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Hello everybody
Let's try and answer the question
Should I play Guild Wars 2 in 2019?
My honest opinion is that you should play it
But let me try and explain my perspective on what I think influences this
First off, Guild Wars 2 has a free to play option which will allow you to play the core
version of the game
This only has a handful of limitations
You will only have access to eight of the classes and wont be able to play Revenant
You will also only have access to one map region
And that consists of Central Tyria
There are also some chat restrictions if you want to see all of them I will leave a link
down below in the description
You should bear in mind that this is basically an infinite trial
Free to play allows you to play the game to level 80 and access the core classes
You can play through the full original story and access the content that was made available
to players who first bought the game when it was originally released
If you buy the expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, you will unlock two whole
new regions. The Heart of Maguuma and the Crystal Desert and this will come with a plethora
of content to tackle
Here on the left we have the Heart of Maguuma maps which have a good amount of events in
And then here in the bottom right hand side of the map we have the Path of Fire Crystal
Desert maps
There are also events here but arguably not as fun
One big selling point about these maps is that they appear to be the largest in the
Or they feel like it
The expansions come with two whole new story lines, access to six raid wings, you gain
gliding from Heart of Thorns and Mounts from Path of Fire
The Mounts in Guild Wars 2 are definitely one of their best features they are not pointless
they have their own skills
You can also upgrade these skills via the mastery points system
This is something that you will continue to unlock throughout the expansions.
The expansions also unlock the class Revenant, this is something you would not have access
to in the Free to Play version
And finally, we have the Living World episodes, I will build on this later on, but the Living
World is an ongoing series that gets updated periodically
The way that I look at it, the game stops at level 80 until you buy the expansions
There is so much content in Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire you very easily run out of
things to do in the core game
That said, ArenaNet do release regular content for free
And sometimes there is a decent wait in-between
However, Guild Wars 2 does not charge a subscription service
and therefore I think it's viable for there to be a little bit of a wait in-between each
That said, there are some semi-regular balance updates as well as a new raid wing approximately
once a year
and of course, their Living World Seasons.
Included in this, Is some Quality of Life items and Fashion item releases as well
These consist of mount skins, weapon skins, Infinite salvage kits, extra bag slots and
then different types of particle effect infinite tools
Those will make more sense once you've actually bought a good few amount of mining tools and
so forth
And the best part is that with the gold to gem conversion you don't have to spend another
penny on this game after you buy it
You can if you wish but arguably you can get everything you want just by playing the game
ArenaNet's prime target market is the gamer who does not want to be left behind and feel
that they need to grind for weeks just to achieve their goals
You are able to reach level 80 by playing any game mode you wish with the exception
to some free to play limitations
If you wish to do the standard method and just grind out heart completion, go for it
However, if you're a player vs player fanatic, you are able to go in at level 2 and just
start playing through your reward tracks
These tracks take your PvP experience and reward you with items periodically
You will occasionally be granted a Tome of Knowledge which is equal to one level gained
Upon usage of this item you will gain one character level
PvP in Guild Wars 2 is played in one... I mean two game modes.
These consist of Conquest and Stronghold
Not including World vs World
In Conquest, you fight for node ownership and play 5 vs 5
Essentially Capture-Point Deathmatch
And then there Stronghold, where you use supply to request NPCs who break down walls and eventually
kill the main NPC Lord.
Stronghold is due a rework and is not really the main PvP game of choice.
If you do choose this method to level up your character, you will be scaled up as an equal.
You will be at no deficit if you choose to be level 2, level 30 or level 79
Your amulet choices and rune choices, and skill choices are what determine your power
output and sustainability
Everything is auto-unlocked in instanced PvP
You could of course also unlock everything in World vs World.
However your gear, skills and attachments will not scale as well as it would if you
were full Ascended. You must still unlock your abilities via the Hero Panel in order
to use them in World vs World.
So this isn't quite the same as Structured PvP.
World vs World is essentially a massive Player vs Player vs Environment engagement.
Multiple servers group up against one another and fight for objectives on the map
Each server is allocated its own Borderlands to defend
And then those servers that are fighting against one another contest each other in the Eternal
You can use siege equipment to both be offensive and defensive.
And there are player commanders who will try to organise these defensive and offensive
This is very large scale PvP.
Now lets move onto gear.
