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What do we have here I have
Handwritten lyrics of America also known as my country tis of thee
It's really cool. You know, it's sort of like our unofficial national anthem
It's not nearly as hard to sing my country tis of thee sweet land
The document of my country tis of thee is a piece of heritage in America
I want to sell it because I think it's a good way to make some money
I'm hoping to sell the document for ten thousand dollars
This is really cool. Where did you get this? It's a family heirloom. I got it after my mother had passed away
Okay, Samuel Francis Smith was a really interesting guy
One of the cool things about him was is he knew 15 different languages?
He said he had traveled to every single country in Europe
which would be really weird at the time because during the early eighteen hundreds they kept on
switching I
mean in Spain one day is France the next
He ended up writing the song he put it to a German him when the music came from and it's slowly but surely
Became our unofficial national anthem
It's really neat. I mean, it's good. They got a lot of significance
I know that he would write these out for people and sell them to him and
Go for decent money
There's some serious damage on this thing
It looks like it was sitting in a house somewhere with a lot of sunlight hitting it. The Sun has turned yellow
you know, this was on white paper at one time and
It really concerns me this ink being this black
usually it's a reddish tinge after it's this old and
It can be a print it could be right
And how much were you looking to get out of it 10,000 let me have someone take a look at it. Okay and
You know if everything checks out we'll go from there
Hang out a few minutes. I'll give someone a call. Okay?
I'm looking forward to an expert coming in to authenticate the signature and the writing of this document. Here we go
I'll so it's large format. Yeah, okay. You don't need two crosses?
Well, typically the ones that I've seen they're really small cuz he just didn't have a lot of room. No, Brian
He'd use a little piece of paper, you know, when people would write away to him and you know, he'd sent it back to him
Well, the first thing I want to do I I do want to take a look at the signature itself
This guy had a really nice autograph
Very neat very legible and we see kind of the same type of formations s.f
We're looking at literally
The same thing. Okay, but is it legit? You know the good thing is is the signature matches up with mine
Okay on the other hand, you take a look right here under magnification
See some odd skipping
That's something that's not really totally consistent with
Handwriting okay, because if you're writing and crossing over and we have it right here on a tee
If you're crossing over usually depends not gonna skip like that you're gonna have a straight flow through and this is the most important thing
If you're writing in a pen or writing quill fountain pen
Whatever you're using the ink will start to run out maybe if you started here
By the time you reach here that ain't gonna start to run dry. It's not original
Everything else including the signature - it just all reproduced. That's a bummer. Yeah better luck next time. I'm sorry
Can you hear my heart breaking? Yeah, well, thanks man. Yeah good to see ya. Sorry
Yep, you bet
No, unfortunately just it's something that was kind of manufactured in Mass. Really realistically doesn't have a lot of value
Well, sorry, that's um, I'm obviously not interested in it. I
Could give it to you
I don't want it
It was a neat conversation though, and thanks for bringing it it certainly thank you for the problem. I'm very disappointed and
Wish it could have turned out differently
I guess you get yourself in a mental state of mind
where you're
Excited about something being authentic and worth something and then you find out you almost can't buy a cup of coffee with what it's worth


Pawn Stars: Rick’s Buddy has BAD NEWS for a Family Heirloom (Season 13) | History

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