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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- Hi guys!

- Today we decided to go and find some
Girl Scout Cookies in Austin, Texas
where we're staying right now.
- Yep, Girl Scout Cookies are
well known this time of year in Texas.
We didn't realize.
Well, we don't know anything
about Girl Scout Cookies, let's be honest.
- Yeah.
- All we know is that they
appear in films all the time

with Girl Scouts selling cookies
and we don't have that in the UK.
- We genuinely thought
this is just something

that exists in films,
so we're really excited

to have actually come
across some Girl Scouts

and we're gonna try some of their cookies.
- Definitely.
So before we get cracking,
we'll just insert the footage now
from when we stumbled across the cookies
and then we will taste test them.
- [Lia] Hello, hello, what is all of this?
- Would you like some Girl Scout Cookies?
- [Joel] We would.
- [Lia] We absolutely would.
- [Joel] We've never tried them before.
- They're very good.
- They are delicious.

- [Joel] Are they?
- Yes.
- [Lia] Someone has recommended,
well, the peanut butter.

- [Joel] I'll try the Thin Mints as well.
- [Lia] Yeah, can you explain
what this is all about?

We don't have this in the UK.
- So, we sell Girl Scout Cookies.
$500 this year of what we sold
will go to the Ronald McDonald House,
which is a charity here,
and then the rest will go to

help fund fun Girl
Scout activities for us.

- [Lia] Okay, cool.
Is this a Girl Scout like--
- Yes, this is our sash
and we can earn patches for what we do.
So, this is for Veteran's Day.
- [Lia] Yeah.
- This is for selling cookies.
We did some detective work.
This is for cooking.
- [Lia] That is so cool.
- [Joel] That's really cool.
- [Lia] I love that.
So basically who makes...
So is this a brand, Girl
Scout Cookies is a brand

and you're like the ambassadors?
- [Dad] They have their own
manufacturing facilities.

- Yeah, so it's only
until the end of February.

- [Dad] So, it's a non-profit group
that supports young girls.
- [Lia] So back in the day,
would Girl Scout Cookies

have been something that like
the Girl Scouts would have made at home?
- I think they've always been made by--
- Yeah, they've always been
made by this particular bakery.

- [Lia] Yeah, so cool.
- [Joel] That's really cool 'cause we have
something similar in the
UK called Girl Guides,

but I don't think they sell cookies.
Not that I'm aware of anyway.
- [Lia] Okay, so what should we get?
Like one of everything, Joel?
- [Joel] Shall we?
- [Lia] Shall we?
And this is a very modern
stand, they actually take cards.

- Here's the two everyone
likes and here's Thin Mints.

- [Lia] Oh, that's amazing, okay.
- So now I gotta--
- [Lia] We'll try it on card.
If not, we'll do cash.
- That's fine.
- [Mom] They just need to keep
track of their inventories.

- [Joel] Oh, okay.
- [Mom] So how many boxes
are we selling, ladies?

- Eight.
- [Dad] Eight, one of each.
- [Joel] You've gotta be
good at maths, haven't you?

We're not very good at that.
- [Lia] I just love the sashes.
Oh, so cute.
And it's obviously going to a good cause,
so that's what's really nice about it.
- [Dad] It's a great cause.
- [Lia] Aww.
- [Man In Line] The Girl Scouts
have been doing this forever.
- [Lia] Yeah?
- So how much do they owe you?
- $32.
- [Lia] Okay, thank you so much!
- The Caramel Delights are really good.
- [Lia] Oh, so is that our box?
- Thank you.

Thanks very much.
We've now got a lot of Girl Scout Cookies.
So I said to them, we're
going to bring them back

for friends and family as well.
- [Lia] Yeah.
- So we're not just going
to eat them ourselves.

- I'm just blown away by how
confident the girls were.

Joel was saying if that was
us and we were their age,

we would have been like, "Oh my gosh."
- The camera.
- Oh God, what to say.
- Honestly, it took us so
long to get comfortable

on camera, let alone
when we were that age.

They were so confident.
- Yeah, I can't wait to
try these when we get back

and see what the hype is all about.
That guy next to us, who you
might have heard in the vlog,

being like, "The Girl Scouts
have been doing this for time."

