there
It's a little bit kind of bitter
I don't think kids like this necessarily so I wouldn't serve it to a kid
But it's like more of an adult refined taste. The bread itself is your regular bread bowl
What sizes you can I can dip it in like that? Oh
And the bread it slides itself, it's like it's not dry at all a chewy bread like a moist chewy bread, it's quite strong
So it's nice to have the bread with it to kind of make it a little less bitter. I really like this one
All right, let's do the blueberry float before it all melts
Actually, eleven types of floats that they have in Japan as Matcha, lemonade coffee, mango. There's so many different kinds
Mm-hmm. That's quite good. Look at that. Just like grab the first bite
That's quite creamy it's like your regular
Soft cream. That's actually pretty good. I really like the blueberries
It's like a soft cream yogurt was like a blueberry style drink in here. You can like mashed up
like that
Like a strong yogurt drink taste that isn't it is more blueberry, but
Mm-hmm. It's actually like if you ever had like a blueberry yogurt, it tastes very much like that. That's quite refreshing
All right
So check out this Shiratomic-cream Zenai again sigh but this is like one of those like very traditional Japanese dishes
It has like a three main ingredients ice cream
It has the red beans and the Shiratama. up some ice cream here at the top
Very luscious ice cream as usual but yeah, it's pretty good. It has this Shiratama
I got it almost looks like a mochi
but it's not the ingredients are just a bit different and then it also has anko here which is like a red bean and
It's quite sweet
Have you ever had a hollow hollow and that also has these like red beans in it as well
It's kind of funny because I wasn't expecting Wendy's to have a traditional Japanese sweets since it has been a collaboration with first kitchen
Then you can kind of see it like finer than would have it
So, this is the umami
Chicken tatsuta burger. It means instead of using flour when they fry it
They use cornstarch instead. You can see them there
There's a shredded cabbage
But usually when you get out a fried katsu or anything like fried in Japan deep-fried, it usually comes with
Shredded cabbage and very very like Japanese. That's a really thick piece of
Chicken looks like I'm kind of surprised how thick it is and then looks like mashed potatoes in there. Look you can see
Looks like mashed potatoes, it feels like mashed potatoes, but it's mayonnaise. It's like a really thick mayonnaise
It's actually a pretty decent fried chicken and like what I like about it the skin or the the fried part around it is
Really thick and hard. It's an interesting texture to the fried chicken when you like bite into it
You can almost like taste like it's a little bit burnt but it is like it's extra crispy
It's like it's crispier than your regular fried chicken. There's like a hint of garlic in here, too
I think it's the sauce that gives it that umami flavor. I think it's all in this special sauce
They have it's like too thick to be mayonnaise what I'm wondering that again
All right, so for all my low-carb fans, they have a burner called a wild Bronco
Basically, they've used the meat patties as the buns and inside you have your regular tomato lettuce a big-ass egg
In there and then you also have like a tartar sauce. You can see there's relish even like the egg there
Look at that monster
Feel like I'm a man, I feel like not I feel like a man. Oh, that's like a man's meal just like patties galore
Definitely. I think the eggs are kind of one of my favorite things about these burgers
The tomatoes are nice
Mayonnaise is is like what makes these beef patties really nice like that though with the sauce gives it that moisture it needs. quickly
I just want to have this one. This is like the mushroom melt burger
There's nothing too special, but I just wanted to show it to you guys because they don't have this in the States
What's nice about it? Is that where's my mushroom? So this is a mushroom melt burger
I open it up and I'm like, where's the mushroom but there's a mushroom right there
You can see being a mushroom melt burger and having only three mushrooms
It's not very good Wendy's but anyways, it's just a little bit different
I like the melted cheese aspect of it, but it's very similar to the rest of the the burgers
And so these are the fries
All right. I think you're supposed to shake these fries just to like mix it
So this is a cocashi butter that's like a burnt soy sauce butter
Mm-hmm. That's good. That's that's actually quite good that really surprised me
That's just it's like natural saltiness, but it also has a sweetness, which is nice
It's almost like like popcorn they give you add like a caramel popcorn at the same time the fries itself
They're not like that are the best fries. I prefer McDonald's fries. These are a little like thicker and softer
Still fries are fries, and it's still pretty good
All right, so that concludes that Wendy's menu. Hope you guys like this video liked it helped me out and that like button recently
I've been sharing a lot of stories on my
Instagram will love like what I'm filming and whatnot before these videos come out and definitely check out my Instagram account
You want to see more of my guys in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and the Bell button
Alright catch you guys in the next one


Trying Japan Wendy's First Kitchen Japan Only Menu | Japanese Fast Food

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