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Hello, everyone. I'm George. Today, let's
talk about infuriating behaviors at the airport.

Okay, it's summer vacation now.
People want to go traveling to another

country. I bet you're one of them. Maybe
you are watching this video at the

airport right now. So today, we're going
to talk about some infuriating behaviors

that you would see either at the airport
or on the plane. Listen to what I'm going to say.

Check if you've done that before.
Don't do it again. And learn some English from it.

Here we go. Number One. Repacking
overweight luggage at the counter.

Repacking overweight luggage at the
counter. You know, a lot of times when you

are ready to come back home, and you've
just done a lot of shopping during your

travel. Maybe in Japan. You put everything into the luggage, and you just try to
squeeze in as many souvenirs as possible
into the small little tiny luggage of yours.

You're at the airport counter. You
realize that it's overweight. What do you do?

You squat down. Open your luggage. And start rearranging everything in your luggage.
Do you know there are a lot of
people waiting in line? Maybe some of

them cannot catch the flight because of
you. You know what? I've done that before.

And I've learned a lesson from it. If
you're afraid this might happen to you,

you can buy a scale. It's not super
expensive. It is only like NT$200 or NT$300.

And you can carry it in your bag.
You can weigh as many times as possible.

So next time make sure before you go to
the airport, weigh your luggage first. And

Number Two. Crowding the baggage
carrousel. Crowding the baggage carrousel.

After you just get off the airplane, you
go through the customs. You would go to

the luggage claim. And what do you do? You stand there in front of the baggage
carousel, and you wait. But there are some people who would just stand so close to
the conveyor (conveyer) belt. They're blocking
everything. You see your baggage there,

but because those people are standing
right in front of you. You just cannot

get to it. Come on! Your baggage will be
here. When is your time, step forward.

Don't block the way. Don't crowd in front
of the baggage carousel. And Number Three.

Videos at full volume. Videos at full

Sometimes when I'm catching a red-eye, I
really need some sleep. I get off work at

probably nine o'clock, ten o'clock. I go
to the airport. It's already 12 o'clock.

I need to take a nap. And there are always
some other people who sit next to you,

that are watching a video without
wearing a ear phone. They just want to

share the video with everyone at the
airport or on the plane. I don't want to

watch that video. Turn down the volume.
Get a pair of earphones. And let me

quietly enjoy my nap. Number Four.
Kid wilding. Kid wilding.
I love kids.
I'm not against kids at the airport or
on the plane. But when they're running

around without the supervision of their
parents, they might get hurt, and they

could go crazy. You might see kids running
around kicking over everything. They might

be tripped over by other people's bags.
What if they're hurt? They would cry.

And it's so noisy. Remember, I'm not against
having kids in the airport. I'm not

against having family trips happily. I'm
against parents thinking everyone should

be babysitting their kids. They're your
kids. They're your responsibility. So next

time when you're taking your kids out,
make sure you are parenting

Don't let your kids go wilding. Number Five.
Bogarting electrical outlets. Bogarting electrical outlets.
In this world, a lot of people would have more
than two phones, and sometimes people
even have an iPad, your electronic books

even your power bank, and your laptop. Do
you have to charge them all at the same

time. How many electrical outlets are you
going to occupy at the same time? Come on!

There are hundreds or thousands of
people at the airport. At least spare one

for others. It's not your home. If you
want to do this, do it at your home, in

your own house. This is a public place.
Don't bogart all the electrical outlets at

the same time. You don't have to charge
them all. Let other people enjoy a moment

of pleasure like you do. Number six.
Go through security unprepared. Go through security unprepared.
You know, when you go through security, you have to
take out your laptop. You have to take
out your cell phones. You have to empty

your pockets, and you also have to take
off your jackets, and put everything in

the basket they prepare for you.
Sometimes they're just people who don't

know anything about this. Read the
instructions. If this is your first time

to go abroad, look at what other people
are doing. Don't just go to the security

gate, and wait there, block the whole way.
You know what to do. Take off your belt.

Empty your pockets. Take out your
laptops. Take out your cell phones.

Take off your jackets.
Take off your backpacks.

Maybe sometimes you have some metal
objects on you. Also take them off if you can.

Put them all in the basket. And you
are good to go. Get it?

So never go to the security unprepared.
These are the six things that I found

that are very infuriating at the airport
or sometimes on the plane. Try not to do

them. Or at least when you accidentally
do that, don't do them unapologetically.

People hate it. Have you ever seen people
do something really annoying at the

airport, or have you done anything like
that before?

Share it with us. Leave a comment below.
If you liked today's video, make sure you

hit the like button down there, and also
subscribe to this channel.

I'll see you next time. Bye.


機場與飛機上的注意事項 ( Infuriating Behaviors at the Airport )

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