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today six graphic design rules that you should never break so how many of these
graphic design rules have you broken in the past how many do you still think
today what is that people welcome back to tutor graphics home of graphic design
content right here on YouTube I was sorry this week I've only uploaded three
videos and today is gonna be quite a short video as well because I still
under the weather had a slight cold but I made the mistake of going to the gym
I'm working out which amplified a tenfold I'm here making a video for you
guys today on the synth graphic design rules you should never break unlike any
Brits I've got my tea which is gonna have quite a lot so let's jump in
today's video on six graphic design rules you should never break so the first
graphic design rule you should never break is that you should always make a
liquor design a vector as opposed to a raster this is simply because if the
local design is actually a vector you can scale that let go up or down to any
size and still retain crisp quality I see amateur and novice designers always
complaining that they cannot use a debit iterator to design a logo so that use
Photoshop is dead sure you can actually design the logo in Photoshop it looks
great but what if that Logan needs to be scaled down to a small business card or
scaled up to a billboard it's going to lose quality and its really pixelated so
you should always design a logo in a vector based software such as adobe
illustrator or maybe coral drill if you can't use illustrator then learn how
it's quite simple
so the second graphic design rule that you should never break is color discord
let's just take a bit of time again used to and some people do have a natural eye
for this you can teach yourself how to use color in graphic design you
basically want to learn at what colors complement each other and work well as a
team if colors are fighting with each other on a design it confuses the viewer
and also turns them off and thus your graphic design being irrelevant and
useless so research and books will look on the internet and what color
combinations work well together and how to use them now the third graph design
rule that you should never break it's a big one and it's kerning your typography
this is more relevant when it comes to logo type and also bold headings and
titles for such things as magazines or poster designs by default most typefaces
haven't got amazing kerning so you need to pay attention and spend a lot of time
focusing on the kerning between each individual letter and it's opposing
partner again this is something that you can have an eye for but you also you can
teach yourself how to do this one trick is to take a step back from the screen
and focus your eyes so you can see the gaps within each letter properly there's
nothing worse than a logo design with poor kerning which renders it illegible
or unattractive the fourth graphic design rule that you should never break
is again to do with typography and that is you should never stretch typography
the vast majority of typefaces were designed precision and a lot of time was
given to them making sure that elegant and everything
flows well together without being said you never want to stretch typography a
seasoned graphic designer instantly be able to see if a phone is been stretched
or not and if the person looking at it's not seasoned designer they will feel
like something's not right so yeah guys never stretch your typography
the fifth graphic design rule that you should never break is give your
typography room to breathe think of your typography as an animal
you don't want to put into a cage with no room to breathe and live you want to
thrive and to do its job properly so utilize negative space and give your
typography that room to breathe and do its job when you graph a design projects
the sixth and final graphic design rule that you should never break is using too
many fonts on one graphic design now I see that broken so often by people and
designers you do not want to confuse the viewer who's looking at Grapher design
work and you want everything to be focused in a stylish manner so limit
yourself to three fonts maximum but I suggest to for most graphic designs
again you don't want your viewer to be confused and turn off when your graphic
design work so there was my quick video on six graphic design rules that you
should never break let me know what you guys saw up to this video in the comment
section below and drop a like on the video if you did find today's upload
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anyway have a great weekend and I'm gonna see you back on Monday with more
graphic design content hopefully I'm gonna be 100% myself too so until next
time there's only two today peace


六個平面設計不應該犯的錯誤 (6 Graphic Design Rules You Should NEVER Break!)

133 分類 收藏
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