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hello, everyone welcome to real life real homes, so this is another day in life video and
before starting the video
I would like to tell you that I will very shortly be doing a Q&A so if you have any questions
You want to send it out to me send it to me here in the comment section or on?
Instagram messenger or Facebook messenger so here. I am making some curd sandwiches. I already have the recipe on my channel
I'll link that below
so my husband already left for work and
We three are here in the home today? So I'm preparing very quickly
I woke up a little bit late today, so I'm running behind my schedule, but it's okay because
There is no rush
because of the vacation and so I'm preparing the sandwiches quickly, and then we'll make the kids eat and
I will have it with my cup of tea and
We all have taken a bath and ready for the day
So I will make the kids do some activities now
One or two activities are the most and then they are free to play with each other board games, or just free play?
Whatever, they want
And I really want them to enjoy these
vacations to the most because they will never return back and so I'm okay if they play the whole day, but just
Do the activity for one hour?
00:01:30,539 --> 00:01:32,539
00:01:34,079 --> 00:01:39,768 Okay, so you choose the number and then you select the color from it, and then do it okay about it
00:01:54,390 --> 00:01:56,390
00:01:56,819 --> 00:01:58,229
00:01:58,229 --> 00:02:01,368
00:02:02,579 --> 00:02:07,488
00:02:07,490 --> 00:02:13,399
00:02:14,760 --> 00:02:17,060
00:02:22,630 --> 00:02:30,359
00:02:31,540 --> 00:02:36,120
00:02:37,900 --> 00:02:44,340 T
00:02:48,670 --> 00:02:52,859
00:02:55,090 --> 00:02:58,890
00:02:59,769 --> 00:03:03,899
00:04:51,819 --> 00:04:55,378 Generally, I make this sabzi in the morning, but today
I was a bit late, so I made it now in the afternoon
So this is the lunch for the day
and now I'll go back to the kitchen to just clean it up and
Then I'll just do some games or play with them. They have so much energy
I don't know from where they get the energy
I don't have that much energy and they just ask me again and again to play with them and
so I ask them to do a paper dance so here they are doing it, and they're thoroughly enjoying it and me too and
They will ask me to join them as well. So here. I have so this is how my day passes by and
Sometimes I definitely get a little bit cranky because of the constant nagging and cribbing but to be very honest with you I
Enjoy each and every moment because these vacations are for so little time, and then they will go back to school
And I'll miss them. They will be away from me for so many hours and so
Finally in the evening. We are all going out for a movie kids will be watching minions today
And so if you really liked this video please subscribe
Please share with your family and and I'll see you all in my next one. Take care. Bye. Bye


印度媽媽的日常-暑假-真實生活真實的家在印度 (印度腔) (Indian Mom Day in a Life l Summer Vacation Fun l Q&A Announcement l Reallife Realhome)

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