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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is idioms 269. The idiom today is in droves.

  • Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If we say someone arrives or does

  • something in droves, it means they arrived or did something

  • in large amounts or or large numbers. Okay. Let's continue. The origin seems to

  • come from the use of droves referring to large numbers of animals gathered

  • together and usually moved from place to place, especially cattle. You know, so they

  • may travel or move them in droves. So it's the same idea. Okay. Let's look at

  • the first example here. Example number one. Many supporters are leaving that

  • political party in droves. Yeah. If they have some scandals or something like

  • that. Or maybe they just don't like what they represent anymore. They may leave in

  • droves, like large numbers of them. Or number two here. Border security claims

  • that many illegal aliens are trying to cross the border in droves.

  • Okay, You might have heard of that reported. Number three,

  • early bird shoppers arrived in droves to take advantage of that clearance sale.

  • Yeah. Maybe it's one of the big department stores. They are having a

  • clearance sale once a year. Discounting a lot of things. So a lot of people will

  • arrive early in droves to try to get the good stuff before it's gone

  • basically. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time.

  • Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is idioms 269. The idiom today is in droves.


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英語導師Nick P成語(269)成語成群。 (English Tutor Nick P Idioms (269) In Droves)

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