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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 64. Today we're going to look at the
difference between fate and destiny. Yeah when they come up a lot of times
students will ask it's even know a little confusing to Westerners and native
speakers. They are actually very close. There is a slight feel and slight
difference between the two though. All right let's take a look. Let's take a look at
fate first. A set course of your life that will happen despite your actions. So
that's kind of the feeling with the with fate no matter what you do you can't
change it. So let's look at these notes first. Both fate and destiny are based on
the belief of a supernatural power or force that has arranged a road or paths
for one's life. So your life has been kind of laid out for you. Or at least
what you're meant to do. However the use of fate tends to be more negative and
the feeling is that your course of life is inevitable and cannot be changed with
fate. So we tend to use it more with negative things like when somebody dies
or something bad happen and say well that was just their fate.
You know nothing they couldn't do anything about it so we can use fate
more in that way. All right. Let's take a look here. Destiny destiny is a little bit the
opposite destiny tends to be more positive than fate and there is more of
a feeling that your actions and your decisions hope to form shape and
determine one's path. Yeah hopefully one will attain one's destiny and with
destiny there is a chance that you know this is
this what you were born for this is what you were meant for this what you're
supposed to do but if you if you go off track you might not actually you may
never reach it. But this is what you were supposed to do this is what you're meant
to do and maybe you should be pushing a life to get to that point. I guess that's
what that means. All right so hopefully one will attain one's destiny but there is
some chance could get sidetracked. So there is more
feeling like you do have more more input in it. it's not like you can't change it
you can change it. But the feeling is more about something positive so let's
start taking a look at the examples it helps to explain it more. In the movie
'Time Machine' it was the fate of the main character's fiancee to be killed so he
would have the determination to build the time machine and try to reverse the
events. Yeah that's what gave him the ambition and determination because maybe if
he was just happy with his wife. Maybe he would have been as ambitious he would
have been comfortable. But because she died and he really wanted to somehow you
know bring her back. This is what gave him all the energy to put in there. But
every time he tried to do it and he did invent the machine and he went back and
he tried to change it and he tried to stop her he he may have stopped her from
one situation of being murdered or killed and then very soon somehow she
was murdered or killed by somebody else. Or something else so it was kind of like
the thing it had to happen. And then the story time machine at the end he finds
out I remember he's talking to one of the other characters in the movie and he
wanted that answer. Why couldn't he change it and the guy gave him the
answer. Well if you if you were able to you can't change it because if she
didn't die you would have never had the determination. So it was the fate it had
to happen. So that's a good example of like fate . So let's take a look at the
second example. I want to do the right thing but I don't want to meet the same
fate as the previous whistleblowers and end up dead. Yeah you know in life you
know sometimes you hear about people they report on a certain company or the
government or the organization and I don't know a lot of times. Sometimes they
have unexpected accidents. Something happens to them but anyway so maybe the
other whistleblowers worry that they may end up with the
same fate. The same thing could happen to them. So again it tends to be more
negative tends to be about death and yeah so okay let's take a look at
the third one. The accused's fate is now in the hands of the jury. Yeah we hear this
a lot to somebody's fate is up to the jury to decide very good. We say their
fate or let's look at more like for examples for destiny
it was the king it was King author's that's the name to be king yes something
very positive to be king you know he was supposed to do something for the good of
mankind or or you know to change the world change history. You know it was
there it was their destiny okay good. Oh number two. That couple believes they are
soul mates and it was their destiny to be together. Yeah thinking that you know
somehow that maybe they knew each other in another life. Maybe they were romantic
in another way. And that they were always meant to be together
and this is more positive it's about love so we tend to use destiny more in
that way. All right number the third one you know that Catalan you know
that's a a section of Spain for a long time they've been wanting to to secede or separate from Spain. So that we might hear that Catalan along wants to
separate from Spain so they can control their own destiny. Yeah because maybe
they feel like they're being controlled by the government they want to break
free. They want to separate that's another way that we sometimes hear the
word destiny used. So again just to look at it again
both of them have the idea that they you know that this is the way it was going to
this was the direction or road or path for one's life. But again destiny fate is
the one that's more negative and feels like he can't be change. Destiny does
tends to be about more positive things and there does seem to be you know more
ability about your decisions. Whether you kind of
create or form or shape your own destiny. So that's the way it tends to by used most
of the time. Okay thank you I hope it clarifies it out we can clearly see more
of a difference between fate and destiny. Now thank you for your time


Tutor Nick P Lesson (64) The Difference Between Fate and Destiny

81 分類 收藏
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