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Hello, I am Gina.
Do you think it's possible for a person to love you too much?
This is exactly what happened to me.
I first saw Brad in school, and he was such a handsome boy, with the prettiest smile I'd ever seen.
Every day I was hoping he would notice me.
And it finally happened.
He came to me and asked if I was free that evening.
And it was the happiest day of my life.
That evening, we went to the movies and then for a walk in the park.
And it was super romantic.
Not long after it, we started to date.
And first few weeks were perfect.
We were seeing each other every day, and he always told me how beautiful I was.
And when we weren't together, he was texting to me how much he loved and missed me.
It was sweet.
But sometimes I was busy with school or seeing my friends, and during that time, he was texting me non-stop.
One day, I was doing homework, and when I finished, I looked at my phone, and there were hundreds of texts and missed calls!
First ones were like, "I love you," "I miss you."
But then it was something like, "Are you alright?" "Where are you?" "Why don't you answer me?"
I called Brad and said, "I'm sorry for not answering; I was busy with my homework."
He said, "OK, but call me next time, because I'm worried."
It was quite sweet the first time. But then it happened again and again.
Each time when I wasn't able to answer him right away, even if it was during a lesson, he started to panic.
One time, he even knocked on a classroom door and asked the teacher for me to come out.
It was so embarrassing.
Brad always wanted to be with me, like, all the time.
He was visibly upset if I decided to spend some time with my friends instead of him.
Honestly, it was kind of a turn-off at this point.
It was hard to like a boy who didn't give you any space.
I told my friends about it, and they thought I was selfish because he just loved me very much.
So I kept going, thinking it would get better eventually.
Of course, it didn't.
It only got worse.
He was waiting for me to come out of class after each lesson and insisted on us always being together.
At this point, even my friends realized that something was wrong.
When I told him that I wanted to spend some time separately, he got mad, saying, "You don't love me anymore!"
I had to prove him wrong.
So, the only time without him was at home. And even then, he was texting me constantly.
The last straw for me, was when I was talking to Johnny, my classmate, about the project we were doing together for school.
And Brad came to us, faced Johnny, and said to him, "Stop talking to her; she's mine!"
I tried to explain to Brad that he should calm down, Johnny's just a classmate.
But he wouldn't listen, trying to act like a man and protect me.
Johnny got up and left, muttering, "Weirdo."
I was so embarrassed.
So I told Brad, "It's not okay! You act like a stalker! Can you stop?"
And he answered, "I do it because I love you."
I didn't know why Brad was acting like that.
But I didn't see him as this cool, confident boy I had seen before.
So, of course, my feelings sort of changed.
So later that day, I said that I didn't want to date him anymore.
He begged me to reconsider. He said he was sorry, like a hundred times.
And when I said no, he got angry and implied that I liked Johnny, and that's why I was dumping him.
He was texting me every day for two weeks.
Saying how much he missed me.
And I explained over and over to him that I didn't want to date anymore.
For a few days, he was silent. And I thought he must have moved on.
But then, he called me and said, "Can you please look out your window?"
I did, and there was a bunch of lit candles spelling "I love you."
It was so awkward.
I went outside and tried to explain to him that he was a great guy, but I didn't like this insane level of control.
He was so upset, like he was holding up tears, and I felt so sorry for him.
He said that I was his first girlfriend and he felt scared of losing me, and that's why he acted like this.
And he didn't see it until his older brother pointed it out to him.
He asked if we could try again and promised that it would be better this time.
I wanted to say yes, but I couldn't.
So I politely declined.
And I felt so bad about it, like I was a bad person for doing this.
But something in me said that all of it would just happen again.
After all, I think that a person shouldn't be in a relationship if he or she is not comfortable in it.
Even if you feel sorry for someone.
Brad is not a bad person.
But he should have dealt with his insecurities before starting a relationship.
Share if you've had a similar experience and don't forget to share it in the comments.



你的另一半是控制狂嗎?(My Boyfriend Is A Control Freak And He's Way Out Of Line)

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