The gear ranges from basic to Legendary
Ascended and Legendary have the same stats and they are what you will be using for pretty
much your entire lifetime of Guild Wars 2.
Due to the lack of gear treadmill, your gear is almost always relevant.
The only reason that you might go for Legendary gear is so that you have a special particle
effect or because you would like the Quality of Life that is associated with them.
Legendary gear allows you to change the stat weights whenever you like just by double clicking
on the item and selecting what you'd like to change it to.
This means that you do not have to carry around multiple sets of gear.
The Legendary gear in Guild Wars 2 does require a little bit of a grind, however these are
completely optional and they are things that you choose to undertake yourself.
They're never forced upon you.
There is no reason to mindlessly grind anything you don't wish to. You can actually log off
for a few weeks, come back and you're still as relevant as you were before.
The stat ceiling is fixed, but your skill ceiling is up to you.
Now this is what I think is the main selling point of Guild Wars 2.
It was my favourite feature and it remains to be.
The combat is fluid, dynamic, responsive and allows for skilful play.
There are a number of combos in this game both field and finisher, and skill succession
You might be used to skill limitations in games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy
14, where each button press requires a global cooldown.
In Guild Wars 2, that's not the case. Some skills have instant usage and some skills
have cast times or action times.
After the animation is finished you are able to use your next ability, or use multiple
instant cast spells or actions simultaneously.
This is an example of a combo.
It's a relatively famous one known as the Backstab Steal combo.
Essentially what it shows is you going into stealth, activating an ability to travel and
then backstabbing.
Combos like this exist across all of the classes. And I think that this is a prime example of
how fluid the combat is.
Guild Wars 2 has a relatively easy to understand combat system.
All you need to do is get your head around the combo fields. That said, in PvP and even
in PvE, there are some benefits to using things like terrain.
In PvP for example, skill telegraphs and visuals, action-cancelling and kiting are keys to success.
So the limitations of the combat system aren't just the skills.
Your ability to interpret situations and react are paramount.
And outplaying your opponent isn't just via use of skills.
Action cancelling is a good way of making people use defensive cool downs.
Guild Wars 2 also has an evasion mechanic. This relies on an endurance bar and a slow
regeneration of that resource.
This evade mechanic makes you essentially immune to damage at the time of use, which
you are able to freely use in all areas of the game.
It's not as broken as it sounds but it can definitely lead to a very fast death if you
waste them.
This is true in PvP and PvE.
Guild Wars 2 has two different sets of damage. There's flat power damage and there's condition
damage that can stack in intensity.
Examples include, bleeding, burning, poison, confusion and torment.
And if you'd like to look at these they are available on the wiki. So, look at it this
Your choice of gear, or amulet, will influence this damage. This is also applicable to things
like healing power. You can create hybrid builds, or just a generic condition or power
based build.
Your class trait lines will further enable you to customise your class.
Some of them prefer conditions and some prefer the power play.
Traits are essentially methods of creating synergy. You can determine your class behaviour
with a certain set of traits. For example, swapping an elite spec might open up a different
weapon set.
The thief can't usually use staff, but when it uses Daredevil, it gains access to this
weapon. And in turn, it gains access to new abilities.
As a reminder, the elite specialisations are found in the expansions.
If you're thinking about this from a PvE level, all you do is change your gear instead of
your amulet. It's exactly the same.
Now let's move onto boons. Boons are the buffs of Guild Wars 2.
Each one does something slightly different to benefit your combat.
This may consist of increased damage output, damage reduction, condition resistance, and
so on.
Some of these boons can stack in intensity.
And the same as before, here is a brief listing.
Again, I will provide the link in the description.
Your class may not always play the same style. The elite specialisations in the game can
completely change up your class' meta play.
Core guardian which is usually very offensive, gains options to become a very sustainable
support class when switching to the Firebrand elite spec.
You as the player determine the output of your class.
There is more customisation than people think.
Now moving on from some of the tangents, there are options for killing time in Guild Wars
You can chase down achievements, do some collections, and grind out irrelevancies for the sake of
You could play the trading post, you could farm your favourite skins, or you can just
grief people in PvP.
And of course there's always raids and fractal dungeons.
How is it so far for you?
If you are an ex-World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14, or whatever player, you may be
used to the item level grind, and constant desire to be relevant by farming drops which
may never come.
