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All rise.
The court of holidays is now in session.
Presiding at the bench are New Year's, Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and chief justice Christmas.
Thank you, Tax Day. You may be seated.
As you know, the yearly calendar has become bloated with holidays.
We are gathered to hear the pleas of all minor holidays to determine if they will be allowed to stay.
April Fool's will be taking minutes.
-Totally. -All right.
First on the list, we shall hear from the daylight saving twins.
Boo. Nobody likes you.
Hold on, now!
Fall back is very popular.
I say we keep her and sentence spring forward to death.
Oh, great idea.
If you get rid of her, you'll have to get rid of me, too.
All right, fine. You may stay.
We want the record to show that we formally declare you stupid.
Next is Black Friday.
Get out of my way, I was here first.
No! She can't be here.
I filed a restraining order; you have to stay at least one day away from me.
He's right, Black Friday.
You need to stay in your designated place on the calendar.
Mmmm, No.
Okay, whatever you want.
Next is Chinese New Year.
Hello, New Year's.
He has got to go.
We can't have two starts to the year. It's confusing!
I was here first!
I'm more popular!
I have a parade of dragons!
Dang it!
All right, All right! I've heard enough. You may stay.
Come on, Valentine's, back me up.
Oh, I think they both should go.
No one meets my expectations.
All right, next on the list: PI Day.
Okay, we haven't cut anyone from the list; who else is coming in today?
ST. Patrick's Day.
No, No!
People need a special day to pretend that they're Irish.
Oh, that's right, that's right.
Cinco de Mayo.
People need a special day to pretend that they're Mexican, too.
Election Day.
People need a special day to pretend that they voted!
All right, what about Groundhog's Day?
Oh, if we lose him, do we lose the Bill Murray movie as well?
It's not worth the risk.
Have we thought about Mother's Day?
Shame on you!
Father's Day?
Yeah, we could lose that.
What about Labor day?
No way.
Why not?
It's a day off of work!
Then shouldn't we call it No Labor Day?
That's what I think.
There's more to a holiday than just getting the day off.
You would say that, Halloween.
Look who's talking, Valentine's.
How dare you!
Would you dare talk to me that way?
All right, order, order!
Let us just review the minutes and then make an informed decision.
April Fool's!
I haven't been taking any minutes!
Thanks for watching, everyone.
Comment below on how Christmas is your favorite holiday.
You mean, if it's your favorite holiday.
Ha-Ha! Okay.
Please subscribe.
Do it again.
Got it.
We're all going to die one day.
I'm going to die first.


Cutting Out Holidays

350 分類 收藏
Courtney Shih 發佈於 2019 年 7 月 30 日
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