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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 258. Today we have a quote by Arnold

  • Schwarzenegger. It's first time we do one by him. So remember Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • of course he first became famous for you know, being Mr Universe, a bodybuilder. I

  • don't know if any many people remember this anymore because that was a long

  • time ago. He became MR. Universe He won I think about three or four titles at

  • least. Then surprisingly because when you had seen him as a as a bodybuilder

  • you, you probably was skeptical whether he'd be able to crossover and

  • become a good actor. But surprisingly he did pretty well. Of course he became an

  • action hero but he was even able to do comedy okay. And of course he had a lot

  • of goals in his life and one of them was politics. That's why he eventually became

  • governor. He, he married into the Kennedy family. He married I think Maria Shriver. I

  • think that was her name. She was one of the Kennedys.

  • So he really attained a lot of his goals. He did make some mistakes later in his

  • life though. Maybe we will get to that. But he didn't really attain a lot. Anyway,

  • let's look at his quote today. "Life's six rules for success. Okay number one.

  • Trust yourself. Number two. Break some rules. Number three. Don't be afraid to

  • fail. Number four. Ignore the naysayers. Remember naysayers those are people that

  • speak negatively or say bad things about you.

  • Number five. Work like hell. Work extremely hard. And number six. Give

  • something back. Okay. So let's kind of review this here.

  • All right. Let's continue with the note here love him or hate him

  • All right. Even though I kind of liked him a lot. But you know some people are not

  • as crazy about him. You have to admit, he's he inspired and influenced many

  • people in his life. Famous for being nicknamed the Governator

  • Because remember when we made movies, he was famous for the Terminator

  • movies. So they kind of made a portmanteau out of it. They took governor

  • and they took Terminator and called him the Governator.

  • So he actually had that nickname when he was governor of California. Okay. And his

  • movie quote " I will be back' Many people remember him for that too.

  • All right. Anyway. Let's, let's review his quote though. So let's look at the

  • beginning first. You know when Arnold says trust yourself. Okay.

  • He means self confidence is essential. You can't be successful at all without

  • self-confidence to get ahead. Early in his life, he received a lot of criticism,

  • but he never let it stop him. He eventually went on to reach a lot of the

  • goals. A lot of the things that he hoped to do in life. He actually reached a lot.

  • Okay. Let's continue. Number two. All right number two here. Remember break some

  • rules. Okay. You don't want to encourage others to break rules , but many famous

  • people have had to at least bend some rules. We do hear this.

  • Actually a lot of things he says here I've often heard a lot of famous people

  • say similar things. In all parts of life whether there are actors or politicians

  • or inventors or novelists. Many have said a lot of the things that he's saying

  • here too. All right. Let's continue. Okay good. Let's see. So break some rules. If you

  • don't break. If you don't. Meaning if you don't break some rules, others may get an

  • advantage on you. So even though you know we're not telling you go out and break

  • rules. But you got to bend some rules sometimes to get ahead. And if you don't

  • do it, others will do it and they'll probably have the advantage on you.

  • Number three. Okay. Remember. Number three here. Don't be afraid to fail. Yes.

  • Everybody I think even now Albert Einstein... I think I covered one of

  • his quotes. He says anybody who never said they failed. Never tried. Never

  • basically there's so many of them that talk about this. Okay. Good. So yeah. So all

  • right. So nearly every successful person says this. That's what we mean. Number four.

  • Okay number four. Ignore the naysayers. So naysayers of people that speak

  • negatively about you. Try to put you down. Make you lose confidence. So don't pay

  • attention to them. Forget about it. Just like we often say. You know, really

  • in life you're probably really you're in a race with yourself. Don't compare

  • yourself to others and don't let these others you know bring you down. Okay.

  • All right good. Number five. All right remember. Number five here.

  • Work like hell. Yeah there's another one. Remember like Thomas Edison and many

  • others have often said work like hell. They were almost a little bit like

  • workaholics. Yes. Yes. So we say here not only do you have to work hard but harder

  • than most people. If you want to get ahead of them You have to work even

  • harder than them. So that's what he means by work like hell. Work extremely hard.

  • That's what he means by that. And six give something back. Okay. Well if you do

  • reach a certain amount of success. He says you should give something back.

  • You know I don't give to charity or help people or something. That's kind of what

  • he means about like that. Once success is reached. Give something back. It

  • is good karma. Okay so that's basically what he means.

  • Those are his six rules for success. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope you

  • enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 258. Today we have a quote by Arnold


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