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  • A new service unlike anything that's been done before.


  • Apple is one of the strangest competitors entering the streaming war space.

    Apple 可說是串流大戰中最奇怪的對手之一。

  • On November 1st, the company's launching Apple TV Plus, its most extravagant attempt at developing original TV series and movies.

    在 11 月 1 日,Apple TV+ 將會上市,一項 Apple 大手筆發展的原創電視電影服務。

  • With nine original titles at launch, a content budget north of $5 billion, and multiple season orders from Hollywood A-listers, Apple finally means business.

    九部原創作品,製作成本上看 50 億美元 (約 1,518 億台幣),加上與好萊塢 A 咖簽下數季合約,看來 Apple 是認真的。

  • Apple is trying to get away from its past image.

    Apple 試著要擺脱它過去的形象。

  • Think more Reese Witherspoon acting as an idealistic journalist, and less Gwyneth Paltrow reviewing potential App Store apps.

    想想 Reese Witherspoon 飾演有理想的記者,而不是 Gwyneth Paltrow 展示新應用程式。

  • God, I'm crying.


  • Apple doesn't have Disney's catalog of movies and TV series, or Netflix's demonstrated string of successful shows, but Apple isn't playing the same game as Netflix or Disney.

    Apple 沒有迪士尼般大量的影視內容,也沒有 Netflix 成功的系列影集。但 Apple 採取的策略可跟 Netflix 與迪士尼不同。

  • Apple is taking its queues from Amazon.

    Apple 是在效法 Amazon。

  • It's best that they give TV plus as trying to replicate what Amazon did.

    推出 TV+ 就像是在複製亞馬遜的做法。

  • For free!


  • Apple is gonna give one free year of TV Plus to anyone who purchases a new or refurbished product.

    Apple 將提供一年免費的 TV+ 給新購買 Apple 產品的人。

  • Those people can then give five free subscriptions to family members and friends via Apple's family sharing plan.


  • Think of it as Apple Prime Video.

    可以把它當成 Apple Prime Video。(Amazon 的串流服務名稱為 Amazon Prime Video)

  • But let's get the "but" out of the way first.


  • TV Plus technically isn't free.

    嚴格來說,TV+ 並不是免費。

  • It comes with a $5 month price tag.

    它每個月要收 5 美元。

  • That's only $2 cheaper than Disney Plus, but unlike Disney, Apple's hoping to leverage its hardware to give people TV Plus for free.

    如此只比 Disney+ 便宜 2 美元,Apple 靠硬體銷售讓用戶得到免費 TV+。

  • Apple has 1.4 billion active devices around the world.

    全世界有 14 億人口使用 Apple 的產品。

  • If that trend continues, that means hundreds of millions of people are gonna get TV Plus for free.

    如果趨勢延續下去,將會有數百萬人得到免費 TV+。

  • There's probably a lot of people watching this who are gonna buy an Apple product in the next few months.

    在所有看這部影片的人當中,可能有許多人在這幾個月內將會購買 Apple 的產品。

  • Even if it's just to check out the shows and movies that Apple is hyping up, they're probably gonna subscribe to TV Plus.

    就算只是想看看 Apple 推出了什麼影集與電影,人們可能還是會訂閱 TV+。

  • It's free, so why not?


  • Throughout the year, Apple is gonna continue to add to its catalog with movies and TV shows that keep people hooked.

    接下來,Apple 將會持續新增電影與影集至 TV+ 來讓人們上癮。

  • But TV Plus is just one ingredient.

    但 TV+ 其實只是一小部分。

  • Apple already announced its first bundle.

    Apple 已經公布了第一組同捆商品。

  • Those on Apple Music student plan, will be able to get Apple TV Plus for free.

    訂閱 Apple Music 學生專案的人,將可免費使用 Apple TV+。

  • Apple is also reportedly working on a bundle that could include its other services, that its regular Music plan, News, its new gaming platform Apple Arcade, as well as additional iCloud storage.

    Apple 據稱正在研究一組同捆商品,將包含其他服務,如音樂、新聞、新的遊戲平台-Apple Arcade 與額外的 iCloud 空間。

  • Like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus isn't designed to be a major revenue driver for the company.

    如同 Amazon 的 Prime Video,Apple 並不打算把 TV+ 當成是公司主要的收入來源。

  • It's not an iPhone, but selling services is a key part of Apple's feature.

    iPhone 才是收入來源,但賣服務是 Apple 的特點。

  • If you forget that you're actually paying for TV Plus then the bundle works.

    如果你忘記你其實有在付 TV+ 的錢,那這樣的同捆商品就成功了。

  • Amazon Prime is the ideal situation.

    Amazon 付費會員就是如此。

  • It's only after you're done buying toilet paper that an ad for a Fleabag or Marvelous Mrs. Maisel pops up, reminding you that through Amazon Prime, you have access to these award-winning shows.


  • Apple might do the same.

    Apple 或許也會這麼做。

  • They're already kind of doing it.


  • If I open up iTunes, maybe I wanna check out the new Selena Gomez track.