Yeah, that wasn't just
the voice of a random,

he was queuing up as well.
- I spoke to him afterwards and he said
that he's a big of an anglophile,
and that he finds it really
difficult to determine

where someone's from in the
UK based on their accent

'cause there are so many, and I was like,
"Even we struggle sometimes."
- So, we just spent loads of
money on Girl Scout cookies.

- And now there's another one.
- There's another stand right here.
- I know.
- Oh my gosh, hi!
- We've just bought loads
of Girl Scout Cookies.

- We've never tried
these before in our life,

so we just spent loads of
money trying all of them

and now we've just come
across another stand.

(girls laughing)
Oh, no.
Well, it's good to see.
- [Joel] We don't have this in the UK.
- [Lia] Five for 20, we
missed out on that offer.

- [Joel] We missed out on a good deal.
- [Lia] Operation Cookie Drop.
Should of come here.
Well, have a good day.
- Thank you, you too.
- [Lia] Bye.
You're disgusting.
You are literally a joke.
Are you gonna say what you did or not?
- Me and Lia were practicing
squatting for photos

and as I squatted, I did two huge farts
and we're in public and we just ran.
I can't help it.
- [Lia] Oh my gosh.
- I'm bloated, me.
- Clearly.

- It was that burger.
- [Lia] We'll get you back home
and on the loo immediately.

- Yeah, thank you.
Wow, it's by magic.
We're just back here again, wow.
- Can I just say that we
were given full permission

by the girls and their
parents to put them on camera

so in case anyone's gonna
get upset about that,

that was all pre-planned.
- It was all planned.

And the girls were so sweet, weren't they?
- So cute, honestly.
- Yeah, so cute.
And then we bumped into those girls
down the street and more Girl Scouts.
They gave us a box to carry them in
'cause we bought so many.
- Yeah, we bought one of each flavor.
- Yeah.
- So, I think the first
one I grabbed was these!

- Yeah!
- Okay, should we just rip them open?
- Yeah, just rip it open.
Go on.
- And it's all for a good cause, Joel.
We spent money for a good--
- I know!
- Why is it always me, why, why?
- You can't ever open things, can you?
- Cereals, boxes.
- Right, oh, oh!
Big pack.
- I'm so excited.
The only thing that could
make this more perfect

would be dipping it in tea.
We could make a coffee and do that, okay.
- Oh, they smell like Reese's.
- Oh my gosh.
- Oh my gosh.

- Mmm.
Oh my goodness, yeah.
- That's so nice, mmm.
- Peanut Butter Patties, mmm!
I'd give those a solid eight out of ten.
- Me too, that is definitely
an eight out of ten.

- "Girl Scouts, taking on new challenges
"builds our confidence."
"When we achieve our goals,
we grow even more empowered."

I just grew more empowered
from eating a peanut butter cookie.
- Same.
- That was stunning.
- Thanks, girls.
- Thank you, girls!
- Thanks, girls.
- Girls, girls!
Okay, next one.
Joel, pick a color.
Caramel deLites.
- Okay.
- So, the girl on the stand
really recommended these ones to me.
Oh, they smell coconut-y.
Three, two, one.
- [Both] Mmm!
- Oh my gosh, I love these!
- So much going on in one biscuit.
- It's like chocolate,
coconut, biscuit, caramel.

- And caramel.
- They taste a bit like
coconut macaroon things.

- Mmm, Mrs Crim's.
- They're good, I give
them an eight and a half.

They're better than
the peanut butter ones.

- I'd even say that might be a nine.
- Girls.

- You've done it again.
You've outdone yourself.
Every single one gets higher and higher.
- Yeah.

- Lemonades.
- Lemonades.
She said these are covered in icing.
- Lemonades.
- Mmm, what I wanna know is,
most of them came in boxes,

but then a few of them
came in trays like this.

I wonder why.
- Okay.
- Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.
- Oh, and it's like a lemon.
- Mmm, mmm!
- The design on them.
- It's nice and light.
I bet these are lower in calories.
- Mm-hmm, let's not even look at calories.
- Mmm, let's not.
- Let's not ruin it.
- I say seven point five.
- Yeah, mm-hmm.
I'd say that's a good rating.
- Like if someone offered you one of those
at their house, you'd
be like, "Yeah, nice."

