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- Hello everyone and welcome back
to English with Lucy.
Today, I'm going to talk to you
about all the phrasal
verbs that go with turn.

So this video is going to be excellent
for improving your vocabulary,
which, in turn, will help you
with your listening and your speaking.
However, if you want
to take your listening

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I highly recommend
listening to audio books.

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If you want to improve your pronunciation,
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I can offer you one free audio book,
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Right, let's get on with
the phrasal verb lesson.

So the first one, pretty easy,
we have to turn on.
And this means to start a device
by switching it on.
That's a synonym.
For example.
Can you turn off the lights
when you leave please?
Also note that to turn on a person
means to excite them emotionally.
(romantic music)
And physically.
But I'm sure if you are interested in that
then you can google it yourself.
I'm not talking about it here.
Then we have number two, to turn off.
This means to stop a device
by switching it off.
For example.
Turn off the TV and listen to me.
And it can also mean to
really not excite somebody

emotionally or physically.
Now, slightly more difficult, to turn out.
To turn out means to result or to end up.
For example.
Oh, I thought my homework
was gonna turn out better than this.
I thought my homework was going
to end up better than this.
Number four.
Pretty simple, to turn around.
I almost fell over.
To turn around means to rotate,
to physically rotate something.
For example.
Turn around, you've left
the label in your jacket.

A situation can also turn around.
You can also turn back,
and this is to return
to a previous state of being.
For example.
Once you move out,
there's no turning back.

You cannot return to living with me.
Once you move out, you can't turn back.
We also have to turn against,
and to turn against means to oppose,
often suddenly.
So someone who was your friend
might turn against you
and become your enemy.

For example.
We were great friends and
then she turned against me

and started gossiping about me.
Then we have to turn in,
and this means to submit something
or to give something.
For example.
I want you all to turn in your homework
on Monday morning.
Next, we have to turn down,
and this means to refuse,
decline or reject something.
For example.
I asked him out but he turned me down,
he rejected me.
We also have to turn into,
and this means to
transform into something.

For example.
She clicked her fingers
and he turned into a frog.
Finally, we have to turn up,
and this means to appear suddenly
or to attend an event.
For example.
Oh, look who just turned up!
And this means, Oh,
look who just appeared!

Oh, look who is attending the event!
Right, that's it for today's lesson.
I hope you learned something
and I hope you enjoyed it.
Please give me some recommendations
for more phrasal verb videos
that you would like to see.
I'd love to do lots of
work on phrasal verbs

as I'm noticing a lot of
errors in the comments.

Your homework for today is to pick
three phrasal verbs that
you saw in this video

and write funny sentences
in the comment section.

Let's see if you can make me laugh.
It's not very hard.
Don't forget to check out Audible.
The link is in the description box.
You can get your free audio book.
And don't forget to connect with me
on all of my social media.
I've got my Facebook,
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and I've got my Twitter.
And I shall see you
soon for another lesson.

So this video is going to be
so good for impuving,
eh, impuving.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
Then we have to turn in,
and this means,
what does it mean?
(upbeat music)


10 'TURN' PHRASAL VERBS - turn in, turn on, turn off, turn into, turn up, turn out

589 分類 收藏
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