    打開 iTunes,或許我只是想看看 Selena Gomez 的新專輯。

  • I get served an ad that says, "Free on Apple TV."

    結果會看到一則「在 Apple TV 上免費觀看」的廣告。

  • If I click on it, I also get served with this big reminder that Apple TV Plus is coming on November 1st.

    點進去,會看到大型提示說 Apple TV+ 將於 11 月 1 號上線。

  • You have to imagine that it's only gonna be more prominent once the service actually launches.


  • I could be reading an article on Apple News or playing a game on Apple Arcade, and I'll probably be served an ad for "The Morning Show," one of Apple's most anticipated shows.

    在 Apple News 上讀新聞時,或用 Apple Arcade 玩遊戲時,可能會跳出一則《晨間直播秀》的廣告,也就是一部 Apple 期待度非常高的影集。

  • Figuring out what a streaming service looks like is key into a player in the streaming wars.


  • There are content-driven strategies, and there are service-based strategies.


  • Take Disney Plus: the first week is free, but for $6.99 a month after that, you're basically just signing up to stream a big portion of Disney's library.

    看看 Disney+,免費試用一週,但之後每個月得付 6.99 美元 (約台幣 210 元),而你基本上只是付錢看迪士尼龐大的影視資源。

  • There are some new shows and movies, but there's also a good chance people just wanna be able to stream all eight Star Wars movies before "The Rise of Skywalker" comes out.

    迪士尼會發布新影集與電影,但更可能的是,人們只是想在《星際大戰 9-天行者崛起》上映前,再看一次所有的星際大戰電影。

  • Apple is eventually trying to sell people on efficiency.

    Apple 最終會想要有效率地賣出自己的服務。

  • Unlike Disney Plus or streaming services like HBO Max, they don't come with gaming, news, or music subscriptions.

    不同於 Disney+ 或 HBO Max 這樣的串流服務,它們沒有遊戲、新聞或音樂訂閱服務。

  • Apple, like Amazon, wants to put everything into one place.

    Apple 則與 Amazon 一樣,想把所有服務綁在一起。

  • They wanna sell you on easiness.


  • The more tied in people are to Apple's ecosystem, the better it is for Apple.

    人們越依賴 Apple 的生態,Apple 越開心。

  • The company just needs to give into people, it's also better for them.

    Apple 只需要打入人群,這樣對他們比較好。

  • Steven Shure, the former vice president of Amazon Prime told Recode earlier this year that when Prime first launched, it struggled.

    Amazon Prime 的前副總裁 Steven Shure 告訴媒體,當 Prime 上線時,造成了不少動盪。

  • It wasn't until Video and Music that Amazon Prime really took off.

    直到影視與音樂服務上線,Amazon Prime 才真的起飛。

  • Video in particular was a big, big transformer.


  • Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has long credited Amazon Prime Video as a key player in helping to bring in Amazon Prime subscribers.

    Amazon 執行長 Jeff Bezos 總說 Amazon Prime Video 是幫助它們付費會員數成長的關鍵。

  • Shows like Transparent are winning Emmys.


  • And people wanted to see what all the hype was about.


  • Bezos claims that the more time people spend on video, the more likely they are to buy things from the Amazon store.

    Bezos 表示人們花越多時間在看它們的影視,就越有可能在 Amazon 商店上購物。

  • Amazon developed a strategy that Apple's eventually gonna wanna copy.

    Amazon 發展出一套 Apple 想如法炮製的策略。

  • Create a digital shop for everything, and people are eventually gonna wanna stay.


  • But even though TV Plus is free right now, we are eventually gonna pay.

    但即使 TV+ 目前是免費的,最終我們還是得付錢。

  • Whether it's through being hooked on TV Plus' offerings or subscribing to Apple's inevitable bundle, there will be a monthly fee we pay.

    不管是對 TV+ 上的內容上癮或其他同捆的服務內容,必定會有一定的月費要繳。

  • But it's an easier sell for Apple to get people hooked on a bundle they can't live without.

    但對 Apple 而言,讓人們離不開它們的服務,就能達到銷售目的。

  • If I'm paying every month for music, and news, and gaming, and TV, it's less likely I'm gonna leave.


  • Even though Apple's streaming service isn't gonna replace Netflix, there's a good chance that one year from now, we're still gonna be watching TV Plus and willing to pay for more.

    雖然 Apple 的影視串流服務並無法取代 Netflix,但我們很有機會一年後仍在看 TV+,且願意付更多錢。

  • Once you're in, it's hard to get out.


  • Thanks for watching, guys.


  • I wanna draw your attention to a real big collaboration happening across YouTube right now.

    現在 YouTube 上有個非常大型的合作活動。

  • It's being led by MrBeast and it's called Team Trees.

    是由 MrBeast 發起的,叫做 Team Trees。

  • If you go to and donate a dollar, the Arbor Day Foundation will match that by planting a tree.

    如果至 捐出一美元,Arbor Day 基金會便會種一棵樹。

  • The goal is to reach 20 million and they're about halfway there.

    目標是 2,000 萬,目前已快達成一半了。

A new service unlike anything that's been done before.


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