- Yeah, you'd be like, "Thanks for that."
- Thank you.
Girls, you've done it again.
- Girls, well done.
Right, the next one.
- Yeah.
- Is the one that I've
saved without telling Lia

what they're called because
I found it hilarious.

- Okay.
- Okay, three, two, one.
- Ow, ow!
- Oh, no!
- That was a hard sofa.
- Oh, no, it ruined my reaction.
- That's funny.
- So, so far in Texas,
Lia's hurt everything.

- Oh, I'm a bit concussed.
- These are called Thanks-A-Lot.
And if anyone that watches our videos
will know that this is a joke.
- [Both] "Thanks a lot, Rachel."
- Thanks a lot.
- Thanks a lot.
- That doesn't look like fudge.
That looks like chocolate to me.
- Okay, cheers.
- I can't even read that.
Mmm, boring.
- It's an immediate no from me.
That's really average.
- That's the perfect name for it, though.
- [Both] Thanks-A-Lot.
- Thanks a lot, Rachel.
- Compared to the others,
they're just boring.

Nice try, girls.
I'll give that four and a half out of 10.
- Four and a half, five, max.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, the next ones
are called Thin Mints.

- I feel like these are the most popular.
They're the ones that everyone was like,
"Get Thin Mints, get Thin Mints."
And there's a special way
to eat them, isn't there?

- Apparently they taste amazing frozen,
so we have had some in the freezer.
- Yeah.
- We actually tried them before the video.
- Yeah.
- Not gonna lie.

- Well, we did it on Instagram.
So if you haven't followed us
on Instagram, go follow us now.
We did a sneak peek saying that
we're gonna try all of these cookies,
but we're gonna try Thin
Mints on Instagram first.

So, there's a little incentive.
If you're not on
Instagram, make an account.

- Make an account.
- Make an account, please.
- They smell like After Ayds.
- I think they're better
than the Thanks-A-Lot.

- Thanks a lot.
- But I don't think they're
as good as the others.

I think they're fine.
- I think I even prefer
the Lemonades to these.

- Yeah, me too.
- Okay, I would give that six.
- Six.
- [Both] Snap.
- Next one, Joel.
I'm gonna pick shortbread.
- Go on, then.
Lia loves shortbread,
so this might trigger
her if it's not good.

- The thing is shortbread
is from Scotland, isn't it?

- Yeah, no one does
shortbread like the Scottish.

It doesn't look like shortbread, does it?
- Alright.
I'll give the girls the
benefit of the doubt

'cause they're lovely.
- Yeah.
- I'm a shortbread snob.
- Yeah.
- They need to be covered in sugar.
- And flaky, not crispy.
- Okay, they're falling apart.
- Oh, they are falling apart.
Mmm, I wouldn't say that's shortbread.
- No, that is...
Do you know those biscuits in the UK
that have just got the cow on them?
- Mmm, milk biscuits.
- They're just milk biscuits.
- What are they called?
Milk of Maid?
What are they called?
Malted Milks!
- Yeah, Malted Milk.
- Malted Milk.
Yeah, so if you're American
and you have these,

and you're like, "This is shortbread."
That's not shortbread.
Try actual, genuine Scottish shortbread
and you'll be blown away.
- We did one in our giveaway.
- Yeah.
- We gave away loads of shortbread
in this really fun video.

- So, girls, I would give that...
- It's gonna be on the same level as...
- Real four and a half.
- Four.
- Well done.
- So far, the winner's gotta
be those caramel things.

- Yeah, they're amazing.
I'm gonna have another one.
- What would you like next?
- Let's go for the S'mores.
- Okay, S'mores.
- I'm really excited to try
these 'cause I love S'mores!

- Oh my gosh, okay.
- Oh my gosh.
Gotta sniff it.
- Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.

Three, two, one.
At first, it tastes like a
normal chocolate biscuit.

Then the aftertaste, you
taste the marshmallow-y...

- Icing-y.
- Icing-y taste, which I like.

