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Hi we're Joel & Lia and today we're reacting
to sorority houses! "Step inside this new

Southern sorority house" don't mind if we
do! Thank you. What do you know about sorority

houses? What's the lovely film I watched and
it was like "delta....beta...." it had all

the houses. Legally Blonde? No, the film 'Greek',
what's that about? Is it a film or a TV show?

I think it's a film. I've never heard of it.
OMG Joel, you'd love it. Like a girl and she's

in a big like neck-brace and then she breaks
free oh it's so funny! Coz it's all Greek

letters isn't it, alpha, beta, gamma.... all
of that.... sigma. I dunno, it's just weird

because obviously sorority is the girl version,
fraternity is the boy version, but I'm confused

do they live in the same building, is it just
a club? I don't think they live in the same

building but I'm literally basing all of my
knowledge off of one film. No but I think

in some films they all... they live in a big
house that's a dormitory and they all live

there. Is that not a house party? No, it's
like our version of student halls. Yeah, oh

wow! So there's some mixed houses and then
there's all girls houses, all boys houses,

no, no mixed, just girls and boys coz it's
America and they don't like ... no mixing.

Very Christian! No mixing. So we've got 3
different sorority type videos. Shall we just

kick it off? I love how much effort they've,
firstly, put into all their clothing, it's

matching. Oh bless them. Bless their sweet
hearts. So this is their house. The houses

are amazing as well! That's incredible, look
at that! The houses are insane, isn't that

insane? Hang on, I feel like I know her. Here
we go. I literally.... you don't know her,

she's halfway across the world! Sorry but
that looks like someone I know. Looks like

a viewer that I met, that looked like Callie.
See they all eat there and live there and

I'm just like this is strange. Why is there
old people in there? Yeah that's not right.

Get them out. Unless they're teachers. Dorm
areas, look at their dorms, their dorms are

amazing. The one thing I don't like about
American colleges though is that you share

a room. That never happens in the UK you never
share a room, you have your own rooms. I shared

a room at boarding school, yeah boarding school
not university. Oh right! Yeah you'd never

have to share a uni room. You share a kitchen
but you never share a room. Yeah by the time

you're that age you need your own space. Yeah,
I remember my friend who did a year at NYU

or something she hated having a roomate, she
was like it's literally like you've got no

privacy, look their beds are right next to
each other. Imagine moving in with a stranger

and sleeping right next to them. I have done
that but we were given each other's email

address and were able to talk to each other
before. Wow. I just think, they put a lot

of money and effort into those houses, they
look amazing. But why do they do it, why do

they do it but we don't do it over here, because
it looks really cool but what's the reasoning

behind it? I just think we haven't got the
money, we haven't got the patience. Well that's

the thing, colleges earn so much money because
the fees are ridiculous. So like one persons

fees would like what? $100,000? for like 2
years? Yeah probably! I don't know how much!

But they've fully kitted out... all of the
food looked incredible in that canteen as

well. It's insane! So let's look at this one.
The title is "the internet is freaking out

about this sorority recruitment video" So
they're trying to recruit members. Yeah so

like everyone's there and it's like which
house do you wanna be part of? And it's like

a fitting in thing. Are you allowed to not
be in a house? Does everyone have to be in

one? Yeah coz whilst you're in the deciding
phase you're going to be coming into it next

year. No but do you have to be in one. Yeah,
I think so yeah. Otherwise where are you gunna

live? I think there might be like an anomaly
house for rejects. This film was very... outsiders.

But what if you just wanna live at home with
your parents and save money? You don't, don't

just don't. Just don't. Just try and fit in.
Well I would never want to be a part of this,

just look at how cringe these girls are, I've
seen a bit of it already. Why have they all

got annoying voices? Oh that's so cringe.
Imagine if you just did not wanna be part

of this, yeah and you would just be like I'm
not doing it. I'd be at home in my room like

I'm not coming down to do that stupid video,
like leave me alone! Oh my gosh Joel, that's

what they wanna do they love getting involved!
They love it and they learnt the dialogue

and they all practised it and then the doors
open and there's the clapping, like, isn't

it hilarious? It's hilarious because it's
so unnecessary! I'm just like what are you

doing? Get back in your room, open a book.
You're at college to learn, okay? Be insular.

Don't socialise! I think socially they're
great, they all get together, but I think

these houses, from what I saw in the film,
there can be like bullying, and being like

in with the 'in' crowd or not so 'in' crowd
and you've gotta go there and be like "where

do I fit in? I'm not rich enough to be in
this house coz everyone here's got a rich

dad" Like, it's really scary. It's mean. So
if you don't wanna do it, where do you go?

