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Bruno Mars, this will surprise you that I've done this much research.
I hear it's not your real name.
It's not my real name.
It's not his real name.
You caught me.
Ok, that's all for tonight.
So what were you called?
So where did the Bruno come from?
"Bruno"- I was a chubby baby and there was a wrestler in my dad's day named Bruno Sammartino.
Are you familliar?
I remember that wrestler, yes.
He was a stocky guy, and I used to walk around like a little bulldog, my dad said he'd always call me Bruno Sammartino.
"Mars" just kinda came joking around in the studio.
Oh yeah.
Saying I'm out of this world.
What people don't realise, they might have thought we were being stupid playing Billionaire when you came on.
But, you wrote Billionaire and you've written loads of songs, apart from-
Yeah, quite a few this year.
Now, call me lazy, but isn't that a much better way to go?
Just write songs for other people?
You make the money, you don't have to do the stupid touring.
No, I love that.
Stupid touring now.
Go on, what other songs have you written.
Come on, tell us, 'cause Billionaire was a huge hit, wasn't it?
I wrote Thriller, Purple Rain um- I'm joking.
Jimmy's going 'wow, that is impressive.'
Happy Birthday, that's his.
Happy Birthday, I wrote that one.
Can we see if this is a wig?
It's not a wig, but it's definitely been in that thing.
No, I recently did a song for Cee Lo called F- You.
I don't know if you guys heard that?
Oh my god.
That was you?
That's a great song.
That's amazing.
I'm obsessed with that song.
Awesome, thank you.
Why would you give that song away though 'cause you're a singer and a solo artist, why would you...?
It wasn't given away, we had a session booked with him and we started jamming and that was the song we came up with.
Have you ever heard this song?
It's extraordinary.
This is a great song.
- I'm not good on modern stuff. - If only we had someone here who could sing it...
Come on, give us a burst.
♪ Forget You - Cee Lo Green ♪
How cool is that?
Cee Lo!



Bruno 不是本名?火星人布魯諾即興演唱《Forget You》(Bruno Mars Sings 'Forget You' - The Graham Norton Show, Ep18, Preview - BBC One) (歌詞/lyrics)

15358 分類 收藏
lala 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 21 日    Liang Chen 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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