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  • Topic: Convex mirror.

  • Why is a convex mirror used as a rear view mirror?

  • Wow.

  • What an amazing car.

  • But your rear view mirror is missing.

  • No.

  • Don't use a concave mirror.

  • It will usually show you magnified images.

  • Why don't you listen to me?

  • See, I was correct.

  • Now put the convex mirror and see the result.

  • Look.

  • The image is much smaller, right?

  • Do you know what the difference between the two mirrors was?

  • If we use a concave mirror for our car, we will not be able to see the vehicles behind us properly.

  • This is because the concave mirror will magnify the object and we will see a very enlarged image.

  • Thus, we require a mirror which gives us a wider view of the vehicles behind us.

  • In this case, a convex mirror proves to be the right choice.

  • This is because a convex mirror forms a highly diminished image.

  • Thus making the traffic look much smaller.

  • As a result, we can see a large number of vehicles in a very small mirror.

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凸面鏡為什麼要作為後視鏡使用?| 凸面鏡的作用是什麼? (Why is a convex mirror used as a rear view mirror? | #aumsum)

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