That's a good question. No idea! I do think
- my view of it is that I thought you didn't

have to be a part of it, it's just there if
you want to be a part of it and it's really

prestigious if you get to be a part of the
sorority house. Which is stupid coz it's just

a house with stupid letters. Maybe they live
closer to campus? Or on campus? And everyone

else just commutes in, in a car. See I don't
know! There are so many American films set

where people drive in, also why do all the
girls look the same? I swear there wasn't

a single black girl in that sorority. Yeah
it's not very diverse, they're all white girls

with straight blonde or brown hair. It's ridiculous,
there's no gingers there! There were no gingers!

They're in their own house, honestly they
actually are! They are, they're in like a

gamma house! This one, Alabama... Alabama
sorority. An Alabama sorority has been criticised

over their recruitment video. Great, can't
wait to watch this one! 'Bama sorority! Look

at them! Wow! Oh look! They all look so....
They try to be like Miss America, oh no they

do the fake laugh thing like "lets pretend
we're having a great time". Why are they all

wearing white? Yeah because they're all so
pure and virgins. They're not virgins, come

on. I'm at college! Come in! This is horrific,
look, this is terrible. I would not fit in.

What if you're not a girl that's like that,
what if you're not like a super girly-girl

who wants to be ridiculous. Oh no, what if
you're like "Im not an Instagram model". They

all look the same, look at them. I mean they
look like they're having a great time. "blessed".

Alpha-Phi. They're literally all white! Look
at the house! UA? University of Alabama. That's

insane! Coz isn't Alabama supposed to be like
one of the most.... it's meant to be a sweet

home... sweet home Alabama. I just thought
it doesn't surprise me that there's racial

discrimination in Alabama. Oh it does not
surprise me either. But you know, it's good

that the university said look this is not
representative of who we are because that

is really bad. Yeah that's so bad. Like these
girls in this house get to pick who comes

in next, like building on already a lot of
prejudice, it's really scary. It seems like

incestuousness! Imagine like being in a bitchy
house like that, like you'd just crumble.

That's the thing, are they actually all laughing
and having a good time or do they all hate

each other and love drama? All their periods
will sync at the same time which means they're

all gunna be in terrible moods at the same
time, can you imagine going into that house

with all those women like .... oh my gosh
it'd drive me crazy. It'd be awful! We would

not be able to survive that. No, we'd be in
our own house, the J&L house! What's Greek

for J and L? Well we can't really say the
J sound, because my mum's name's Yoanna but

in English that's Joanna, but Greeks always
say Zoanna, because we haven't really got

the J sound. L is lambda. Why do sororities
use Greek letters? Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta,

Zeta. Like what does it mean, like why would
you choose Alpha-Delta but not Zeta-Theta?

Yeah coz in one of the films Zeta's like an
uncool house. SO all of these ones that you're

like Oh I can't possibly be Phi.... oh no
that was one of the cool houses. Or like Delta-Nu,

that's in a film somewhere, Delta-Nu, that's
probably in Legally Blonde. Yeah, so loads

of questions about sororities, yeah we'd both
hate it I think, unless we found like a really

cool house with like really cool people. Yeah,
but just the sheer amount of people in that

house as well would just be awful, it's bad
enough ... I live with 3 other people, so

there's 4 of us in the house and I'm already
like i don't wanna live with 4 people (well

3 people), it's too many! Too many people.
Yeah I feel you, I get it. Too many housemates

spoil the broth. That's what they say. Exactly,
or the potion, in last nights house video....

Joel had a Harry Potter party last night,
Harry Potter themed birthday party for my

housemate. And he went as a broomstick. Insert
photo here. It was fantastic. It was great!

It was such a fun party! So yeah! At the HP
House! Right guys well that's our reaction

to these things, let us know if you liked
this sort of Brits react to series, we're

gunna keep doing it on our channel if it gets
a good response. If not, we're gunna keep

doing it anyway! We're gunna do a fraternity
one next, so stay tuned for that, that will

be coming up. Yeah oh I can just imagine it
now. I think it's gunna be guys with abs who

play football, yeah and just like chugging
beer and just being loud and again, you know

how I feel about loud people. Right, if you're
enjoying this video so far then please subscribe

to our channel and click the notification
bell and todays poll is, have you ever been

in a sorority yes or no? Would love to know.
Or a Fraternity? No. That's on the next video.

Okay save it! Yeah so like and subscribe if
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our KoFi page, no really it's just a platform
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and to support us bringing more content to
you and better content so if you can, great.

If you can't no worries. And University of
Alabama if you invite us to do a speech, go

round Sorority houses, bring some more diverse
people in we can do that - she's Greek. I've

put a lot of bronzer on today as well. I'll
be the brownest in that video, see you later,

bye! That was freaky! Freaky Friday! Do you
remember that film, that was good! Lindsay

Lohan, she was probably in a sorority. You
reckon? Yeah, Lindsay Lohan oh yeah!



英國人對於聯誼 (Brits React to Sororities! )

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Michael Cheung 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 25 日
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