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  • - [Voiceover] Fragrant pine trees,

  • snowy streets, spacious log cabins.

  • It's the quintessential mountain town.

  • Welcome to Jackson Hole, China.

  • Yeah that's right, China.

  • The town has over 1,500 homes.

  • Most residents use this place as a weekend getaway

  • from the hustle and bustle of Beijing.

  • But there's another reason they come here:

  • a shared passion for the American West.

  • - My name is Sonjunie.

  • I'm from Beijing, China.

  • - [Voiceover] He's lived here for seven years

  • and has fully embraced the lifestyle of the town.

  • - I like American film.

  • Especially Western film.

  • Yes, John Wayne.

  • (laughing)

  • - [Voiceover] There's no ski resort in Jackson Hole, China,

  • but they do have a church which looks straight out

  • of A Little House on the Prairie, a Disney store,

  • and a whole lot of American-style suburban sprawl.

  • - Many American people come here and think:

  • Woah, it's a wild place!”

  • - [Voiceover] It's a slice of Americana

  • and only two hours Northwest of Beijing.

- [Voiceover] Fragrant pine trees,


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B1 中級 美國腔

在傑克遜霍爾的西部 (Out West In Jackson Hole ... China)

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