If this is something you love and need in your MMO of choice, Guild Wars 2 will not
offer you that.
Guild Wars 2 will always be played at your own pace.
If you wanna leave and come back when the Living World episodes release, go for it.
Some people play every single day, others don't. They make their own content.
They form communities, and play the game the way they want to.
The limitations of the raids in this game is that there is only a single tier of difficulty.
That said, there are objects called Challenge Motes which increase the difficulty of some
encounters, not all of them.
These add additional health and additional mechanics.
Raid bosses drop exclusive skins and achievements that can provide you with exclusive items.
That said, due to the lack of gear treadmill, all of the previous raid wings are still as
relevant as the most recent.
This means that none of the bosses actually become outdated.
They remain equally as difficult as they were the first time that you did them, and the
only thing that improves that is your experience with the bosses.
As previous mentioned, there are currently 6 raid wings with another one in development
hopefully coming in 2019.
So that means currently there are 22 encounters with 16 bosses.
The encounters count as actual raid engagements but they are not bosses in themselves.
This includes things like escorting an NPC from one side to another whilst defending
Each boss can drop ascended weapons and gear, and it's a pretty good method gold as well.
Now let's quickly recap on the Living World.
The Living World story is a regular release schedule of ArenaNet where they provide the
player base with a story which is separate to the story-lines contained in the core game
as well as Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.
You will however need the expansions to play the story. These episodes are released one
at a time and typically arrive with a new map, new skins and new achievements.
In a recent case, they included a new mount, with one of the episodes.
You can find ascended gear in these episodes whilst also enjoying an ongoing lore saga
that may or may not hold your attention.
And lastly, there are re-playable dungeons in Guild Wars 2 known as Fractals.
They range from level 1 to 100 and require a special resistance in order to progress.
Each level increases in difficulty.
This special resistance is known as Agony.
Agony can be socketed into your ascended gear
And the best bit is you can even do some of these in challenge mode.
And these really are hard.
There are also things called Mistlock Instabilities.
These are essentially affixes that will attempt to make the fractal dungeons harder.
These are on a rotation and more of them apply to your dungeons as you progress through the
higher tiers.
At the highest level, there can only be three at once.
And as always, here is a list of that on the wiki.
I should note that these are not going to be available to you until you hit level 80.
Fractals can reward you with exclusive golden fractal weapon skins, and also with ascended
gear via rare drops.
Many players farm these on a regular and daily basis.
Then again you might say well, my friend has been playing this for a while and I'm gonna
be way behind where they are, but Guild Wars 2 have already thought of that.
As a maximum level, you can go out of your way to the low level areas and you can scale
to their content.
This means that your friends can come and play with you as a brand new player and they
will gain something from it as well.
There is also a benefit in the sense that you do hit a lot harder than these new characters,
so you can farm those mobs very very quickly and efficiently.
It also gives you a reason to go back and farm some achievements.
So at this point, I think I've covered all the bases. I've covered free to play, paid
versions of the game, the combat system, PvP, World vs World, Fractals and Raids.
I think that I've presented you with enough information to enable you to formulate an
Ultimately, if you are somebody who can relax and not demand content every week and can
create your own content with friends, and do regular daily completions, you may be happy
in Guild Wars 2.
I personally play PvP every single day on Stream for about 5 to 8 hours, and to me that's
enjoyable working to improve and get closer to the top rankings.
For others, it's about speed clearing raid bosses, or winning some of the player-made
raid tournaments.
Some people collect all the skins, and some just wanna have all the gold that they possibly
To date I have put in 3400 hours in 2 years, and there are some that have put in over 12000
in the last 6.
The game will be what you make of it.
However, I genuinely do believe that you should buy the expansions. If you wait for a sale,
perfect, that's fine by me.
But the money is definitely worth your while.
Now here's my chance to sell out a little bit.
I do have links in the description you could use to both try the game and buy the game
if you like.
Simply because I am an ArenaNet Partner.
I wanted to make this video because people kept asking the question on Reddit.
And I just wanted to answer the question in a video format.
If you guys do have any further questions, find me on my Twitch stream.
Thank you very much guys, thank you, thank you, thank you.


為什麼2019年你還要玩激戰2? (Should you play GW2 in 2019? An Overview)

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