- It's like eating cake.
- Mmm, I'd give that a seven.
- I think it's a six for me.
- Mm-hmm, well done, girls.
That's a nice one.
- Well done, girls.

- By the way, for those
of you that don't know,

we would say girls.
But if you're saying it in
an Essex accent, you'd say gur-ls.
- Gur-ls.
- Gur-ls.
So we just say gur-ls 'cause
we always use an Essex accent.

- Love that.
The last one.
- I think these are
gonna be your favorite.

- Really?
- They look like Nutter
Butters, which you love.

- If they taste anything like
Nutter Butter, holy moly.

- What's it called?
Peanut Butter...
- Sandwich.
- Ooh, ooh, this is the last one.
- Okay.
Yeah, they look like Nutter Butters.
We're in for a treat.
- Oh my gosh!
- I'm still a bit concussed.
Nothing a cookie can't fix, eh?
- Yeah, we called all of these biscuits.
- Biscuits.
- They're not cookies.
- They're biscuits.
- Three, two, one.
- Oh my gosh.
- Nutter Butters are nicer.
- Nutter Butter, yeah.
These are good, though.
Imagine you hadn't just
had all of those buscuits.

- Yeah, it's nice.
- It's 'cause it's like the last one.
You've eaten loads.
- I don't think I can classify that
because it's so different
to the Lemonade biscuit

and the chocolate biscuit that
it's kind of in a league of its own.
- Yeah, it's 'cause it's
got butter in the middle.

- Yeah, it's literal peanut butter.
It's not even sweet peanut butter.
It's like sweet, savory, sweet.
- Mm-hmm, and it's like
soft if you squish it.

- But I'd give that a six and half.
- Seven point five for me.
- Girl Scout cookies, amazing.
- Wow, we've tried Girl
Scout cookies, now we get it.

- We get it.
- I found today that Girl
Scout is a brand of cookies

and then they dish them
out to all the Girl Scouts,

and then the money they raise
goes towards a good cause.

- "Selling Girl Scout cookies helps girls
"develop five skills that they
use throughout their lives."

"Goal setting, decision making,
"money management, people
skills and business ethics."

- I'm happy for our money
to go towards that, Joel.

- Oh, definitely.
Apparently as well that this only
happens a limited time of year.
I don't know, let us
know down in the comments

how many times a year Girl
Scout cookies are available.

- Yeah.
- But apparently that's
why people go crazy for it

because they're not
available all year round.

- And then when they come out,
they're like, "Girl Scout cookies!"
Just dealing with a concussion still,
so I'm just gonna get a big
glass of water, I think.

- I can't take you anywhere.
- We cannot.
Me going on holidays, it's
just always something.

- Mm-hmm, oh my gosh,
these deLites are amazing.

They're an absolute delight.
- Imagine dipping that in a coffee.
- Mm-hmm.
- Stunning.
- Stunning.
- Just two legends.
Would you like a glass
of Prosecco now, Joel?

- Yes, I would actually.
- I would love a glass.
- Yes.
And for any Girl Scouts watching,
you'll know about Prosecco
when you're older.

But thanks, once again,
to the girls that we met

who sold us these cookies.
This is amazing.
You've taught us a lot about your culture.
- We haven't taught you
anything about ours.

- No, we haven't, other than...
- That we call them biscuits, not cookies.
- We call them biscuits.
Yeah, that's true, we've taught them that.
- Yeah, but that's it.
- A cookie to us would be
round and soft and break.

- Yeah.
- It wouldn't snap.
- Yeah.
- But yeah.

- So, there you go.
- There you go.
- If you like this video...
If you're liking this video...
If you liked this video,
don't forget to subscribe to our channel.
- Yeah.
- We post videos thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.
Also, give the video a like
and share it with a friend.

It's a way that our channel
can keep growing and reaching more people.
Yeah, and thanks for watching.
- That's it, guys.
Thank you so much.
- [Both] See you soon, bye.
- Hashtag, keep Austin win.
- Keep Austin win.
One more deLite, just one more.
Please, one more.
- No, you're not allowed.
Put it back.
- No, please!

- Put it back.
Fine, you can have it.


英國人嘗試曲奇 (British Try Girl Scout Cookies | Texas Series)

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