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So are you looking for the best blue light glasses found on Amazon?
well I order the top 3 rated Amazon blue light glasses and we're gonna review
them so that you know which ones are good and which ones are bad
let's take a look. hey there everyone this is dr. Joe Allen here from doctor
eye health the channel that helps you learn about the eyes, vision and finding
the best vision products, so if you're new to the channel consider subscribing
also feel free at any time check out the youtube description below for additional
links and information all about the products that we're reviewing as well as
blue light in general so starting off at number three the bottom of the barrel
our glasses from TIJN or Tijn eyewear and honestly when I first got these, this
is how they came in this weird kind of plastic case it's not even like a
regular glasses case I'm not even sure what I'd be using this for but you know
it's it's kind of funny they all kind of have the same little advertisement about
hey take pictures of our glasses and post them on Instagram you know thank
you or a hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed all these sort of things well
these ones come in you know they're on 15 maybe up to 20 dollars depending on
which frame style you get they definitely seem like they're marketed
more for women now in terms when I first got them I was not impressed honestly if
you look at these you can actually still see kind of the defects in the glasses
in the non glare or anti reflective coating on the lenses right away out of
the package they looked damaged I was really just not impressed with it but
what can you expect right it's only a few bucks now the actual frame itself is
kind of large and there's kind of cool that way now with the kind of the frame
the plastic it's made out of it's kind of a weird matte rubbery feeling which
is pretty comfortable it's lightweight they kind of have this weird little
design on the front it kind of looks like wings but honestly for you know 15
bucks for this type of frame it seems like about a $15 pair of glasses these
far as the lenses themselves and honestly as a doctor that makes the real
big difference for me you know the frame has got style and it's got comfort but
the real quality of the lenses that's where the money should be going and
honestly yeah these have much more left to be desired at least they have some
type of a non glare coating on the lenses themselves however it does seem
like they're just very poor quality the plastic
is very cheap it looks like it's gonna pop out of the frame in any moment and
the real non-glare anti-reflective coating again came out of the package
looking like it's damaged as far as it's blue light protecting quality it does
have just a slight yellow tint to it as most blue light blocking glasses do and
honestly wearing them I don't find them that comfortable and if anything the
lenses just they have so much kind of debris or glare coming off of them it's
almost more distracting than actually just looking at the screen without the
glasses so yeah these are kind of junk so on to number two these are glasses
from Anrri or Anrri, I'm not sure how to say it at least the packaging starting
off looks way much better than the previous one you know opening it up it
actually has a case it actually actually you know these aren't too bad but I've
seen I've seen other companies online retailers have a very similar case I
think it all comes from kind of the same manufacturer they just print put their
own name on it you know you open this one at least this one comes with things
like a lens cloth it actually comes with this cool like blue light protecting
card I'm not sure how real how accurate these things are or exactly how they're
made but I know that it's not just really blue light because you can shine
a little blue light on here and you can see how it gets darker they actually you
can the whole idea is so that they include this so that you can compare it
yourself with the lenses and then you can post it on your social media and
then that brand can then sell more of their glasses as far as this card if
it's actually kind of funny because if you take it outside and you leave it in
the sunlight it'll actually activate because of the natural blue light coming
with the Sun however these little lights that I've actually tested it myself
they actually activate UV lenses like Transition brand lenses so that means
this a little blue light be careful because it actually has type of UV light
coming from it and if you put something on your skin or directly into your eyes
that could actually hurt you but at least for the frame here from honoré
which is what I'm gonna call it here these frames by far in terms of just the
frame quality and design and feel best frame design that I've seen of all of
these online kind of Amazon glasses now it actually is comfortable they have
kind of this nice little extra rubbery feel for grip on the actual on the sides
it's got a wider set lens which is good again because you have extras all that
blue light come from different or directions in terms of the lens quality
though the lens quality looks just like the previous TIJN lenses you know
again the plastic is very very just low quality and the anti-reflective really
is much left to be desired again as far as the lens coming out of the package
they're certainly not damaged like the previous ones but they actually look you
know you know they look fairly clear again wearing them at least they are
very comfortable in light weight but yeah they just the quality the lens lets
me down I can already tell that the anti-reflective on here is not that good
at quality it doesn't have any sort of a static free or smudge free sort of
coatings built into the non glare actually again when wearing them I feel
like I'm getting more glare off of a computer screen or lights than I do just
without looking through it new glasses should almost augment or make your
vision feel easier better looking through them rather than making it feel
like you're looking through a snowstorm but at least in terms of the package
