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- Hello. My name is Nika Geneva.
I am a special effects makeup artist,
and today, I'm going undercover to challenge some reactors.
♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
- (FBE) When I say "special effects makeup,"
what do you think of? - AHHH!
The Grinch, Lord of the Rings. - I think of aliens immediately.
- Halloween makeup. - Wish I could do it.
Yeah, for movies and stuff. - (FBE) Well, today, we're gonna
have you two attempt to recreate some iconic special effects
makeup looks from popular movies. - Woo-hoo!
- (FBE) So, do you consider yourselves makeup aficionados?
- Regular makeup. And I love Halloween makeup, but I don't know
about special effects. - I'm kind of on the same page.
I'm kind of okay with everyday makeup.
- I don't know what anything does. I barely know normal makeup,
so I don't know how I'm going to be able to justify
special effects makeup. - Yeah, I would say--
- Your makeup is perfect. - Oh, thank you. Yours is too.
- Thanks. - Of course. We're perfect for this.
- (FBE) Of course, there's a little bit of a twist.
So, you guys are actually competing with each other
to see who can do the best recreation of this iconic look.
We're gonna be posting these looks on our social media
and letting our audience vote on which one they like the best.
- Oh, you know who to vote for. - I already know you're gonna win.
Like, I know for a-- - How do you know?
- Because I've never done any of this. - (FBE) So, you guys are ready
to attempt your very first special makeup look?
- Yes. - (FBE) So Tom, go ahead and pick up
that picture there in the center. - Oh my gosh!
- Oh, okay. - That is so fun.
- Okay. - Absolutely, honey!
We're about to get real Suicide Squad-y up in this bitch.
- (FBE) So, you guys are gonna be turning yourself into Harley Quinn
by copying Margot Robbie's look from Suicide Squad.
Be sure to include both of those face tattoos,
the small scar on her eyebrow, and of course, the face paint.
So, you're gonna need to do the scars on his mouth.
You don't have to do them exactly the way that they're done
in the photo, but you need to have some attempt of a mouth scar there.
- What the [bleep]? - (FBE) I'm gonna put
40 minutes on the clock, and your time starts now.
- Oh my gosh. - I could literally just go for it
and just go and give myself the scars, I feel like it would be easier.
- Don't do that. - (chuckles)
- I've never done Harley Quinn. It came out--
- There you go. I've never-- - When the movie came out for sure,
and it was like-- I feel like everyone was doing it,
so I'm like, "I'm not gonna do it, 'cause everybody else is doing it."
- There we go. Nice. I don't know how much scars
I'm supposed to do. - I already have a little bit
of a beat on now, but I'm gonna show you
how you can go from daytime beautiful model
such as myself to just hooker of the night in 40 minutes.
- All right, baby.
All right, I think I'm done. What do you think?
- (laughs) Don't make me laugh. It's so mean, just sabotaging me!
- The Joker laughs all the time. Honestly, this just looks like
I'm putting glue on my face.
♪ (playful music) ♪
- No! What is this, glue? What the heck?
- That looks like-- probably something for the scar,
I would assume. - Yeah! I put it all over my face.
- You never really thought about how much the Joker
had to put on makeup in the morning.
He has to do this every single day.
The thing that I have going for me is that he kind of puts on his makeup
like he's had a really wild night out. - Every time I think, "No,
that's way too pale, no, she's paler than that."
- (laughs)
♪ (playful music continues) ♪
- Oh my god. Your station is so neat, and mine looks
a little insane, like Harley Quinn.
- What would be really funny is if she was a professional makeup artist
and y'all didn't tell me!
Ooh! I'm already stumbling. Wait, it's really hard backwards.
- (FBE) All right, you've got about 15 minutes left here.
- Whaat?! - Wow, I'm becoming
really creepy looking. I don't like it.
- (FBE) Five minutes. You only have five minutes left.
- Oh! OH! AHHH! - (chuckles)
- I'm not ready! I'm not ready!!
- Trying to do mascara last minute. I'm gonna try!
I feel like I always need more time, but...
- It felt like I had too much time. - (FBE chuckles)
- (chuckles) - (FBE) All right, Harleys.
- You look beautiful. - Cool!
- Oh, see. That's how you do the tattoo.
- Oh, stop! - It was fun.
I always have fun playing with makeup for sure.
- I feel like I kind of look like the CVS brand version
of the Joker, but other than that, I feel like I'm doing pretty good.
- Those are like real scars. This is what you see
on the packaging, and this is what you actually do.
(chuckles) - (Nika laughs)
- (FBE) Nika, it didn't trip you up at all.
Is there a reason that you were so used to using scar makeup?
- Yeah. I-- - Or that you could tell
the difference between scar makeup and actual makeup?
- The reason is I'm actually a professional makeup artist.
