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Hey, it's Rachel, and we're at Dubai Airshow 2019.
This is Emirates' Boeing 777.
And what's most unique about the plane is its first-class section, which contains fully enclosed suites.
This cabin was voted world's best first class at the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards.
We're going to see just how luxurious it really is!
How are you, Miss Hosie?
Here's your suite for today's flight.
Thank you.
I've just sat down in my suite, and it feels very plush.
The seats are huge, plenty of room, and there's all this gorgeous cream leather, which is super soft.
Get a little cushion behind my back, which is lovely suede.
The focal point of the suite is this huge 32-inch screen, which is as big as you might have in your home, actually.
And either side of it, this selection of soft drinks, water, Pepsi, Coke, and you can help yourself to those.
They provide magazines if you were ever to get bored of all the many films on offer.
And there's a little basket of snacks.
This pops up to reveal a mirror, so you can fix your face if needs be.
And the airline provides a towelette, facial toning lotion, eye cream, pillow mist, and sleep oil, which I think is all very nice to help you feel fresh when you're flying.
And they even give you a little leather-bound notebook and pen.
Every first-class suite that is on the outside of the plane comes with a set of binoculars, and these are really heavy-duty, proper binoculars.
And you do want to get a closer look at some of that landscape, so this is really handy.
One particularly interesting feature of this suite is the fact that there is a full-blown wardrobe complete with hangers.
So if you're traveling with a nice dress, suit, coat and want to hang it up so it doesn't get creased during your flight, you can, which is pretty handy.
There is an incredibly generous amount of legroom.
You could have the longest legs in the world and probably still not reach the end.
The first-class suites also have what's called a zero-gravity position for the chair, which has been designed to help improve circulation when you're flying.
Another great feature on board is call or video call that customers can use to place their order from the privacy of their suites.
So they can contact us from the thirteen-inches tablet they have available there in their suites.
And the crew will just provide the order straightaway.
When it comes to food, the first-class passengers can dine whenever they want.
They get a choice of five appetizers, including a salad bar, five mains, and five desserts, including fresh fruit and cheese.
This is the Arabic mezze, which is just one appetizer.
This whole thing is one appetizer.
And they really think about all the tiny touches, like the olive oil and the balsamic being laid out and the salt and pepper the same way.
So the light is on the left, and the darker is on the right.
And there's so many different breads.
So, now it's time to check out what the suites look like when they're made up into a bed.
All the first-class passengers are given a pair of fluffy slippers, an eye mask, and even a set of pajamas, which are not just soft but are actually designed to keep your body at the right temperature and keep you hydrated.
Passengers are also given an amenity kit, which is all full of toiletries by Bulgari, whatever you might want.
And there's one for women and one for men.
As this is a suite in the middle of the plane, it also has virtual windows.
So, these are not real windows, but they're showing what the cameras are filming outside.
So it's exactly like you have a window seat.
I am exceptionally comfortable.
Time to put the blinds down on the fake windows.
Having looked around the suites, it's clear that they are really special.
Particularly because you can completely seal yourself off from everyone else.
If you're traveling with a partner, friends, or family, it's probably not ideal.
But at the same time, it's incredibly luxurious, and if you've got the money to spend, why not?
Good night.



開箱超狂阿聯酋航空頭等艙!超乎你想像的奢華體驗! (Inside Emirates' Newest And Most Luxurious First-Class Suite)

6627 分類 收藏
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