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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Nown Phrase 134. The noun phrase today is air guitar.
Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If someone, especially a young person is
playing air guitar, he or she is pretending to play an imaginary guitar.
often to rock music. Yeah. So they don't really have a guitar in the hand. They just go (rock guitar noises )
like you know, kind of like that with a guitar.
to whatever song it is that they like. And it's often copying the body language of
a particular or imagined guitarist. I mean you know, maybe somebody that they
have in mind that they like and they are kind of copying them. Or just any sort of
rock guitarist in general. If someone is playing air guitar, he or she may hum the
music or play pre-recorded ... maybe they played the song in the background. Music
in the background while pretending to play. So they're really getting into the
music. (electric guitar sounds) You know something like that. This noun first appeared in the 1980s. Probably
due to many young fans literally pretending to mimic. Meaning, meaning to
copy some of their favorite rock guitarists, especially heavy metal. Yeah.
You know, the heavy metal ones they always use the you know, like shake their
heads back and forth like that ( More guitar sounds) some something along that line. Tom Cruise, so here's examples here. Tom
Cruise first got noticed in an old movie called "Risky Business" in which he had a
scene that he played some air guitar in his underwear and you know, that was his
first big movie that he got noticed. I think he did make a few smaller sort of
teenage movies before this. But this was the one that got him noticed and then
his career you know started going in a... and in a bigger direction. All right. Number
two here. He likes to turn the music up loud and play air guitar by himself in
his room. So you know , a lot especially a lot of
young teenagers may do this. Or number three here. Every time that song comes on,
he will play air guitar to it. He just cannot help himself. So yeah , and you
might still see a lot of young people do this every now and then when they're
really getting into the music. So of course it's called an air guitar because
that really is no guitar there. You're just pretending like it's a guitar.
You're making the body language like it's a guitar. Anyway, I hope you got it.
I hope it is clear. I hope it was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (134) Air Guitar

34 分類 收藏
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