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  • Hi, welcome to this Master Class on how Cards, Playlists, and End Screens

    [YouTube 創作者頻道]

  • can get you more views.


  • I'm Anshul, a creator from India, and I have a channel, Logical Baniya

    我將教你用資訊卡、播放清單 和結束畫面累積更多觀看次數

  • where I create animated, story-based, educational content.

    我是印度創作者 Anshul 我的頻道叫做「Logical Baniya」

  • In the first episode we saw how to smartly use Playlists

    我在 YouTube 上以動畫故事 製作教育內容

  • to improve overall channel performance.

    在第一集 我們介紹了如何善用播放清單

  • Today we will see how to smartly use Cards and End Screens


  • to improve channel performance.

    今天我們會說明 如何善用資訊卡及結束畫面

  • For those of you who don't know


  • Cards are the interactive elements you see in the YouTube videos


  • and End Screens are the pieces of content that you add at the end of your video.


  • Let's start with End Screens first.

    資訊卡是 YouTube 影片的一種互動元素

  • End Screens are something which you add to the end of your video


  • to encourage viewers to subscribe


  • or recommend them your other videos or playlists.


  • You can choose any of the templates from below.


  • Either you can choose a "2-video" template or a "subscribe or a video" template.


  • Once you've selected it, add a video or a playlist to it.


  • I personally love End Screens


  • because they are seen by users who have actually seen my entire video.

    你可以選擇「雙影片」 或「訂閱或影片」範本

  • That means they're interested in my content and my channel.

    選好之後 就可以新增影片或播放清單

  • Why would you let them go away to some other video


  • when you can actually add a video to the End Screen

    因為只有將我的影片 完整看完的觀眾才會看見結束畫面

  • and have a higher possibility of a viewer clicking it


  • and watching one of your other videos?


  • See this:

    而觀眾又很有可能 點擊和觀看這些影片

  • I have close to 5% of my views only through End Screens.


  • I have close to 8,000,000 views per month, and 5% of them through End Screens.


  • So that's 400,000 views.

    我的影片觀看次數中 有將近 5% 來自於結束畫面

  • That's the power of End Screens.

    我的每月觀看次數約有 800 萬次 其中 5% 來自結束畫面

  • One thing: always remember to add an additional few seconds

    等於是 40 萬次

  • at the end of the video for End Screens.


  • And make it interesting, otherwise the viewer will go away.

    提醒你,記得在影片結尾處 留幾秒鐘的空間

  • Along with videos, you can also add playlists in the End Screen.


  • I personally prefer using playlists in the End Screens


  • because with playlists

    除了影片之外 你也可以將播放清單放到結束畫面中

  • the average number of videos watched is 1.35x higher.

    我個人比較喜歡 在結束畫面中加入播放清單

  • That means if a user is watching my video in a playlist


  • he or she watches more than 1 video.

    平均觀看的影片數量增加了 1.35 倍

  • Let's see what Cards are now.

    這表示如果某位使用者 觀看我播放清單中的影片

  • I generally use 3 types of Cards: Polls, Video or Playlist, and Links.


  • Polls can help you to get more user engagement.


  • I create polls of puzzles, and use options to get user responses.


  • You can also create polls to get user preferences and feedback

    我多半使用 3 種資訊卡: 意見調查、影片或播放清單、連結

  • for your videos or your channel.


  • Video or Playlist Cards.

    我製作了解謎意見調查 並透過選項統計使用者的回答

  • When talking about a topic or a story you have explained in a previous video


  • you can use Cards to reference that video.


  • Links: I create games as well

    下一個是 影片或播放清單資訊卡

  • so sometimes I use Links to redirect viewers to my games.

    當你提到 先前影片中說過的主題或故事時

  • To conclude, to get the best out of these features


  • you will need to analyze how you can use these features on your videos.


  • For Cards, I started with Polls first


  • to teach my audience about the Cards' location

    因此有時我會使用連結 將觀眾帶往我製作的遊戲

  • and then moved toward Videos.

    總之,為了讓 這些功能發揮最大效益

  • For End Screens, I always prefer to use Playlists there.

    你必須思考如何 在影片中融入這些功能

  • Feel free to comment with what strategy works for you

    資訊卡方面,我會從意見調查著手 讓觀眾先瞭解資訊卡的位置

  • and don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the YouTube Creators channel.


  • Thank you and bye-bye!

    至於結束畫面 我一律都使用播放清單

Hi, welcome to this Master Class on how Cards, Playlists, and End Screens

[YouTube 創作者頻道]


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