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I just remember I was doing really bad at regular high school and they're saying that this
school has less people, it's an easier schedule, you can work at your own pace...
I was very close-minded before the alt school, I was kind of that girl that
would judge people a lot. Coming to the alternative school really opened my eyes
as to you know everyone really is fighting their own battle.
I have social anxiety and I have depression and bigger schools are just too much for me.
It's like a home, it's not really like a school. And everyone's really helpful.
Don't think that you're just gonna go there and get a sheet and do it you can leave
that's not exactly it. Like you do have a school, you do have to do work every day
but you can do it independently, you can do it at your own pace.
It's made me like less stressed out about everything. Like I have more like friends to talk to
and know that I can trust and it's not going to go around the whole school.
Through the alt school program, I met up with another program that let me make my
own business. They work with Georgian College...
With the alternative school hours it
definitely opens up more opportunities for work. I live on my own kind of,
so I can get more work because it's only nine to one, rather than eight to three.
I would definitely say "do it"
I mean, do it!
Do it, do it!
Honestly, just do it, just come.


Is Alternative high school right for you?

64 分類 收藏
Shinichiro 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 29 日
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