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  • Topic: Motion sickness.

  • Why do we get car sickness?

  • Because some cars are haunted.

  • No.

  • According to a prevailing theory, car sickness occurs because of mismatched or conflicting sensory signals.

  • In a moving car, our eyes see that the car seats are not moving.

  • Thus informing our brain that we are stationary.

  • However, the inner ear which detects motion.

  • Notices the turns and bumps in the road and tells our brain that we are moving.

  • Thus creating a sensory mismatch and making us carsick.

  • But why do we vomit?

  • During human evolution when there were no vehicles.

  • Only the intake of foods containing neurotoxins made our brain receive conflicting signals.

  • Now, the only way to remove these neurotoxins was to vomit.

  • Hence, in the present time, when our brain receives such mismatched signals.

  • It thinks that there is some neurotoxin in our stomach.

  • Thus, it induces vomiting.

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為什麼我們會暈車?| 我們為什麼會暈車? (Why do we get car sickness? | #aumsum)

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