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Guess what?
I buy new Apple computer.
I thought you went to go get a Blackberry.
I did and then I also buy Apple computer.
You said you wanted tablet this time?
I got them and then I buy Apple computer.
Apple computer?
Manjeet, you said you wanted a Dell.
I did and then I also buy Apple computer.
I thought you wanted new notebook.
Okay, calm down.
I don't wanna spend that much money on props.
Dad, why'd you buy a new computer?
Your old was so good.
Oh, because this one have calendar application.
Okay, they all do.
Well what is it, a MacBook Air?
No, it's not Nike, it's Apple computer.
That's the installation guy.
I'm on instant gram and someone writing small Simpson faces under my post.
Mm, maybe they have wrong number.
So I'm thinking right there, that's where we want the shelving unit.
Alright, that shouldn't be a problem.
Let me just open my computer and show you some example pictures.
Okay, great.
Lily, what it mean when somebody say "slide into my DM."
It means direct messages.
Slide into direct message, ah, okay.
Alright, there's a photo album somewhere here.
Just, oh nope, that's not right.
Let me, let me start over.
Did you want a hand with that or?
No, that's okay, just finding my bearings here.
In my DM somebody send me eggplant picture.
They must be vegetarian, oh.
I like eggplant too.
Mom, block them.
Do you want to set up Safari?
My new computer already planning our next vacation.
Alright, let's try again here.
Oh, here it is.
Photos, okay.
And collections.
Years, oh no, that's too much.
Let me go back, one second.
There we are, okay.
I really don't need to see any example pictures.
I just want a basic shelf, just basic.
You know, I know, I'll just show you on our webpage.
We got one of those on the...
Let me just get into the internet here.
Okay Paramjeet, I'm going to change pressure in room with my computer, hold onto something.
Oh Manjeet, be careful, okay?
And AirDrop.
Dad, AirDrop is a way to send files to people that are close to you.
I see, okay.
Let me send file to neighbor, huh.
Send eggplant picture.
Okay, here we are.
Yeah, this is our website.
See, we've got our featured shelves here next to all these apps.
I don't see any file dropping yet.
(phone dings)
New iOS available.
How'd they get my bloody number, huh?
Okay, that's a phone update, Mom.
Can I just purchase your basic shelf, please?
No, thank you, okay?
I'm fine with current date.
I don't want virus.
Please date me first.
My computer have calendar application.
Oh, I know why AirDrop no working.
I didn't turn on Cloud.
Okay, Cloud.
Still look pretty sunny though.
I'll just put your credit card information into our system here, oh here we are, here we are.
Would you like to back up your computer?
Done, Lily!
How do I get a calendar application?
Just need to find Google.
Let me just start over.
Manjeet, AirDrop him Google.
I don't have Google.
I have Photo Booth.
Mm, will that work?
Photo Booth, yeah, that's the one that has the example pictures.
AirDrop that to me.
Paramjeet, I have hotspot on my computer.
We don't need stove anymore.
Okay, shh, nobody talk!
Nobody talk, I don't wanna hear another word from anyone about technology, okay?
You need Google?
Okay, Google.
Please log in through the Google Home app.
CD, please be quiet.
Thank you so much for watching this film project of ours.
If you wanna see the last internet video, it's right over there, the last V log right over there.
Make sure you go ahead and click that subscribe button because apparently this is a job that people get paid for to do so go ahead and do that.
Every Monday and Thursday we're over here.



太ㄎㄧㄤ啦!來看看老人如何對戰科技! (Old People Vs. Technology)

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