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To see him struggle so much and go through so much pain, it's very sad and it hurts me as his longtime friend, colleague, rival.
I've nurtured a very good relationship with him on and off the court.
I'm proud to have that kind of relationship that will go on hopefully for many more years, regardless of whether we get to play against each other or not, whether he continues playing, whatever happens...
Everybody can understand where he comes from.
At some point when you feel like you're never going to get back to 100 percent, you've had the success that Andy has had, you can only understand the decision.
I was disappointed and sad, a little bit shocked, to know now that we're going to lose him at some point.
But we're going to lose everybody at some point.
It's just now that it's definite.
It hits us top guys hard because we know Andy very well.
We like him, he doesn't have many enemies, to be quite honest.
He's a good guy, a 'Hall of Famer', legend, he won everything he wanted to win.
Anybody would substitute their career with his, he's a great guy.
It's a tough one, but one down the road he can look back on and be incredibly proud of everything he has achieved.



費爸喬哥齊聚溫網!那莫瑞去哪兒了呢? (Djokovic and Federer pay tribute to 'friend, colleague, rival' Andy Murray)

1081 分類 收藏
jasmine 發佈於 2019 年 7 月 18 日    jasmine 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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