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  • I come from a mixed-race family, my mother is white and my father is dark white,

  • so I have a very diverse ethnic background.

  • My dad's getting old, man. He's getting really old, starting to hang plates on his wall.

  • That seems to be an age.

  • I love old people, man. I always hang out with old people. Hang out with old people, you know?

  • They teach you how to slow down and and just take your time.

  • You ever want to learn patience, sit with your father and watch him

  • enter his email address with an Apple TV remote.

  • That'll teach you patience.

  • Get to know the old people man, because the new old people that are coming

  • are gonna be the worst old people we've ever had.

  • We some terrible old people coming, man. 50 years from now...

  • Old people now still have stories. You ever sit with an old person and look at their photos?

  • Every photo's got a story. \"What's this, grandma?\"

  • \"Here is a picture of your great-grandfather standing beside Charles Lindbergh

  • before he flew across the Atlantic, the first ever transatlantic flight in history.\"

  • That's an amazing story. Can you imagine listening the stories of old people's photos 50 years from now?

  • How terrible that experience is going to be?

  • \"What's this, grandma?\"

  • \"Here is a picture of my breakfast.

  • What a breakfast!

  • \"And here are some shoes I once thought about buying

  • and here is the wing of a plane

  • and here is the weather forecast.\"

  • \"Here is a picture of your great-grandmother staring at herself in the bathroom mirror.\"

  • \"Here are twelve more of that exact same photo. Look!\"

I come from a mixed-race family, my mother is white and my father is dark white,


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A2 初級 美國腔

新的老人們都會很糟糕|拉克蘭-帕特森 (The new old people are going to suck | Lachlan Patterson)

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