quality the frame design and kind of the extra little insert that's kind of cool
especially for just being in all 15 to 20 bucks
number one and probably the best Amazon blue light glasses are from Cyxus or
Cyxus - I'm not sure how to say these names who's making these up but again it
comes in a good packaging again these are the ones I found on Amazon they do
have their own website and actually it's kind of funny they say not just eyewear
for their brand actually if you go to their website they are just eyewear so I
don't know what's up with that but again you open up the packaging and again it
comes little lens case it's got their branding on it it actually comes again
with a little tiny lens cloth it's got kind of a this is actually pretty cool
they have kind of this neat little kind of business card thing it's kind of kind
of cute it's got little eyeglasses a little mustache on it why they include
Sudoku I am not really sure what they're doing the fat but yeah you open up the
packaging you look at the frame and wait hold on a minute
do you see this little branded little winged thing again this is the same type
of frame design that tij n had I bet I don't I don't think they're the same
exact brand but I bet they're using this same manufacturer for their frames this
Isis brand as well as the tij n if you don't know a lot of the different brands
of kind of the cheaper more affordable frames and things like that they're all
made from the same somewhere in Asia that you know these
these manufacturers to say oh I can make of brand I'll just buy the cheapest type
of frames I can find it's all made from the same manufacturer and then they just
put their own lenses into it at least for the frame design it's kind of the
same it's not really the best build at least they are kind of a nice matte
black they're actually somewhat light to where they actually fit fairly decent
but why these glasses rank is number one here for me for Amazon blue light
glasses is because of the lens again the lens matters most to me this lens
actually is very clear it's actually made of a decent type of plastic and the
non glare coating is way superior again it's around 20 bucks or so but you know
what's kind of cool is this glare free protection it's really tough to see but
if you look really close and inspect it they actually have their name their
brand name ingrained in the non glare coating I've never seen that before
not just with like glasses on Amazon but even regular glasses some type of lenses
will have a little laser at markings telling us optically what kind of power
or something like that is in the glasses but this actually has it somehow
embedded in the glare free coating how did they do that I have never seen that
before that actually kind of surprised me but
in terms again the lens quality again there's a little yellow hue to it just
like every blue light glasses but these ones actually look fairly good I bet you
can even see it in the reflection of the glasses lenses here it's not as harsh of
a reflection of the light that I'm using to take this video so even though the
frame design is very similar to the lower quality tij and glasses at least
the lenses in this Isis brand are far superior so as far as the Amazon blue
light glasses if you're gonna go with them the lenses at least in this brand
are probably the best next I have a bonus frame I was gonna review here
these are actually you've ex lenses made by Honeywell these somebody else was
commenting I sent another youtuber review kind of these blue light glasses
and I thought it was kind of funny no this is our giant orange glasses right
you put these on you look kind of ridiculous but it's hilariously enough
they are marketed as basically a type of what sky / blue light blocking computer
glasses however the funny thing is if you
actually look inside the box and read the directions it says do not use for
any active other than shooting or for archery these
are not meant for blue light glasses on the computer even the manufacturer
states that's not what they're for they're meant for sharp shooting for
people who are in like trap shooting and other kind of precision archery sports
however of course they are a very dark orange color and so yeah they're gonna
block out all the wavelengths of blue light however they make your vision
super orange it does kind of help when like looking outside and especially if
it's kind of dark or overcast out it actually does make things pop out but
it's if honestly I would never use these while on the computer but I honestly
don't doubt that there's somebody out there maybe even wanting your co-workers
who are using these type of things while on the computer in fact if you know
somebody who's using kind of these yellow orange bright orange some classes
or lenses go ahead and let me know I'd love to hear that people are actually
trying to use these things so if you're in that market looking on Amazon to buy
blue light glasses then now at least you know which ones are really good which
ones are bad but I always keep in mind that some of the best products you're
gonna find for blue light glasses are usually worth spending the extra money
go to your optical talk to your doctor see what they can do for you for
prescription ones otherwise again there's other kind of brands online that
you can find as well so why health question of the day which part of this
review did you find most helpful and other any other vision products that you
would like me to review for you go ahead and comment in the section below I'd
like to know alright everyone thanks for watching give me a thumbs up subscribe
if you're new and if you'd like to see another video in my entire series about
blue light protection you can go ahead and click or tap the screen just over
here to the side or if you'd like to see another cool video from dr. eye health
click let's have the screen down over here again this is dr. Joseph Allen here
from doctor eye health the channel helps you learn all about the eyes vision and
finding the best vision products keep an eye on it we'll talk to you soon


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