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  • These are some of the matrimonial ads from leading newspapers.

  • Education, caste, creed, etcetera comes later.

  • Fair girls required only.

  • In short... Fair is beautiful.

  • Why are you wearing a cap?

  • - My cap, my choice. - Is it too sunny in here?

  • Take the cap off.

  • No one seems to be bothered by it, except for you?

  • I won't take it off.

  • Don't be shy.

  • Take it off.

  • You were named Bala because of your silky hair.

  • I was a star at school. A star...

  • How can a star live like an extra?

  • I get demoted at work Flopped in mimicry.

  • My childhood girlfriend dumped me.

  • I am terrified to talk to any beautiful girl.

  • I always imagine she will laugh at me.

  • I am not just losing my hair, but also my identity.

  • Mummy!

  • This is called a Thekla.

  • - I don't want any Thekla. - Why?

  • Masturbation and sex are two different things.

  • This is masturbation. I want to grow...real hair.

  • I'll help you.

  • "I just wanna na..."

  • Keep trying.

  • Apply buffalo's dung, and bull's semen on your head.

  • Bala, soon you'll find your angel.

  • I don't want to get married.

  • Better take the plunge while there's still some hope left.

  • "These silky tresses..."

  • Your father wants to gift you hair.

  • must have heard the name.

  • No, I haven't.

  • Then you must live another lifetime.

  • And get to know another name.

  • Who knows... there might not be a tomorrow.

  • "Tequila..."

  • I feel you're like a film...

  • But then I fear that someday it might come to an end.

  • I am no film, my baby doll.

  • I am like a never-ending series.

  • "Days of joy have arrived, and I feel I'm on the top."

  • More emotion...

  • "Were gonna mix soda, water, and lemon and drink what..."

  • "Tequila..."

  • How did an idiot like him score with such a gorgeous girl?

  • Did you tell her?

  • I've decided to go for a hair transplant.

  • You should stick to carrying that moor on your head...

  • ...which you do all day.

  • "Time will decide..."

  • No good man!

  • "...whether your marriage will be a hit or flop."

  • "Tequila..."

  • I will do it.

  • The hair on your chest, beard, and arms are too less for a hair transplant.

  • So that leaves us with only one choice.

  • "Tequila..."

  • "It will be a little curly."

  • It's the latest trend these days, brother.

  • This man's telling me to use pubic hair on my head.

  • I won't do it.

  • "Tequila..."

These are some of the matrimonial ads from leading newspapers.


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巴拉-官方預告片|阿尤什曼-庫拉納,布米,亞米|迪尼斯-維揚|阿馬爾-考西克,11月8日。 (Bala- Official Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi, Yami | Dinesh Vijan | Amar Kaushik, 8th Nov)

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