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Today on Household Hacker, we're going to save you
as much time as possible.
And that includes starting with this video.
So let's get right into it.
Some laundry detergent containers
already have a spout, which is great for getting
your laundry going faster.
However, if you buy the regular bottles
and want the same time-saving feature,
you can try a drink dispenser for storage and liquid
I rummaged through my cupboards and found an old drink
dispenser that I haven't used in years.
And it's perfect.
Just pour your cleaning liquid into the dispenser
and place it on top of your washing machine.
You'll get super quick and easy access
that will make your laundry a breeze.
Not to mention you'll no longer need
to find a place to store those huge plastic containers.
If you're tired of a messy cabinet filled
with plastic bags, then try this.
Tidy up and save a few minutes by shoving them directly
into an old tissue box as you unload them.
Just place one bag in, leaving the handles out.
Slip the next bag through the handles
and place them down into the box.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
This will serve as a nice compact storage box
and it's a simple dispenser that will quickly get your bags
to you when you need them.
Constantly dropping nails or screws when you're
trying to get some work done?
Or maybe you're just pricking your finger digging them out
of your pocket.
Hot glue a small but strong magnet
directly to the bottom of your hammer or screwdriver
for simple access as you work.
This little trick won't only save you time,
but tons of frustration.
Sometimes, the cracking of an egg just doesn't go as planned.
But there's no need to go digging
for that shell with your fingers.
Just take the most sturdy half of the shell
and simply use it as a scoop to retrieve the leftover bits.
This will keep your fingers clean
and make quick work of the removal.
Just wash your hands and cook up those eggs
for a nice delicious meal.
If you're running a bit late and need to hop in the shower
before you're out the door, you know
it can take a few precious minutes to get
that temperature correct.
To save yourself just a little bit of time in the future,
go fire up your shower and get it
to that perfect temperature for you.
Once it's there, just grab a couple small slivers of tape
and mark your shower handle or handles at the exact position
that you prefer.
Of course, if multiple people use the shower,
you can all know what your preferred temperature
using different colors of tape.
Some earbuds look exactly the same
on the right and left sides, which can be a huge pain if you
put them in the wrong ear.
You can easily differentiate between the two
by putting a tiny dot of hot glue on just one side.
Now, if you don't have a hot glue gun handy,
you can also tie off a small knot on one side
to serve as an indicator.
But this method might throw off the cord length
just a little bit.
Now, this is my absolute favorite.
Unloading a soft drink box doesn't
have to take up all your time.
You can quickly get everything into the fridge
in just a matter of seconds.
Take your soft drink box and pop open both sides.
Now, place the box on a rack in the fridge
and push the cans out while you pull the box out
at the same time.
And boom, just like that, you've unloaded the entire thing
in about five, six seconds.
And just let it cool down and enjoy the fruits of your laboe.
In the essence of keeping things short,
here's a couple videos you might like.
Please subscribe, and we'll see you next time.
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7個簡單又實用的生活妙招!你一定從沒想過可以這麼做! (Time-Saving Hacks: 7 Ways to Make Your Life Easier)

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