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  • How do fish breathe underwater?

  • With the help of oxygen cylinders and masks.

  • No

  • Fish breathe underwater using the oxygen that is dissolved in water.

  • So, do they use a mini vacuum cleaner to absorb oxygen from water?

  • No.

  • To absorb oxygen from water, fish use special organs called gills.

  • Gills are full of blood vessels.

  • Also, the walls of the gills and blood vessels are very thin.

  • Now, during breathing.

  • Fish take in water through their mouth and forcefully push it through their gills.

  • When the water moves through the gills.

  • The dissolved oxygen from the water passes through the thin walls of gills and blood vessels, and enters the blood.

  • Apart from this, the waste carbon dioxide present in the blood passes into the water.

  • Thus helping fish to breathe underwater.

  • Eventually, the carbon dioxide-rich water is given out from gills.

How do fish breathe underwater?


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魚是如何在水下呼吸的?| 魚兒在水裡是如何呼吸的? (How do fish breathe underwater? | #aumsum)

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