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  • Do you know that in Taiwan, Tainan and Kaohsiung 你知道在臺灣 臺南和高雄

  • are two of the most drought-prone cities? 是缺水最嚴重的地方嗎?

  • This is why it is important to build dams. 因此水壩的興建很重要

  • Today, we're now here at Nanhua Reservoir. 今天我們來到南化水庫

  • Let's go check out 在這裡我們一同來

  • how a dam works 了解水壩的運作

  • and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Nanhua Reservoir. 以及屬於南化水庫的美景

  • As Nanhua Reservoir is situated in a mountainous region, 南化水庫因地勢高

  • the place is usually foggy 在陰溼的天氣中

  • on wet and cloudy days. 很容易雲霧繚繞

  • Thanks to the efforts of Nanhua District Office, 在南化區公所的規劃下

  • many tourism parks have been built around the reservoir, 周邊設置了許多觀光用公園

  • and as a result, 因此這裡成為

  • the place is now an emerging tourist spot. 當地新興的旅遊景點

  • Wow! This is spectacular! 哇! 這裡真是太壯觀了

  • This is where all the water enters the reservoir. 我現在在水庫的進水處

  • It's an essential part of a dam. 這裡是運作水壩的重要地點

  • The view here is beyond description. 這裡的風景真的是美得沒話說

  • On a sunny day, if you're lucky enough, 要是天氣不錯又幸運的話

  • you can even see eagles 你還能從水庫上面的天空

  • flying over the reservoir! 發現老鷹的蹤跡呢

  • If a reservoir is at full or top water level, 當水庫裡面的水達到限制的高度時候

  • excess water will be discharged through the spillway. 會利用溢洪道來釋放一些多餘的水

  • There are different kinds of spillways. 而溢洪道的種類又有很多種

  • At Nanhua Reservoir, excess water is released naturally. 南化水庫是採用自然溢流、而非人工控制的方式

  • After water reaches a specific level, it flows out of the spillway naturally. 在水達到一個標準後自然從缺口流出

  • The view from the bridge is absolutely spectacular. 從橋上看下去真是太壯觀了

  • The dam is made of soil and rocks, 這水壩是用泥土與岩石建造的

  • and weeds often grows in between the rocks, 而岩石間的空隙容易生長雜草

  • so the staff of the reservoir have to pull out the weeds regularly. 因此水庫人員會定期來清理

  • Too many weeds on the dam 雜草太多

  • may have a negative influence on its structure. 可是會影響大壩的構造喔

  • The view here is pure stunning. 這裡的景色真的美到爆表

  • The dam as well as 不論是大壩的構造

  • the entire reservoir 或者是這一片的水庫

  • all make you feel humble. 突然覺得自己好渺小啊

  • Looking at the spacious scenery, 看著這麼寬闊的畫面

  • I suddenly feel that the world is broad and wide, 感覺世界真的很大

  • and all of my pressures seem to be relieved. 整個人都覺得放鬆了

  • Walking into the wide open and enjoy outdoor sceneries 到戶外踏青看看風景

  • really can help alleviate pressure! 真的非常舒壓喔

  • In fact, the reservoir covers a wide area, 其實水庫因為面積太大

  • so drones are used to help 所以時常會出動空拍機

  • navigate and explorer the entire reservoir. 從空中俯瞰整個水庫

  • This way, the staff can monitor the reservoir 這樣就能更有效率地

  • in a more efficient way. 掌握整個水庫的樣貌

  • Although Nanhua Reservoir is not open to the public currently, 雖然南化水庫目前並不對外開放

  • observation decks have been built for tourists. 但觀景台是特別為遊客設置的

  • Here, you can overlook the entire Nanhua Reservoir 你能從這邊看到整個南化水庫

  • as well as enjoy the wide and open scenery. 也能看到遼闊的風景

  • In addition, there are information boards about the reservoir at the back. 而在後頭也有水庫的介紹文字

  • When you visit Nanhua, 如果你來到南化

  • you can come to Nanhua Reservoir 可以來南化水庫看看

  • to get a better understanding of how a reservoir works 了解水庫運作

  • as well as to take a walk at surrounding parks. 也到周邊的公園走走

  • Most importantly, 而且最重要的

  • do not miss out the spectacular sceneries of this place! 一定不要錯過這裡的風景

Do you know that in Taiwan, Tainan and Kaohsiung 你知道在臺灣 臺南和高雄


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熱鬧的臺南EP6.南華水庫。 (Hot Tainan EP6.Nanhua Reservoir)

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