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We love Beetles until we are young.
(yeah)Since you were young, you love the Beetles? (yes)
What about any other influences?
Any other major stars that you know that you think you would like to be like?
We think Beetles have a lot of influence.
even in western country or eastern country like in our world
You know. So their influence is very huge and powerful for us.
(hmm hmm) We think we might take this kind of power as music.
We try to influence some generation of in the same as our generation in the same age
And the music, which I've been listening to today, you know, big chord, stadium rock, you know, catchy stuff.
You write most of it. You do the most. You'll sing a song?
I wrote almost all the...
What do you write about?
I... We sing what we see, what we hear, what we think for our generation.
And you are huge in China.
I was talking to one of my colleagues who works in the BBC Chinese service.
And they were telling me that it's because you have uplifting something.
Some to tell people to hold on their dreams.
Do you think maybe that part of your appeal in Chinese market?
first of all, it's not about the market or what strategy we use in China.
For that it's more like almost in the world.
The young generation. The young generation, everyone think about the same thing.
How to catch your dream? How to fight your world?
Not only for a doubt or for your class.
Or anything. So we just write maybe the young generation like us, what we think in our music.
The point is young people around the world (yeah) are worried about the same thing.
(I think so.) But as a Taiwanese rockband, big in Japan. Do you have to be careful about some of the things you write about ?
not to be too political?
Japan? No, in China. Sorry, do I say Japan?
I just been talking about Japan. (laugh) You know. The Chinese rockband big in China. (yeah)
Do you have to be carfeful about some of the things you write about?
not to get too political.
Actually, we are very honest to our songs.
So we wrote what we really care about.
Anything we wrote more basically we wrote more about relationship
(hmm hmm) relationship around the pals. With friends, our families, and what we dream about.
what we really care about. But I think the most important thing is Mayday always think very positive. (hmm hmm)
positive message? Yeah, so always we think about we have a dream, then we can achieve that.
So we keep pushing this message to all the people that can't speak Chinese.
that's why. That is the question for you, isn't it? You are going to tour Europe and the US.
But you'll be singing in Mandarin. (yeah)
How is that gonna work?
Are you expecting, you know, Chinese fan to come? or..
There is a trick. We put some Chinese subtitle in our music video right now
So people can check that.
But also we think there is... you know, music has no language
So if we have thinking this. If we thinking the same thing, then we play the same thing, then I think music can touch people's heart.
Even don't have any language with it.



五月天 BBC 專訪:帶你重新認識台灣最熱門的搖滾天團! (中英字幕) MEET MAYDAY TAIWAN'S HOTTEST ROCK BAND - BBCNEWS

137241 分類 收藏
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