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  • Being part of Apple's ecosystem has its benefits.


  • For one, you can enjoy the beauty of iMessage.

    其一是你可以享用 iMessage。

  • It syncs seamlessly across all of your Apple devices.


  • But switching to an Android means you'll have to say goodbye to iMessage.

    但換成用安卓就代表你必須跟 iMessage 說掰掰。

  • In order to get rid of iMessage and finally get texts on your new Android, you need to turn off iMessage on all of your Apple devices.

    要把 iMessage 弄掉,好讓訊息傳到你的新安卓,你必須先關掉你所有蘋果產品上的 iMessage。

  • And deregister your phone number from iMessage on this specific website.

    並且在這個特定的網站上註銷你的 iMessage 電話號碼。

  • And once you successfully turn off iMessage, your texts may get all messed up.

    一但你成功把 iMessage 都關掉了,你的訊息可能就會整個亂糟糟。

  • If someone sends you an iMessage, you won't receive it.

    如果有人傳 iMessage 給你,你可能不會收到。

  • And if you're in an iMessage group message, you'll need to make a new one for SMS.

    如果你在一個 iMessage 群中,可能就需要專門為了簡訊功能辦一個新的帳號。

  • Why is it so hard to make the switch?


  • iMessage is just one of many ways Apple keeps users in their ecosystem.

    iMessage 只是蘋果要套住使用者不讓他們跳槽的眾多手段之一。

  • Take iCloud for example.

    以 iCloud 為例。

  • It's Apple's built-in cloud storage space that automatically keeps all of your notes, calendar events, Safari bookmarks, and photos.


  • You can seamlessly access all this information on any of your Apple devices, but not on your new Android.


  • There's no iCloud app for Android, meaning there's no easy way for you to transfer all of your iCloud data to your Android.

    安卓沒有 iCloud,也就是說要把你在 iCloud 上的所有資料要轉移到安卓是很不容易的。

  • Of course, if you've been using Google as your main ecosystem, then you may have an easier time going back and forth between your iPhone and your Android.

    當然,如果你一直以來都是使用 Google 做為主要平台的話,這樣在安卓跟 iPhone 之間來回切換會比較容易。

  • But then, what about your photos that are stored on your iPhone that aren't backed up on iCloud?

    那這樣的話,你那些在 iPhone 裡面沒有備份到 iCloud 上的照片呢?

  • How do you transfer those?


  • The easiest way is to ask if your phone carrier can do it for you.


  • Otherwise, there are several apps that can help transfer your photos from your iPhone to Android.

    否則,也有其他應用程式可以協助你轉移 iPhone 上的照片到安卓。

  • And speaking of apps, you may have trouble transferring those too.


  • For the most part, you'll have to redownload them individually, and you might need to repurchase iOS apps on the Play Store.

    主要就是你必須個別重新下載他們,你可能也需要在 Play Store 重新購買 iOS 系統的應用程式。

  • But if you used a Facebook login or email registration, you might be able to get around that.

    但如果你當初是用 Facebook 或者電子信箱註冊的話,你可能就可以免掉這個麻煩了。

  • The Play Store does have more apps than the App Store.

    雖然 Play Store 確實比 App Store 擁有更多應用程式。

  • But some iOS apps you've used might not be available on the Play Store, like Bear or Rent the Runway.

    但有些你用過的 iOS 應用程式可能 Play Store 下載不到,像是 Bear 或是 Rent the Runway。

  • I should say, Google is making this transferring-data process easier with the Quick Switch adapter for the Pixel.

    應該說,Google 正在用 Quick Switch 轉換器來讓 Pixel 轉移資料的過程簡易些。

  • But even if transferring photos and apps are made easier, it's hard to say goodbye to AirDrop.

    但即使轉移應用程式和照片變得容易了,還是很難跟 AirDrop 說掰掰。

  • You'll no longer be able to conveniently send files from your iPhone to your MacBook, to your iPad, or to another person's Apple device.

    你將不再能方便地從你的 iPhone 傳送檔案到你的 MacBook、iPad 或其他人的蘋果產品上。

  • But hey, at least you'll stop getting weird AirDrops when you're on the train.

    但至少你在火車上就不會再收到奇怪的 AirDrop 了。

  • Switching to Android also means losing all of Apple's preinstalled apps.


  • There may be a good chunk you don't use, but think about FaceTime.

    可能大部分你都不會用到,但想想 FaceTime。

  • You'll have to use another app to video call people, like Facebook Messenger or Google Duo, which also means getting whoever you want to call to use those apps as well.

    你就必須用另一個應用程式來打給別人,像是 Facebook Messenger 或是 Google Duo,但這樣一來對方也必須要下載這些應用程式。

  • You'll also be losing Apple News, Voice Memo, Podcasts, Health, Wallet, and Apple Maps.

    同時你也會失去 Apple News、Voice Memo、Podcasts、Health、Wallet 還有 Apple Maps。

  • Just kidding, no one uses Apple Maps.

    開玩笑的,沒有人在用 Apple Maps。

  • You aren't just saying goodbye to Apple's software.


  • Think about all your other Apple products and accessories.


  • If you have an Apple watch, it'll basically become useless.

    如果你有支 Apple watch,基本上它會變得很沒用。

  • If you have AirPods, you can still use them on Android, but it won't be nearly as seamless or customizable.

    如果你有 AirPods 的話,你還是可以在安卓上面用他們,但就不會那麼流暢或客製化了。

  • And all your chargers, adapters, and dongles that you bought will begin to collect dust.


  • And as Android phones keep coming up with more innovations that iPhones lack, like better cameras with wide-angle lenses, it doesn't really make sense for Apple to help their users jump ship.

    隨著安卓的手機持續發表些 iPhone 沒有的創新發明,像是廣角鏡頭的相機,也都不足以讓蘋果使用者跳槽。

  • So yeah, iPhone users are in a walled garden.

    對啊所以,iPhone 使用者都被困在高牆築起的花園。

  • But have some sympathy, it's way easier to enter Apple's ecosystem than it is to leave it.


  • And if you're in an iMessage...

    如果你在一個 iMessage...

  • I was about to say iMessage iGroup.

    我剛差點要說 iMessage iGroup。

  • An iGroup?


  • They might as well call it iGroup.

    iGroup 根本可以直接被拿來當正式名稱了吧!

Being part of Apple's ecosystem has its benefits.


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