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humbling is one of the hottest food
trucks in New York City it's been
serving up Taiwanese fare since it
opened for business in 2017 this is
Chris he's one of the co-owners and his
day starts early every other morning he
picks up the truck at 1:00 a.m. finds a
parking spot in Manhattan or Brooklyn
and sleeps in the truck overnight extra
code I should start I was just sleeping
like this to understand what it's really
like to run a successful food truck in
the culinary capital of America
I spent a full day with the youngling
team it's a Tuesday so we head towards
midtown Manhattan where the truck parks
on Tuesdays and Thursdays
the reason we're meeting in the middle
of the night is because in this business
location is everything Chris doesn't
mind sacrificing sleep to guarantee a
good parking spot though by the time we
arrive there's already one other food
truck parked on the block so this is the
prime spot until 12 21 is our go-to
location so you want to be as close to
the front as possible
get a backup camera yeah very helpful
very good investment this package in law
has helped us many many times
immediately after parking Chris turns on
the generator it powers everything
including the fridge and freezer or the
food is stored the way the regulations
are set up in New York City Chris can't
just park the truck and leave it there
he has to be in it at all times so we'll
camp out overnight
hey Cass you have
till the wheel so the wife side faces up
and then you can stuff everything in
here and then that becomes portable
pillow and he can't sleep in the back of
the truck either I'll see you guys in
the morning
sleep yeah wave goodbye goodbye I head
home to get a few hours of sleep and
meet back up with Chris for morning prep
at 7:00 Oh your sleep last night
solids pre fried chicken cook rice and
label containers sometimes a little
tough because in the winter we don't
have a heater in the truck so it's
pretty cold and if summer is pretty hot
and we don't really have an AP so I
guess it's just part of the process so
you just have to get used to the window
opens at 11:30 a.m. but customers start
lining up for dumplings and fried
chicken sandwiches as early as 11 the
beef bowl is a crowd favorite yeah
you're right before they open
the third one in line but my recognize
five minute
when I did like everything I passed this
through so and that's why I would fight
it different nothing draws a crowd in
New York City like a long line out of
food truck by 11:50 the beef ball has
already sold out yeah it is a running
joke that it it's a myth
yeah throughout the day they'll
accumulate parking tickets a lot of
people will say oh you know trucks are
great because you don't pay rent well
you do in different ways so like getting
parking tickets daily is one of the ways
that you end up paying it's all are all
approximately the same price so usually
the cheapest ones will get are about $65
and the most expensive ones are in the
hundreds and then you can get as many as
two or three per day on a bad day
sometimes a lot of days you don't get
any young Lincoln serve up to 250
customers in just three hours
two-thirty they're about to close up
shop only things they have left were
dumplings on the chicken bowl and they
just sold out of both of those so a
successful day on a good day we can go
through approximately I would say 12 to
1400 dumplings in terms of number of
covers will do I'd say like 200 to 250
covers in a three-hour window cover is
like a is one person ordering at the
window so it will include people who
order multiple items that still just one
cover and so you've been awake for over
how are you feeling oh I feel good
I always feel good by my crash in about
a couple hours by yoga right now you
look at chickens wake you off guys the
team will head back to Long Island City
around 3:00 p.m. to do a deep clean up
the truck and then replenish it for the
next day at 6 p.m. after hours on the
truck their work day is finally done the
whole food truck game is not just all
happy and fun just like any other job
any other startup you know there's a lot
of work behind the scene that people
don't know we pride ourself on doing
what we do because you know I think the
biggest joy for us is to serve people
what we enjoy doing it's very satisfying
very rewarding the end of the day I
would say all aspects that are tough is
not really that tough when we see people
giving us compliments giving us a good
review that makes everything worth it
yeah Chris lives on Yelp yeah I was not
a good way y'all better deal is for it


台灣之光!台灣煎餃在紐約街頭大賣! (What It's Like Working On A New York City Food Truck)

320 分類 收藏
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