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One of the biggest challenges is feeling confident posing in public.
Usually at landmarks you are fighting between different family members and couples and kids.
And sometimes you might feel kind of awkward, like "what do I do with my hands, what do I do with my feet."
It could be quite an ordeal, and I totally get it.
Today we're going to practice a few of the tips I taught you in my "How to Pose" video.
In the video I taught you how to pose to look, taller, leaner, and longer, and more confident when it comes to posing.
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I'm giving away a Polaroid camera like this, so all you have to do is follow me at @FashionbyAlly.
Hopefully at the end of this video you'll be a pro at all these poses.
How to feel more confident is by just practicing.
Just pose in front of a mirror.
Try different poses.
One of my favorite poses for monuments is adding a walking shot.
So I like to walk left to right, or walk towards the camera, or diagonally.
It just makes your legs look longer, and leaner, and I look taller.
If you're not a fan of showing off your face in photos, you know it's quite hard sometimes to control your face and your body at the same time.
So what I love to use is a hat.
So I will put the hat on, and I'll usually turn around look at the monument, and then put both of my hands up.
And I'll hold on to the hat like this.
Or you can also look up to the side and hold on to the brim of the hat in the back and just smile at the camera.
By not having your face in the photo, it can make more of the focus on the monument than you.
Pose number three is all about the hashtag "follow me."
If you've never heard of it before, it's a whole series of photos where women are kind of leading you through different exotic locations and bringing you on to this travel adventure.
You can hold on to the back of your hat or you can look straight ahead or just smile.
Come with me!
Whenever I go to a very famous monument or landmark, I feel like it's so chilly outside, super windy, and usually I wish I had a scarf.
Take a few shots where you're just kind of playing around with your scarf or just kind of throwing it over your shoulder.
I think this is a really fun pose that anyone can do.
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In my last how to pose video a lot of you ask me "how do you control your face in photos, like how do you give off such great expressions."
A trick really is to just think about something positive in your mind, and I will usually smile and they'll look upward.
A fun pose a try is to take a step forward and leap, and kind of do a little skipping step, and that will add a nice little fun pop to your photo.
Ah! Being in nature is so relaxing.
One are the biggest reasons why I love traveling it's just escaping the city life.
Whenever you're traveling and you want to take a nice photo in nature, what I would recommend is not being afraid to get into the flower bush.
Let it surround you.
Let the flowers frame your face.
This is your chance to focus in portrait shots.
My tip here is to think of something relaxing.
You can hold on to the flowers, pick a few, you can put some in your hair if you like.
I like to kind of hold the flowers and then kind of look up and smile.
I also love just like playing around with my hair
San Francisco is best known for its colorful Victorian houses and colorful walls.
Today I'm going to show you how to pose in front of a wall or mural like this.
And when it comes to posing, I love to lean against a mural, kick one leg up, or to cross my legs over.
And this is a great pose to elongate my legs and to look taller.
So what I would recommend doing is trying to match your outfit with the mural or wall.
So I have this really gorgeous rainbow top that I've been loving, and I actually matched it with a garage door.
Yay! So you've made it to the end of this video. Comment down below and let me know where are you most excited to travel to, and some of your other photo struggles, I would love to help you guys out.
Be sure to send me your photos on Instagram. Tag me @FashionbyAlly, and maybe I can critique your photos and give you more tips.
I love you guys so so much, and I will see you guys in my next video.
Bye! Hello, can you teach me all your cute poses?



好想當網美!拍照跟著這樣擺 Pose! (How to Pose for Pictures! 8 Travel Pose Ideas for Instagram!)

3162 分類 收藏
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