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excerpt from Josephprince.com
He took your place and my place He who knew no sin, He did no sin
In Him is no sin
Bore the fullness of God's anger
But this time the sacrifice was unlike the sacrifice of the Old Testament
that all point to Him anyway
In the Old Testament there's a story of Elijah
who called fire down from heaven before the prophets of Baal
and he built an altar of twelve stones representing the twelve tribes
and he put his sacrifice on top of the altar
and then he told the people
Put barrels of water Three barrels of water in full
was poured on the sacrifice until the water started overflowing
And then he prayed and God sent fire
And when God sent fire my friend, it consumed everything
Not just the sacrifice even the twelve stones disappeared
Nothing was left Telling us that under law
the judgement was greater than the sacrifice
And when Jesus hung on the cross under grace for you and I
Listen my friend, He absorbed all the judgement of God
All the curse All the condemnation
Stroke after stroke and then He absorbed it all in Himself
and shouted Finished!
Not a drop left And you know what?
He was still alive but the judgement was gone
and then for the first time He looked up and said
Father! He called God Father again
Father! Into Your Hands I commit My Spirit
He put down His head by the way it was a loud voice
the bible says He cried with a loud voice
He put down His head That's power
and then He breathed Dismissed His Spirit
Friend, this time after consuming the judgement
The sacrifice remained
Under grace, the sacrifice is greater than God's judgement
For years now And I'm going to close with this
For years now church
I have seen in the Spirit alright What happened at the Cross
Nothing is more real than Spirit Listen, this is the best part
For years, I saw this in the Spirit
Because Spirit is more real than material things
It's a Spirit, God Himself, that brought out all these material things
Nothing is more real than Spirit
When you see Jesus hanging on the cross
You don't see what's happening in the Spirit
But you have eyes to see One day I was praying many years ago
and I saw this Like a whirlwind
A cyclone in the clouds above Him, gathering momentum
The storm increasing and then it broke over His head
being absorbed in His person and I saw like
Sin, I saw condemnation I saw curse, I saw sickness
all of them just being absorbed into His very person
Like a whirlwind and I told myself
One of these days I'm going to have this kind of
video presentation
To show the people
So I waited and waited and waited for someone else
to do it
Then the movie "The Passion Of The Christ"
One of the best movies ever done and I still think it's the best
But unfortunately right after the movie
I met some people who said "Terrible, what those people
did to Jesus"
They didn't understand what happened in the Spirit
It wasn't what those people did
It was our sins
It's not a matter of getting angry with the Jews
Whether Jew or Gentile we are all sinners
He came for us
It was our sins that put Him on the Cross
So people didn't understand
Some people said "Wah terrible What the Romans did to Him"
Except to see He carried our sins
So I realised that It's not enough just to have a
portrayal, a movie about Jesus
So one day, I told God about this and I felt like
God telling me, "I put it on you to
produce this video presentation"
I said, "God, You give me the resources and I'll do it"
That's been a number of years ago
Guess what?
I've asked my creative team to come up with the video presentation
and they tried their best to translate on video
What I saw in the Spirit So I kept on sending them back
to the drawing board
Because it wasn't satisfying to me
I kept on sending them and in fact I think I've never send
them back so often
Because it must be exactly what I saw
Even the music Even the special effects
that would have taken place during the time of Jesus
I want it to be exact the way I saw it in the spirit So finally they came back to me
after being sent back to the drawing board
And this time I looked at it
I even picked the music because I heard that kind of music
in the Spirit and even the clouds and all that
and they tell me, "Pastor, how is it Pastor?"
Just a few more things that can be improved but I... you must be merciful
So anyway, we came up finally with something that came really close
to what I saw in the Spirit and we have it ready for the first time
You're the... You people are the first today, to watch it
Before anyone else watches it
Sit back church, let's go back in time
to that day when Jesus hung on the cross
From God, with love
Father, Forgive them
For they know not what they do
My God, My God Why have You forsaken Me?
Father, Into Your Hands
I commit My Spirit
Praise God
My dream fulfilled
I want the world to see
Instead of someone just preaching
See what happened in the Spirit
Friend all that He did
is because of His love for us
The devil out there wants God
to appear in a religious setting
But Christianity is not a religion
Jesus didn't say "I come to give you religion"
I come to give you rules and more rules
He said, "I came to give you life and life more abundantly"
Some people, they are not happy when you don't
have a cross or you don't wear a robe
or you don't have the trappings of religion
but Jesus didn't come to focus on all these things
He came to make us righteous
You can be righteous by the blood of Jesus
wearing just a T-shirt
Friend He loved you
And that was a demonstration of God's love for you
All that He has done
will be in vain if you don't receive it
See God will never force on you His forgiveness
God will never force on you His love
God will never force on you victory over death
He won't force these things on you
even though He loves you He respects your free choice
But He loves you and He is saying
Come home, come home to love
Come home to forgiveness Come home to victory
If that is you wherever you are that's watching this
You're going to put your trust in Christ
and all that He has done for you
Then pray this prayer with me right now
Every head bowed every eyes closed
Everywhere that's watching this
Say this from your heart
Say, "Heavenly Father
I believe in Your love for me
You loved me even when I rebelled
When I went astray and I didn't care about you
You loved me still
Thank you for the gift of your Son
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
He died on the cross for my sins
He took my place bore my judgement
And died instead of me
And Father I thank you My sins are forgiven
The law is fully completed and fulfilled
The devil is defeated
And Father You are glorified
You are my Lord Jesus now and forever more
In Jesus' name Amen
This excerpt is brought to you by Josephprince.com
To get the full message, visit Josephprince.com
In the theme of the year This is what God said to me
It's going to be the year of Greater Glory
And that's what the Lord impressed on me really strong
As I was preparing this
to tell you all
All of you have glory, alright but it's a year of manifested glory
Greater glory means people are going to see
the glory in your life
All have sinned and forfeited the glory
which means we come short of the glory
We fall short, we are lacking of the glory
But Jesus came to give us back the glory
I said Jesus came to give us back the glory
And its the year of greater glory
Wow! Praise the Lord
So when darkness comes the bible says
His glory will be seen upon you
The first result Your family is blessed
The second result They will all come, alright,
They will all come to you
Did you hear that? You are blessed this year
No man can reverse it!
Stay tuned for the latest message


平約瑟 - 各各他耶穌受難動畫視頻 (十字架上所發生的事) (Joseph Prince - Calvary Animation Video (What Happened At The Cross))

184 分類 收藏
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