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  • Physical and Chemical Changes.

  • Cold region, desert and forest.

  • In a physical change appearance or form changes, but substance remains same.

  • Ice on melting converts to water.

  • Water on evaporation converts to water vapor.

  • Ice, water and water vapor.

  • All the products formed are still forms of water.

  • Hence, this is a physical change.

  • Plate.

  • These broken pieces are all still parts of a plate.

  • Hence, this is a physical change.

  • When wood burns, chemical reaction takes place.

  • New substance gets formed.

  • This is a chemical change.

  • Here, the substance changes.

  • Look at this car.

  • Over time, chemical reactions have taken place resulting in rusting.

  • This is a chemical change.

  • When we light a matchstick, combustion reaction takes place.

  • This is a chemical change.

  • The End.

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Physical and Chemical Changes.


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