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  • This is my friend Laura, and she's 80 years old.

    這位是我的朋友 Laura,她 80 歲。

  • And this is my friend Tiffany, and she is 26.

    而這位是我的朋友 Tiffany,她 26 歲。

  • And we live in a retirement community.


  • I'm a part of of the Artist-in-Residence program at Judson Manor.

    我參與了 Judson Manor 退休社區的「藝術家寄宿」計畫。

  • Which is a residential program where young musicians get to live here rent-free in exchange for performing recitals and concerts.


  • When I tell people I live in a retirement community, I get a lot of mixed reactions.


  • Some people don't believe me, other people think it's a wonderful idea.


  • I had not been a part of this community more than two days.


  • I was in the lobby and they told me about Tiffany.

    我在大廳聽別人談起 Tiffany 的事。

  • And I walked over and introduced myself.


  • And I said, "Do you like dogs?"


  • Oh, she loves dogs.


  • And Tiffany and I became friends, we just formed a friendship.

    接著 Tiffany 跟我變成朋友,我們就這麼建立起友誼。

  • We'll talk about art, we talk about clothes.


  • I don't wear fashionable shoes anymore, but Tiffany does, and we talk about shoes.

    我現在已經不再穿時髦的鞋款了,但 Tiffany 會穿;所以我們也談鞋子。

  • Laura, to me, is like a grandma, and also a friend, and a confidante.

    對我來說 Laura 就像是祖母,也是一位朋友、一位知心好友。

  • I don't think the age difference is something that I am constantly thinking about, or that I'm aware of.


  • You don't think, oh, I'm having dinner with this 100-year-old and this 90-year old.

    你不會想:噢我正在和 100 歲和 90 歲的人吃晚餐。

  • I'm having dinner with my friend Laura and Sarah.

    和我吃晚餐的就只是兩位朋友 Laura 和 Sarah,無關年齡。

  • In a way it is almost like being in a college dorm with the fact that there are so many people here from different places, from different backgrounds.


  • It might be a little bit quieter than a normal college dorm.


  • But I think we still have just as much fun.


This is my friend Laura, and she's 80 years old.

這位是我的朋友 Laura,她 80 歲。

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