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Today on the show we have Erika 劉艾立 welcome to ICRT
What's up, hi!
Good to have you back yeah it's been a while You were on Joseph show a couple of times, I remember.
Many times
Yeah 然後你還有幫他代班過
Yes, oh that was so nerve wracking
Yeah, all those controls
I know it seems like it's very confusing, but we only really use like five of these dials.
Yeah but then like the the fear of dead air
I was so nervous like I can't let any dead air happen
It was so scary
But that just means that you're getting into the groove because the fear of dead air
Is actually the fear that most media people share
So if you ever want to become like one, I got a fear like one
You got to fear like one exactly well done
Well done, okay, okay? So today we have Erika here for many reasons one is that we miss her
Secondly because she's been nominated for the upcoming Golden Melody Awards Best New Artist.
Yep, it's only been a year since your albums released, right?
Just a little bit over a year a little bit over a year all right?
所以說這張專輯呢叫做: I am Erika
I'm Erika 在去年的6月17號
I'm so excited 很興奮,我剛剛才從小巨蛋過來,我們剛剛在彩排 for 金曲獎
It feels so good
Do you, do you, okay at this point. Do you know?
Anything about who might win
No, no They don't tell you?
Yeah, I'm just I'm just excited to be a part of it and to
You know to be able to also meet all the other nominees because I really really really like 草東沒有派對
And also 郭秀玉 and I'm so excited that you know we're in the same category
I feel very honored and also like so this I just saw the stage it was beautiful, so
Excited so it's going to be quite the spectacle this year
Is there anything you that you can't say do they tell you that you you can't you shouldn't share certain information with people or
I don't think so if they get you to sign some sort of you know letter of
Confidentiality no no nothing like that nothing. Yeah, okay?
So there are five others who've been nominated for this category best new artist one of them actually used to
perform at ICRTs
Battle of the bands, they're called Flux. Oh yeah
Yeah, a lot of these musicians were actually rather familiar with and as you mentioned, 草東沒有派對
They were here on the midday show a while back really 郭秀玉 was also here
Just last week
So it only makes sense that we try to collect all of the best new artist and we got Erika back here
Hi, I hope you liked the video. Oh, what's that you loved it?
That's what I thought well if you want more video click here, or if you want to subscribe to ICRT and
please do click right down here


劉艾立 (erika)

338 分類 收藏
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