- Shut up! - Ah!
- Stop it! - You got it!
- AHHHH! - It was so hard to not say.
- I KNEW IT! - (Nika) Ahhh!
- Yes! I love it! - I'm a special effects makeup artist.
- Whoa! That's so cool! What do you usually do?
- I do all kinds of things. I just finished a horror film.
I do a lot of short films. I have six features under my belt.
- (FBE) Well, here's the deal, Tom. Since you did one look without
any help here, we're gonna actually let you guys
do a second look. And this time, Nika will give you some pointers.
- Really? Okay. Let's go! I'm with that.
- Oh, stop it! What now?! AHHHH!
- (FBE) All right, so go ahead and pick up that picture there,
and look at it.
- Ah! - Oh my gosh! (chuckles)
That's legit. - Oh my gosh! (laughs)
- Ohhh! Absolutely! This is so dope!
- (FBE) We're gonna have you guys turn yourselves into human popsicles,
similar to Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.
For this final look, Nika will give you
a couple of pointers, and we're gonna give you guys
a full 50 minutes to freeze yourself. - (softly) Wow. Wow.
- It's my first master class. I'm ready.
♪ (whimsical music) ♪
- You wanna use this as a base. - A base? So, this is
going all over my face? - Yeah, meaning you put--
no, no, no. It's a base under, you know,
where the streaks are. - Ohhhh.
- You're gonna be placing those little particles.
You're gonna put the gel first, and then you're gonna build from--
this is kind of, like-- these are the larger ones,
so you'll start from the larger to the more fine ones.
And then you can apply that with the spatula kind of,
you know, where the streaks are. And then put those little particles
on top with either a brush or the spatula again.
I use the spatula, 'cause it gets sticky,
so it's perfect.
- So, should I do one at a time maybe?
- Yeah. Mm-hmm. - Okay.
- I would say so.
- (Tom) Are you putting goo? - Yeah.
- (gasps) Goo!
- Oh, that's cool. The different sizes
and stuff create that element. That's really, really cool.
- What do you think of this eye? - Yeah!
- Better than this one almost. - Yeah. Yeah.
- Big ones? - You got this.
Yeah, you start with the big ones. - How are you putting it in?
Are you just dipping your little spatula?
- Yeah, because it-- wait, when-- 'cause it has
already some gel on it.
- Ooh, baby. Too much goo! Too much goo! Ahhh! (laughs)
Look at it! What are you supposed
to do with this?!
- Yeah! - Like that?
- Yeah! - Similar?
- Yeah.
- Look like a low budget zombie right now.
- No, you don't. Did you overdo it?
- ...No. (laughs) - No? (chuckles)
- Maybe. - I'm just going in.
I'm just gonna keep adding until somebody tries to stop me.
♪ (whimsical music continues) ♪
(tool clatters) - What happened?
- Nothing. I didn't drop anything. - I don't know what else to do.
- She's ready.
- You can't tell me I'm not cold. You can't TELL ME I'm not COLD, honey!
- For someone who's never done this before,
you did pretty good. - Aww, thank you!
- He's kind of cross-eyed too, like..
♪ (dramatic music) ♪
- Oh, nice! WHOA! - I know, I went a little crazy.
- That's awesome! That's great.
- I just looked at her! Oh, no! (chuckles)
That makes me look more ridiculous. - You're done.
- Thank you. Back at ya. (chuckles)
We're frozen. - I know it's hard to
make expressions. - I'm like, "I'm gonna crack."
- (FBE) So, you did it! You just completed
your second special effects look.
How did George do? - That is so cool.
He did AMAZING. Killed it. Absolutely killed it.
- Killed it, literally. Like, I killed myself.
- Look at that. Amazing. - I've always had a deep respect
for makeup as an artistry but even more so now.
It's so intricate. - It's different.
That's what I like. It's something different.
I'm not going to the grocery store like this,
but I would if it was Halloween. (chuckles)
- And I've had so much fun today. Literally, this has to be one
of my favorite challenges we've done. - Me too! Thank you for being here!
- Thank you for coming!
Are you serious? - You did great!
Oh my god. Look, it's snowing. - I hope we can do more.
- I wanna do more. It's always snowing, honey.
- Yeah! (chuckles) I love it. - It's always snowing.
- Thanks for watching us work with a professional makeup artist
on the React Channel.
- Subscribe for new shows every day. - Thanks for watching! Bye!
- Hey, fam! React producer Mary here.
Do you wanna get to know us even better?
Well, be sure to head over to FBE2 for behind-the-scenes content,
additional shows, livestreams, and more.
Thanks for watching. Bye!


秘密專業化妝師改造普通人(SFX化妝挑戰) (Secret Pro Makeup Artist DESTROYS Regular People (SFX Makeup Challenge))

61 分類 收藏
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