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  • Facebook's new digital currency has the tech and finance worlds buzzing.


  • Facebook says Libra is intended to provide financial services to the billions of people around the world who don't have access to traditional banking.

    臉書聲稱 Libra 會為全世界數十億沒有傳統銀行帳戶的人提供財務服務。

  • It works like this:


  • Libra can be kept in a digital wallet available in Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as a stand-alone app.

    Libra 貨幣可以保存在用 Messenger、WhatsApp 以及獨立運作 APP 可取得的電子錢包。

  • It'll run on Facebook's own version of blockchain technology, a type of encrypted network used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


  • And unlike volatile Bitcoin, the value of Libra will be backed by a financial reserve for added stability.

    而跟浮動率高的比特幣不同,Libra 的價值會由儲備金保障,增加穩定性。

  • Facebook's newly set-up subsidiary, Calibra, will handle the transactions.

    臉書新設立的子公司 Calibra 將會處理 Libra 的貨幣交易。

  • And in a bid to reassure users' concern about privacy, Facebook says financial information will be handled separately from social network data.


  • And we heard people loud and clear:


  • They don't want their financial data commingled with their social data, and they certainly don't want their financial data being used for ad targeting and all these things, and so that's what we're doing.


  • Basically, Facebook Inc. will not have access to financial data that you'll have inside of Calibra.

    基本上,臉書不會有這些使用者在 Calibra 內部財務數據的存取權。

  • Facebook won't have full control of Libra.

    臉書不會完全掌控 Libra。

  • It's just one member of the Libra Association, made up of 28 founding partners, which include Visa, PayPal, and Spotify, among others.

    臉書只是 Libra 協會的成員之一,此協會由 28 位合夥創辦人組成,成員包括 Visa、PayPal、Spotify 等。

  • Libra is slated to officially launch in early 2020.

    臉書宣布 Libra 預計在 2020 年初正式啟用。

Facebook's new digital currency has the tech and finance worlds buzzing.


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