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Lizzie: Hi everyone.
How are you? I don’t ask that enough…uh…this really should
Be more of an equitable, back-and-forth relationship don’t you think? I spend so much time talking about me me me me me. And…
That must bore you! And I don’t want that!
You are my loyal viewers! And…I love you! My name is Lizzie Bennet
And you guys didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging like that did you?
I thought…you were…Chinese
Darcy: I can understand the confusion.
Would you care to sit?
Do you film everything in your life? Lizzie: No
I swear you just have…
Darcy: Well I can’t begrudge your videos certainly.
They've been very…useful
from my perspective.
I was surprised to see Charlotte.
Lizzie: It’s our birthday.
Darcy: I’m sorry I didn’t know.
Lizzie: No! Darcy: it was…your birthday. Lizzie: Why would you? Darcy: I…umm…
Happy birthday. Lizzie: Thank you.
Darcy: You called me.
Lizzie: I left a message. Yes.
I was in Chicago so that’s why I didn’t get back to you sooner. Lizzie: Oh god I didn’t intend…
I thought you would just call me back. You didn’t have to come here.
Darcy: Yes I did.
I needed to see your face when I asked you why? Lizzie: Why?
Darcy: Why did you call me?
I know um…
I’ve been watching your videos and I know that you have found out certain things about
recent events.
Lizzie: Recent events…
You bought up whole companies to save my sister. For what you’ve done for my family…
We cannot thank you enough.
Darcy: Your family owes me no thanks.
As much as I have learned to respect them, I did not do it for them. I did it for you.
Lizzie: My…
Gratitude is there and…
always will be.
Darcy: Lizzie I have to admit to some confusion because you also said in your
Videos that we are not friends.
And I realized…
You were right.
As much time as we spent together in San Francisco we hadn’t become friends.
And then…
I thought perhaps you wanted to amend that. Lizzie: I do.
Darcy: So you want to be friends? Lizzie: Yes! Well…I mean I…uh…
Well…I mean I…uh…
God no wonder you’re confused.
Darcy: Lizzie I still feel the same way I felt back in the fall.
More strongly even than I did then.
So if you just want to be friends or say thank you for recent event then…
Lizzie: Do that…
Clarify some things for you? Darcy: Some…
I could use some further illumination on certain points however.
Lizzie: Just so you know…you’re not the only one who was confused. Darcy: Really?
Lizzie: We were getting along so well at Pemberley
And then
After I left I didn’t hear from you.
I thought… Darcy: I didn’t know if you wanted to hear from me.
I watched your videos and your focus was solely on your sister. As it should have
And I realized I would have just been an
unwelcome distraction. Lizzie: Not unwelcome.
I promise.
Darcy: And then I heard what
You said to Caroline about
my life being my choice and your life
being yours.
And it got my hopes up again.
Then I didn’t know if that was just because of what you had found out… Lizzie: I get it.
God for two such smart people we can certainly act like idiots can’t we?
Darcy: One might even say it’s our forte.
Lizzie: Well let me make things
As clear as possible.
William Darcy, I don’t wanna be just friends and…
I don’t wanna be with you because I’m grateful.
I wanna be with you, because of you.
Got it?
Clear as day Lizzie Bennet.
Um…one sec.


感謝 EP98 (Gratitude - Ep: 98)

679 分類 收藏
吳佳霙 發佈於 2013 年 10 月 25 日
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