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Hi we're Joel & Lia and today's video
is all about the things we had in our

lunch box when we were at school in the
90s in the UK so let's get cracking

the order of what you eat your stuff in
your lunch box when you're a kid is so

routine oh yeah I don't know about you but I
would never change the order for anyone

no no I always start with crisps, you're
joking! It's always sandwich first, no

see that's what everyone would say, they'd say - people would tell on
me and be like "Miss Joel's eating his
crisps first" I'd be like who are you

what are you doing with your life? this is my life! as a 10 year old I was like "this is my life" I'll eat my crisps if I want, how funny the stuff that used to be pernickety at school.
for the purpose of this video we're just
using Tupperware which is what we use sort of

on-the-go everyday but when we were at
school I had an S Club 7 plastic lunch box. Well my

parents wanted me to look stupid so they
literally gave me like a cooler thing a

chiller box that was like a mini
chiller box but it made me look so

stupid. Like an actual freezer box? yeah like an actual freezer box
20kg lunch box! So ridiculous, thanks mum and dad.
squished sandwiches that's very important, much like what you'd get at school, yours are cling film, mine were always foil, I used to have like
disgusting cheap white bread until
secondary school and then my parents would make

me eat brown bread I think I've always had
brown. well what about this how do

you feel about the end crust? ok so this
is the end of a loaf of bread and I

would kick off me and my mum would have it
out but she would never do that to

me this was always my favourite, so I've got
two brothers and if I didn't get the end

of the loaf I would kick off you're
joking, I love it

so we'd be perfect siblings.
we're not siblings people always ask that we're
not the other thing I used to really like was

banana sandwiches, but again I'd be mortified, coz I wanted it mashed, sprinkled with brown sugar and inside some bread. You're so middle class
middle-class you're so middle-class I
want sprinkled banana with a bit of cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar.

No that is so not - honestly I went to a really normal school
it was not posh but this is the standard
safe sandwich yeah a disgusting amount

of margarine or spread or butter yeah
your parents would always give you

like one slice of ham and it'd be
squished by the time it's lunch for the

purpose of this video oh I thought I
bought vegetarian ham but I think I

bought the real deal - well I
never got ham coz I've always hated ham okay

I got sandwich spread which looks like
this, where's the jar? Heinz original

sandwich bread which is just the laziest
way to make a sandwich it's just

basically salad cream with chopped up
vegetables inside. I haven't had it for year, oh my gosh! moving on from

sandwiches so the next one, well MY most
important thing in a lunchbox was always

crisps. Absolutely love them, if you're feeling naughty, you'd have crisps at the same time as your sandwich or put them inside you sandwich! School hacks! The other kids are like "guess what you can make a crisp sandwich". So I've got the salt and shake
Which I never had at school but my nan always
used to have these and whenever we went

on hers it would always just be salt and
shake which is basically plain crisps

that come with a little sachet of salt
I'll show you so it comes with a sachet

of salt you have to put your own
flavoring in shake the bags and then

it's salty the company are either really
lazy, I think it's made by walkers, Walkers are either

really lazy or what they say is that you
add your own amount like it's as

much as you like you know salt intakes
not great for kids or for anyone really so

add your own they're so so good and I get Hula Hoops, sometimes I get Pom Bears
these are great because

kids always put them on their fingers and then
you know if you're really the skinny as

a kid you can probably propose with it
yeah and then you just go...

Imagine if you still ate hula hoops like that whenever you went
out drinks yeah we didn't drink much as

kids at school it's amazing that we weren't
dehydrated all day look

how big this fruit shoot is I used to get
fruit shoots occasionally but look how

tiny it is that's like two mouthfuls
yeah it's nothing and it's gone. I'd have to give

my kid two of those maybe more
or maybe just a bottle of water and

these are Capri Suns no added sugar
and they kind of feel like foil

and these are really nice so next thing is
cheese oh my gosh cheese strings British

mums love giving their kids a form of
cheese yeah sometimes you get babybels

yeah and cheese strings which might be
American so who knows but we always used

to get these, both equal amounts of
fun this can be molded and thrown at

people it's basically wax it's basically just like a wax for bullies like Lia
no I never - I was bullied not being a bully.... actually I did both. But that's another story. Whereas cheese strings, you just peel off the
cheese so good
messy gross food. Kids used to peel it half way make a hula hula.... no.

you're joking? kids used
to hate me coz I used to do this that is

breaking every rule, I can't even
deal with that right now Joel, that's disgusting. they hated

me doing that after the cheese you
probably get something sweet we've got a

little bit of selection of everything
but bear in mind on an average school

day you'd probably get one of these things in
your lunchbox, yeah would wouldn't get all of them!

So we've got penguins that come with a joke on
the back yeah that's so famous in the UK

so yeah everyone knows this, you've
got to read the joke to everyone it's

a terrible joke always why are penguins
hard to get along with I don't know

they're always fishing for compliments
but yeah and it gets the point where

you've had penguins so many times you
know all the jokes yeah yeah a penguin bar

is just a chocolate biscuit
it's literally digestive biscuits by

McVitie's that's covered in chocolate
really nice another option would be

jaffa cakes thats served like this I loved
them so these are Jaffa Cakes they're

like a chocolatey orange cake or biscuit
thats always the argument yeah and they come in

a little tub like this, these are the
small ones for kids

and that's portion control there there's six in
there and I remember occasionally a kid

would get seven in there and that would
be like... that child would be like the hero of

the school yeah
it's like you're gonna have a good future yeah

another one I used to get all the time
is wagon wheels now these were my least

favourite coz these were filled with jam
you can get wagon wheels that are just

filled with marshmallow and that's it is that your favourite? yeah. Oh i bought the jammy ones for the video. Thats okay! I don't mind it I just don't like
jam and chocolate but look it's just a
chocolaty biscuit if you snap it in half

it's just got like marshmallow and jam
inside, can I have a little bite? Yeah go for it. another thing you might get as a

chocolaty treat would be a mini roll

these come plain or with Jam yeah because
I bought the stuff for the video I bought

everything with Jam because I was obsessed with jam, these are
basically a spongy cake covered in a

thin layer of chocolate with a jammy
inside so good they're literally amazing

I mean I prefer the ones without jam but
they are good. you're joking! no why don't you

put jam in a chocolate thing it's like
Black Forest gateau that's chocolate

cake with jam in the middle I'm like *barf*
fruit and chocolate do not go together

no matter what anyone says. Wow. I'm so passionate about it. You're so strongly opinionated. I am, and I dare anyone to fight me on it.
so this next one fruit winders this is both of our
absolute favourites, contains probably zero fruit. We got a double!

I used to unwind them completely and
then take it off whereas some people just

do it as you go
I used to think that this paper which is

like a comic book was a tattoo, so I would go and
hide in the toilet

do a cold compress with water and
tissue and wait for a very long time for

nothing to happen that's why she's a
youtuber now coz she didn't get any

qualifications. That used to be bigger when we were kids. That used to be literally the size of the room.
I moaned at you for playing with your food but I sometimes
used to do this oh yeah no no not all in

one mm-hm
that's why I was fat as a kid I think coz

I just ate the food as fast as possible, I was just like get it in. Next thing we need to talk about is yoghurts
so I would
always get Petits Filous which was my

favourite yogurts they're French obviously
because of the name

I dunno what it means like small.... the advert used to
say "makes your bones grow stronger"

remember that, great advertising and obviously you
have your spoon that rattles around in
your lunch box yeah and that's the only

thing that's left in your box at the end
of the day and it's just like *sound effects*

Frubes the yoghurt that was probably
invented because you don't need a spoon

yeah and these pull off the top squeeze
it into your mouth yeah this is the best

flavour peach oh I love peach you get
strawberry red berry or peach you could

do swaps at schools as well yeah oh I
love doing that trading I really want

a Frube yeah I'll trade you my ... although you probably wouldn't do it with this coz
I wouldn't let you use my spoon yeah we'd
probably trade on something more like

babybels yeah or raisins here's another one
but that's a weak trade Sunmaid raisins

yeah but some geek at school really
loved raisins yeah so I never got this as

a kid because it was so unhealthy yeah
this dairylea lunchable stackers

where you get crackers cheese and ham
and you make them yourself oh it stinks

that's disgusting That smells so bad.
That's probably quite telling isn't it? We can't actually show you coz it stinks
we've got very weak stomachs so
you build your own sandwich anything that involves creativity in some way. You put your cheese on, and then some animal flesh,

and then do you not put a cracker on top for the sandwich, I don't know I never had them. So that's the sandwich. I sometimes got given these
Dairylea dunkers did you get them that was a good
day when I got them my mum wouldn't buy

them very often but when she did I loved
it. They've changed it that used to be just

foil yeah that was foil. bread sticks
dipped into dairylea cheese

if you said to a Brit
oh it's dairylea we all know what you

mean you used to get them in triangles as
well I hated them coz they were like

unless you dipped crisps in them I love

dipping crisps in the triangles the
most boring part of a lunchbox was fruit

so I would always get a banana if it had
any bit of brown on it I wouldn't eat it

my mum would pay for it later on that day I'd be
like why did you put a brown banana in my

lunchbox you're just weird though
you like really green, unripe bananas. I love green bananas.

So my mum still to this day
has to buy me green bananas so that when

they turn yellow I eat them straightaway
because I can't eat them if they've got brown

on them I'm not even gonna argue with you Joel coz
you're just so wrong

here's a sample of some grapes that's
about as much fruit as I'd get as a

child six grapes. No I'm kidding mum would give us more
fruit but would I eat it? probably not

you'd either get an apple that would go
back home battered in the lunchbox coz it had taken a beating

or some grapes which I'd probably eat if
they were red yeah green would be a

no-no yeah ah well that's it, that's all the stuff we're going to go through
that is such a throwback it's absolutely mental I
don't really know what else to say to

you guys other than I'm sorry that we've
ever judged our American audience on the

food they eat because this is what we had as
kids in our lunchbox it's so unhealthy.

it's so bad and obviously there was also the
option to have hot school dinners I

never had that my parents were like it's too
expensive so I just got packed lunches

every day really I think I went through
a stage of having hot school lunches for

a bit but then went back to packed lunch
you know I was just a bit of a picky eater

let us know in the comments if you are
a Brit and if you can relate to this

and if you're not please let us know
your thoughts

we'd love to know what you think
about this stuff yeah did you have any

of the same stuff or do you think
we're disgusting yeah

plastic cheese that you eat with your fingernails but we're going to wrap it up
there I'm gonna finish off wagon wheel you
didn't want okay if you like this video

guys please subscribe and we have also
set up a page where you can buy us a

coffee it's called KoFi
we've been really super grateful for any of our viewers
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us like a little tip to buy a coffee
it's really really sweet if you want to

do that for us no pressure
the links are in the description yeah

and we'll see you next time we make
videos all about British culture if

you're new here
British life life in London

everything! Bye!


英國學校的午餐 (School Lunches in the UK! )

145 分類 收藏
Michael Cheung 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 25 日
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